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  1. The game no longer cares about their community. They only care about your money.
  2. Yea yea i know it all adds up. Yet if you dont got those lvl 40 sparks then you gonna be sol for those high end raids. Ill rather finish that bs grind as fast as possible to turn around and to grind that runes bs that will also take a long ass time to do Which it doesnt even matter since im not able to do that glitch to use it that way anyway. I still got S to roll on my gear that as far as i can tell is impossible to do yet still gotta be done before those runes.
  3. Mine will aswell. Ill open something up and it wont close out. Have to relog everytime to fix it. Its now apart of the game though. So dont expect it to be fixed for 6 months.
  4. Thats one hell of an RNG if you ask me for that to turn out like that.
  5. Love how my alts gotten nothing but 30s and 40s spark from each diamond chest while main only gets nothing but star circle pack. Such bs. Like seriously how is someone gonna only get 8 star circle packs
  6. Ill rather have them both but cant work on every single thing at once. Can do +4 skill ups and -2 sec cd at the same time as far as i can tell at the moment anyway so ill get both if i was finished with the other things that is.
  7. Yea if a fight lasts 3.8mins i could use that skill 40 times instead of like 37 times for a 6sec cd lmfao yaaay
  8. Its all down hill now.
  9. It sucks to be a warrior dps. Im glad im not one hahaha. Next class to die is gonna be rangers.
  10. How many warriors was in that raid? Just that one huh.
  11. Especially with double reset. Lol usually 500+ shavings easy a week.
  12. Oh i hear ya. I cant push hard on multiple circles at once. But gotta maximize everything that you can do to cut down time.
  13. If you use those medals for anything but roar then you are gonna be that much further behind on it in the long run. Onlyway to get 1 roar star circle a week is if you farm it. Get the 800 aldor medals then do another like 140-200 matches for the rest of the medals to get 1 star circle a week. Which is gonna take like an hour just to even do 5 sometimes so its unlikely to happen.
  14. You can buy flourish with flowers can buy dex with compasses (whatever they are called) and roar with those medals. Thats working on 3 at the same time if you want. Its 2 weeks for 1 star circle from aldor medals why waste them on those 3other stars when only way to get roar is from aldor medals. Swift is in there somewhere i believe for 2k medals.
  15. If some1 doesnt have lvl 40 sparks or lvl 50 sparks doing this for silver is a fast way to get those in a short time. Ill go for those lvl 40s and lvl 50s sparks over runes any day but thats. Ill rather those stats then a .15 sec cd reduction or a .20 damge increase for said skill.