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  1. Well thats awsome. About the lvl 30 bps
  2. So you are saying they have no way to tell if they lost those items?? So some guy was like "hey CS i lost 144 lvl 40diamonds" and they was just like "here you go little buddy" without checking it out? Wonder what couple buddys ended up saying to get 10 bloods 8 flowers 10 fire spirits with 100 crystals. They said they didnt lose anything. I know the items and gold i got screwed on wasnt worth the compensation. Lol but ig now we know so it seems.
  3. Agreed they didnt look into. Just handed out random things. A lot of ppl received a lot of stuff for losing nothing. Its crazy
  4. Should also see the faction events they are also dead. Might see a couple just sit there afk to gain that 1 medal you get. I remember how that place used to be live back then for couple months. Now its very rare for the server to actually do that event.
  5. I believe no one plays them now. Basically gotta be in a guild that will get 2 teams up and que at the same time to play it. Kinda sad huh. Lol
  6. I been keeping them well most of them and using them for other things. Unknown of what they are gonna bring so im not gonna dismantle them.
  7. It frustrates me always carrying ppl through anything and everything all the time. Every now and then is fine but multiple raids every single day holy hell
  8. Not saying nerf hero sky but nerf hero ash/lush/chim add new raid to fit between them to fill that gap from those 3 to hero sky 3-4. Idk what they gotta do but its gotta be somthing. Tried of seeing 45k crs and even low 50k crs struggling to do hero chim/lush and ash 1st boss not even gonna bring up ash 2nd boss... Also tired of ppl quiting the game.
  9. Oh i agree. Sad thing is i screen shot my bags before logging out due to the recent bugs.
  10. Im all down for fixing bugs first buuuut thats prolly gonna take a while.... especially once this big update drops lord have mercy lol
  11. You got some of these players that are couple months old 3-4 that is STILL in constant struggle with just clearing hero ash 1st boss and hero lush/chim unless they get carried by those highly geared players. The game offers you to get to lvl 55 in like what 3 or 4 days but yet you gotta spend 4 months to be able to reach old content raids lol. Another 2 months after that to see whats inside the somewhat new-ish raids are like? Unless spend couple grand to shave off a month or 2. So yea i do think they should do a nerf on those old raids for the somewhat new-ish players. If not new-ish players will get tired of seeing all those new raids coming out every 2-3 months before they even get to see the new-ish raids. Im already there knockin on the door it wont take much longer for me. Im not speaking for myself im speaking for all those little guys that constantly asks for carries more and more when newer stuff is getting pushed out.
  12. Shoooot there is prolly like 80% that cant even clear hero chim/lush now i think about it lol especially hero lush.
  13. Im already almost there to clear hero sky, another 2 weeks ill get it. It isnt a biggy to me. Just tired of seeing 90% of the server not clearing hero ash/ hero sky 1-2.
  14. So since more and more raids are coming out for those few end game players that are able to do them. Will the older raids get a nerf. Any updates would be awsomes. All i been hearing is new raid. Requires 65k+ cr. New raid 75k+ cr. New raid 85k+ cr. Im over here like damn i still cant even complete hero sky.
  15. Yea im down in the hole for 29,400 gold. Lost gold on bidding on an item and also didnt get that item. Only got 2 fire bloods 2 flowers and 2 fire spirits. Ill much rather that 30k gold. If i wanted bloods or fire spirits would have just bought them.