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  1. This is the last thing that needs to be fixed. Can easily go into settings and change it. Its not like skill bug for lords/hunts, guild bonfires, squad bug, cargo quest, lords stacking on top of each other, randomly fallen through the map in 2 places, bad lag in guild battles, bad lag in sadar, game freezing after mini the game for 2 mins, follow bug. I could go on but i believe it made its point.
  2. Im in one of the 2 top guilds and i can promise that one of the guilds doesnt come out and be like "hey guys lets do bugged raid" if they do do it then its only between a select few thats if they actually even do it. Kinda like how ppl did for double reset mystica?? Thats still around for what 2+months?? This bug/glitch prolly gonna be around just as long.
  3. Why wasnt there any1 crying about double mystica?? I mean how many months has that been out now that still isnt fixed. Lmao.
  4. Hey there buddy, wanna share that info of how to get those double rewards?? Lol since its been going on for months (not surprised) should help a little guy out. What do you say 🍻
  5. Hahaha just joking. Thats going through to much trouble for me.
  6. Any rewards on rolling over on someone or just a pat on the back?? Just curious if i gotta make my circle smaller or expand my circle for that reward
  7. I seriously doubt it will be fixed during this weeks maintenance, since it involves multiple steps to even do the glitch so gotta fix it with out hurting the other things which are involved. So if they completely shutdown the raids until its fixed for their "other action" then im gonna be pissed. Since it would prolly take a long time. Just like all the other bugs that are still around for 2+ months....
  8. No joke. Dont see why do a harder mech raid like foundry for bloods/fire spirits/flowers when you can put little to no effort through lush/chim for those drops.
  9. To be honest i think Lset for pally tank is useless. I mean you only get a 3sec cd for that 1 shield. Also instantly refreshes once below 30% hp with like a 30% heal from it as well but there is a 2min cd from that triggering again. Your Torah and glory has a decent chance already to instantly refresh that shield. Noct is 2 sets that triggers every 50 secs i believe. Which is just as good if not better then a 4 piece LSet. Mainly since you have 2 extra set slots can use. Just my opinion on Lset for pally tanks.
  10. People rather have more range dps then a melee dps. There is good bit of pally dps that gets into raids. But there will always be more ranger/mystic/ele dps in a raid then warriors/pallys.
  11. No one does that because thats like 142-250 matchs to do lol. Just doing 5 takes a good 30 mins. If you are lucky that is.
  12. Ohhh okay i gotcha.
  13. So that detection will also work on the ppl when they land in survival and have a crazy lag spike and be able to run extremely fast and long while will screw that player bcuz of the lag spike?? Only asking since that happens to me all the time while for survival. Now ig i just need to stand still and wait until lag is over
  14. Well cant you tell from all the unanswered forums made of how much they care? And all they gotta do is answer them. I see a lot in col peer support unanswered.