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  1. Welcome to our Call-to-Arms event, Crusaders. We encourage all heroes to gather friends together to defend Milura! Here are the event details: Start and End Time: Event Time: Feb 7th after server maintenance to Feb 28th 23:59 (PDT) All characters reaching level 55 before the end time will receive a Gracious Mega Box, this gracious megabox is a 100% guarantee to have a legendary item except for accessories, earrings, or bracelets. This item cannot be sold. In addition to that, characters that meet the following conditions will receive extra rewards: ◇ Exceeds 20,000 Character Rating: - Light of Dawn x1 ◇ Exceeds 30,000 Character Rating: - Light of Dawn x1 To check your Character Rating, please check the Equip tab and you will see the number that represents your character rating. If you achieve level 55 and above 30,000 character rating, you will receive a grand total of 2 Lights of Dawn and a Gracious Mega Box! For Newly created characters Any character created after the Feb 7th server maintenance (the start period) are eligible for a special event! We will be awarding the highest ranking characters per server with additional lucrative rewards: ◇ Rank 1 in each server: - Lv 40 Heart of the Sea x3 - Mount: Ghost War Tiger x1 - Purple Title: Captain of Milura x1 ◇ Rank 2 to 5 in each server: - Lv 40 Heart of the Sea x2 - Mount: Keeper of Dreams x1 - Purple Title: White Knight of Milura x1 ◇ Rank 6 to 20 in each server: - Lv 40 Heart of the Sea x1 - Mount: Frozen Mammoth x1 - Purple Title: Soldier of Milura x1 * All rewards will be sent out on March 3rd.
  2. Hi Everyone, One of the most common requests we've heard is "What does each stat do?" So this post will help explain it, please feel free to use this information in your guides or your sites. Overview Strength Increases Warrior Physical Damage. 1 Point of Power = 1 Point of Physical attack. This stat has no effect for Rangers and Mystics Vitality Affects Maximum HP, 1 point of Endurance = 15 HP Agility Increase Ranger Physical Damage. 1 Point of Agility = 1 Point of Physical attack. This stat has no effect for Mystics and Warriors Intellect Increase Mystic Magic Damage. 1 Point of Intellect = 1 Point of Magic attack. This stat has no effect for Warriors and Rangers Spirit Affects Maximum MP, Physical Armor, and Magical Armor. 1 Point of Spirit = 50MP + 1 Physical defense and 1 magical defense Movement Speed Affects movement speed when not mounted Physical Damage Affects Physical attack attributes for Warriors and Rangers. Weapons, Leggings, Boots, Wrists, and Acessories can increase your Physical Damage Attribute All gear will have a chance to roll the attribute for increased Physical Damage For warriors 1 point of Power = 1 point of Physical DAmage, for Rangers 1 point of Agility = 1 point of Physical Damage Defense The higher the defense the less damage you take from Physical Attacks Piercing This value counters physical defense Crit Affects the Critical rate for physical attacks and skills. This stat can appear when reforging an item. Weapons, Secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessories, and earrings can have this stat. Fireworks Diamonds can have this attribute. Physical Crit is countered by Physical Crit resistance Crit Resist Reduces the rate of Physical Critial hits from happening Hit Rating Increases the chance of hitting with Physical Attacks and Skills. This affects Warriors and Ranger skills and attacks. Elemental and Aquasource Diamonds can have this attribute. Some equipment may have this stat as well, neither Strength nor Agility increase Hit Rating. Eqiupment that may have these stats: Weapons, Secondary, Helmet, Chest, Legs, Accessories, Earrings Against Non-Players such as Bosses in Raids, you need to have 100% Hit Rating to have all attacks hit. Against targets with attributes such as dodge or parry, it will vary. Dodge When targetted by a physical skill or attack, this is the percent chance to dodge and not take any damage. Increasing Hit counteracts Dodge Accuracy When attacking with a Physical attack or skill, this reduces the chance of a Parry, the higher this value, the lower chance of a Parry happening. All heroic mode bosses have 15% Parry. Weapons, secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessoires, and earrings can have this stat Parry When targeted by a physical skill, a sucessful Parry will reduce the incoming damage by 40%. Increasing this value only increases the chance of Parry, not the amount parried All bosses and monsters in raids and team raids have a base Parry value Skills(Spells) Spell Damage Affects Magic attack attributes for Mystics. Spell Defense Reduces the damage taken from Spell skills and attacks Spell Pierce Counters Spell defense Spell Crit Affects Magic Attack and Magic Skill use critical rate. When reforging this can appear on Weapons, secondaries, helmets, chest, leggings, accessories, and earrings. Moonlight Diamonds can have this attribute. Increasing Spell Crit Resist prevents Spell Crit from happening Spell Crit Resist Reduces the chance of Spell Crit happening Spell Accuracy Used for Spell Attack hit rate. If the target has Evade your attack may miss. This stat only affects Mystics. Elemental and Aquasource Diamonds can have this attribute. Some equipment may have this stat as well, Intellect does not affect this attribute. Eqiupment that may have these stats: Weapons, Secondary, Helmet, Chest, Legs, Accessories, Earrings Against Non-Players such as Bosses in Raids, you need to have 100% Spell accuracy to have all attacks hit. Evade When targeted by a Magic skill or attack, this is the percent chance to dodge and not take any damage. Increasing Evade counters Spell Accuracy Spell Resist When targetted by a magic skill, a sucessful Resist Skills will reduce the incoming damage by 40%. Increasing this value only increases the chance of Resist Spell Penetration When attacking using a Magic skill or attack this helps negate any Resist Skills your target has.
  3. Hey everyone, We know you’ve been waiting patiently for this news…so here it is! This week, during our regular maintenance period, we are implementing a Server Unification! North American Servers: All servers except Hannibal and Sandy Ridges will unify. European Servers: All servers except Yasha and Maha Temple will unify. What does this mean? Glad you asked. It’s an opportunity for all servers except those listed above to be able to play, communicate and compete with one another! You’ll still log into and remain on your server as normal—you’ll just have cross server chatting, matchmaking, leaderboard rankings and more with the other servers that have unified with yours. This will make it easier for you to make new friends and find others to play with faster. Also, the competition is ON! One leaderboard – who will rank? You might have been “top dog” previously…will you be again? So go out there and take advantage of the opportunities server unification offers. We think you’ll really benefit from it. Feel free to provide us feedback here on the forum!
  4. Hello everyone! I wanted to let you all know that my time here at NetEase Games has come to an end. I'm moving out of California after having accepted a new job opportunity in another state. I have truly enjoyed my time with all of you. Thank you for all the passion and excitement you have brought to Crusaders of Light. I hope you continue playing and sharing your feedback on our various feedback channels, and you never know...perhaps our paths will cross again someday!
  5. Welcome to the Crusaders of Light Refer a Friend FAQ! Below you will find the information to help you better understand the rewards that you can earn for referring friends to the game. How do I refer a friend? Once your friend has downloaded the game and gotten past the tutorial, they will be greeted with a screen to input your ID. If they miss the initial screen you can still link your friend in the friends panel Please be aware that friends referred cannot be linked to you after they reach level 25. Can I refer a friend who is already playing? Yes, but it will only work if they create a new character. Do we need to be on the same server? Yes, the referred friend and the person who does the referring need to be on the same server. How many friends can I refer? You can refer up to 50 friends per character. How do I get rewards for referring friends? Once your referred friend hits at least level 6 and enters your character ID, you’ll start to earn rewards based on their achievement progress in Crusaders of Light. What rewards can i get for referring a friend? You can get rewards such as Gold, Crystals, and even Lights of Dawn. Please see the in game menu under rewards for more details. Where can I claim the rewards once I earn them? You can claim them in the in-game rewards screen. Is there a time limit to claim rewards or earn rewards? No
  6. Please be aware that Crusaders of Light will be down for a scheduled server maintenance on Wednesday, March 7 at 2AM GMT for an estimated 6 hours. As this is a larger update the downtime will be longer than usual. We appreciate your patience during this time and will have the game back up and running as soon as possible! You can find the latest patch notes here, but please be advised that they might not be available until sometime during the day of the actual maintenance. Thank you!
  7. This one's going a day earlier as opposed to the usual days from before.
  8. That's what the timezone converter says
  9. 2AM GMT on the 7th is 6PM the 6th in the office here as we're on Pacific time. EDIT: Forgot to add the GMT after 2AM
  10. Please be aware that Crusaders of Light will be down for a scheduled server maintenance on Thursday, March 1 at 2AM GMT for an estimated 6 hours. As this is a larger update the downtime will be longer than usual. We appreciate your patience during this time and will have the game back up and running as soon as possible! You can find the latest patch notes here, but please be advised that they might not be available until sometime during the day of the actual maintenance. Thank you!
  11. Update has been pushed to the 6th. New Server planned for the 7th.
  12. You will not lose your earned rank. Once the reset happens you will need to pick your faction again, you can pick the same one you had before or you can pick a different one. When that happens all relevant reputation and achievements will transfer.
  13. Let's keep the discussion focused on the topic of D0 and how you feel about Set Swaps. Please do not attack other players.
  14. We're going to be adjusting paladins with the Surge of Elements update, specifically with regards to some PVP concerns.
  15. Hi all, Executioner Warriors will be getting some love with the Surge of Elements update. It won't be a massive rework, you will see some numbers tweaked.
  16. Crusaders of Light 2/28 Patch Notes Event: Call-to-Arms Level 55 and Character Ratings part is now extended until March 6th. Players who have yet reached level 55 now still have a chance to get free the legendary gear box. The Call-to-Arms new character challenge will end at its intended time. Congrats to all the winners! Features: Goblin Merchant Bug Fix Goblin Merchant Content Update Refer Rewards not collectible issue fix
  17. You need to be level 55 and at the respective CRs for the rewards. Keep it civil.
  18. Sorry about that- the crabs should be spawning now.
  19. New Class: Elementalist The Elementalists are the spirit mages who control elemental magic. Their flexible control over wind, earth, water and fire elements from nature gives them powerful abilities. They can also provide buffs for allies and themselves. Elementalist Paths include: Elementalist Herald, Mercenary Mage and Conjured Spirit. Elementalist Herald: Gain Path Skill Fiery Wing that deals massive damage to single target. Mercenary Mage: Gain Path Skill Frost Vortex that deals constant damage and freezes the target in range. Conjured Spirit: Gain Path Skill Conjuring Force, increasing magic damage and range, and adding elemental damage for attacks New Raid: Wind Bluff Prison Wind Bluff Prison is a 10-person raid. Players who have reached level 55 with path level 65 can access it. This raid shares the same drop cooldown with Chimeria, Everlush Valley and Kothas Foundry. Additionally, players who complete Wind Bluff Prison first for their server will get an exclusive achievement and title. Team Raid Adjustment: Core of Rock Essence Reduced the difficulty for Core of Rock Essence Raid. Reduced attack damage and health of the boss Great Turtle Todt and Captain Sam. Reduced the frequency of summoning Rock Essence Elementals. The summoning time will be later, reducing the requirement on the damage output of the team. Drop adjustment: After this server maintenance, Todt’s Shell and Sam’s Sabre will not be tradable among players. But the materials earned from bid can still be traded. Fixed the problem where the flame vfx doesn’t match the damage range of Ghost Burst (Captain Sam’s ability) Assist system now available for Core of Rock Essence. Qualified players can assist in the boss fight with Great Turtle Todt and Captain Sam. New D6 Item Set Molten Flames: Dropped by Samofir in Wind Bluff Prison. Molten Flames (2-piece set): When a skill crits, there is a small chance to shoot a fireball to deal extra damage to the target. Molten Flames (3-piece set): Exploding fire bombs deal area of effect damage. The closer to the explosion, the more damage received. Cleansing Chains: Dropped by Balian in Wind Bluff Prison. Cleansing Chains (2-piece set): When healing a single target, there is a chance to also heal 2 allies linked by Cleansing Chains, restoring their HP over 6 seconds. Cleansing Chains link is broken if allies exceed a distance of 20 meters (this will also stop the healing effect). Cleansing Chains (3-piece set): If the two linked allies stay linked for the entire duration of Cleansing Chains, they will gain a shield which absorbs incoming damage. Mystica and Raid Related Added “Ordeal” difficulty for Mystica, and it is accessible once the server progress reaches Kothas Foundry. For this difficulty level, the boss’s attribute will be 25% hit rating, 10% dodge, 15% parry and 10% crit. Reduced difficulty for Hell and Nightmare levels Reduced the requirement for the raid assisting players, allowing more players to be qualified for assisting in raids. At the same time, increased their assisting attributes in raids. Reduced the difficulty for Pulrik in Heroic Skyblaze Village. This change also altered the trigger range of the Ultimate Being (Mutant), and added hints for players before triggering the Ultimate Being. Fixed a raid loading screen issue that was caused by checking the world map during the raids. For Mystica, monster and boss levels have been changed to a fixed level (level 45) instead of average level of the raid team. Illusionist Lord The star circle for Illusionist Lord will be visible for players before entering the battle. Players can choose based on the star circle to restraint. Reduced the gap between each difficulty level for Illusionist Lord. The difficulty now ramps up more evenly. Rewards have been adjusted as well. Fixed some issues between boss abilities and their ability vfx. Adjusted monsters’ attributes. Windwhisper Survival Added “Close” button into Windwhisper Survival battle result page. Improved Surgewind Wilds map to be more accurate. Windwhisper Survival no longer grants Activity Points. Faction Reset and PVP Season Reset PVP Season 1 ends after this maintenance. Season 2 starts will start with progress reset. At the end of Season 1: Faction Rank Faction Military Rank will automatically transfer to faction reputation level. Faction Rank will be reset. Relative gained titles will also be recalled. You will immediately obtain the equivalent rank, titles, and bonuses upon choosing a new faction. Bonus attribute provided by Military Rank will automatically transfer to the faction you choose. In the new season, Faction Rank will provide PVP bonus attribute. Rank Store The original Rank Store will be changed to be called Faction Reputation Store. Listing item remains the same and will be unlocked according to reputation level. New PvP items will be available. Aldorr Coliseum Arena Aldorr Coliseum rankings will be reset. Rewards will be sent based on ranking. The rank tier from the previous season determines the initial rank tier in the new season. The new Aldorr Coliseum Store sells PVP equipment for Honor. Items unlocked according to the highest rank tier of Honor Group. Below items will be applied at the end of each season in the future: Faction Rank will be reset to level 1. Relative gained titles and PVP bonus attribute will also be recalled. Aldorr Coliseum Arena: The rank tier of the previous season determines the initial rank tier in the new season. Unused Honor and Battle Coin will automatically transfer to silver. New Features in PVP Season 2 New cross-server faction battle: We are dividing the servers into several server teams for the cross-server battle. PvP battles later on will be conducted in server teams. Players in the same server team will be visible to each other during cross-server battles. They can form a team and fight for their faction. Players in the same server team will be sharing the same faction chat channel. Players can chat with other players in the same faction but different servers in real time. Highshard Valley is going to be a cross-server battle map, maps like Surgewind Valley and Cloudburst Forest that are under pvp mode are going to be available to all servers. Players can pick which PvP map to go in from the world map or other PvP interface. Player stats will be normalized in PvP maps, gears, gems, and achievement stats will still be added.   Changing faction is now available: From season 2, players can now change faction at NPC Chastana on Aerial Island. Joining or changing the faction has a 24 hours Cooldown. Changing factions costs a certain amount of silver coins. However, when the military rank is not higher than Major (Golden Flame) or Valiant Knight (Magellana's Shadow), it is free to change faction. After changing the faction, reputation and military rank will both be transferred to the new faction. After changing faction, the ranking of honor will be reset. Starting with the new season, there will be no limitation on faction member ratio. Players can choose any faction they want. Guilds can choose to belong to a faction: A newly created guild can choose its belonged faction: Neutral, Golden Flame, Magellana’s Shadow. A Guild Lead can change faction allegiance but there will be a 30 days cooldown before it can be done again. A first time Guild change of faction is free. From the second time onward, changing factions will cost crystals. Players who belong to the same faction as their guild will gain bonuses for faction reputation. Faction Hunt: Hunt the demons in Surgewind Valley in PvP mode before your opponent to get honor for your faction. Faction hunt starts at 16:00, 21:00 and 23:00 daily, except 21:00 on Saturday. Killing players from the opposing faction in the faction hunt will not increase the killing value. The reward from the faction hunt is limited daily, but the times that you can participate is not limited. Faction Trading: Players can receive faction trading quests and the initial silver ticket at the Quartermaster in Goquick Valley. You can trade with traders to earn funds and benefits for your faction and yourself. Pay attention to the good’s market value, as they fluctuate a lot. Make wise trading strategies. If you get robbed by players from the opposing faction, you will lose part of your money and goods, and your opponent gets to go home with a full load. After receiving the quest, Players can start trading by clicking on the quest on the quest list. Players can check for more info about different traders on the market info page. Adjustments in Season 2 Faction daily event adjustment: Removed Flame’s Glory /Magellana’s Glory task from daily faction event Collect Crystals task reduced to 1 time per day “Finding out Intelligence”, “High-Energy Crystal Nucleus”, and “Eliminate Enemies” events are moved into the Surgewind PvP map. Escort/Rob Tramcar events, will not offer Faction Medal anymore. However, player will have a chance to receive PvP trinkets. “Collect Crystals”, “Find out Intelligence”, “High-Energy Crystal Nucleus” events now offer more Faction Medals. The amount of Faction Medals that can be collected in one day, remains the same as before.   Optimization for faction battle: In PvP maps, players can check the gem store, pvp store and how to increase their battle stats. In PvP maps, players can check the faction fame page. Players can review their faction reputation level, military rank, and daily faction events. Players in the cross-server battle map can form teams freely. Players can form teams with other players by clicking on their profile/name in the faction chat channel. Battle stats gained from achievements will not be available for players in pvp battle maps. Only stats from gems and equipment are still available. Players can chat with other players cross server.    Players can use emoticons on faction chat channel. Bounty System Added rules and explanations regarding how Bounty works, in PvP battle interface. The upper limit of bounty has been adjusted to 500 points. Players will not gain more after reaching 500 points. Players’ bounty reduces 20 points hourly when they are online. Every time players finish task “Incognito”, their bounty reduces by 5 points. Weekly Special in Item Mall called “Justice Spray” is available. It reduces the bounty amount for players after every use. Players can purchase only one every week. Misc. PVP Adjustments Added battle coin reward to faction and pvp maps, the amount of honor reward has also been adjusted. Surgewind Valley and Guardian Canyon: times to receive rewards on daily base has been changed from 4 times to 3 times. Added honor reward to Guild Wars. Participants will have a chance to receive PvP trinkets. Added honor rewards to Final Challenge and Glorious Championship Cross server battle has been changed to PvP battlefield. In PvP battlefield, the characters keep original battle stats. Skill level and talent levels and the other stats are going to be the same for all players. Aldorr Coliseum (Honor Group) has been changed to PvP battlefield. Players keep their original battle stats, the rest will be the same among all players. Adjusted the trading page into two sections, Adventure Chamber (PvE) and Adversary Chamber. Also, the rank store has been moved from reputation provision to adversary chamber. Faction Treasure is available in the Item Mall. Players will gain reputation, battle coins with a 15% increased speed and increased cap in the next 7 days after purchase. One available to purchase per week. Adjusted the requirement and price for equipment in rank store and adversary chamber. Upgrade Emerged Equipment Emerged Legendary and Ancient Divine equipment can now be upgraded. Upgrading an emerged equipment won’t cost Legendary Essence or Deity Essence, it will only require equipment that dropped from raids and other materials. Upgraded stats are determined by consumed equipment grade and quality. Players can preview stats on the upgrade page. Currently, upgraded equipment materials include D6-Molten Flames set and D6-Cleansing Chains set, both of which can be obtained from Wind Bluff Prison. Spinning Carapace accessory and Beacon earrings are now also materials for emerging Legendary or Divine equipment. After upgrading emerged equipment, players can now use the same equipment materials to refresh the equipment’s attributes. The attributes gained after refreshing is related to the quality of the materials used. The better quality the materials are, the better the attributes are. UI Optimization Faction daily event entrance has been removed from Adventure and relocated to Arena. Faction Rank and Coliseum Rank is now visible in Character Attributes and Friends space. Removed “Advanced” tab from character attribute page. Original advanced stats are now showing in the basic stats page. Up to 4 buff/debuff icons can be shown at the same time on the right side during combat now. Crystal Spending Reward To celebrate the launch of Elementalist, we are having a two teeks time limited Crystal Spending Reward event from 2/28-3/14 Rebate Reward Event There is time limited rebate reward event for “Surge of the Elements.” Rewards include Dragon Scale, Gollen Cast Iron and Rune Stone. Player can collect these rewards in the Reward - Surge of the Elements event tab. Vizalon’s Animal Training Pack with special mount token Vizalon’s Animal Training Pack is available at the Koala Merchant! By opening this pack, you will have a chance to receive a special mount token. With this token, you can obtain one of the following mounts: Keep of Dreams, Frozen Mammoth, Streamer Flying Carpet, Stormrage Gruder, Prestigious Unicorn, Hashi’s Ride, Wardrum Turtle, Flame Spirit or Devil Bunny. New Package: Elemental Case Elemental Case will be available in the Shop with a chance to obtain the new Mechano Spider mount. Class Adjustments Paladin: Shield of Order’s damage to the extra targets is reduced, and the hit damage on extra targets no longer triggers AoE damage. Paladin-Uphold Justice Rune: increases the silence time of Rampart of Guardian, Removed the Shield of Order ability to silence. Paladin-Templar: teigning Sword’s shield value will be calculated by max health instead of attack damage. Expected shield value stays the same after the adjustment. Warrior-Executioner: transfer talent Bloodbath adjusted. Ranger-Starburst Arrowheads Rune: Relentless has increased bonus damage effect. Mystic-Introspection Rune has increased the damage bonus for Mind Link Mystic- Magellana’s Judgement: Nobility has increased bonus damage for Suppression. Star Circle Adjustment Core player of Star Circle can now share partial of the passive buff with other team members: If core player has higher stats on the type than other team members, he will share 50% of this stats with others. Team member’s self stats will take effect for the other 50%. If core player has lower stats on the type than other team members, team members will keep their own stats. Added button on the setting page for players to switch on and off to determine whether to share the passive buff with team members or not. For the physical/spell attack auxiliary stars in star circle, you can exchange the two auxiliary stars’ enhancement level. (level and quality) Gems Level 50 Gems will be available once the pre-requisite level of raid progression has occurred per server. HP type Gem: Level 50 Raystone , Dazzling Diamond will be available when server has cleared team raid Core of Rock Essence. Attack type Gem: Level 50 Dragoneye, Moonstone, Fireworks Diamond, Manaflame Diamond, Lunar Diamond and Moontear Diamond will be available when server has cleared team raid Wind Bluff Prison. Defense type Gem: Level 50 Riverheart Stone, Jade Stone, Aquasource Diamond, Elemental Diamond will be available with upcoming team raid. There are two ways to obtain Level 50 Gems: Polish level 50 Epic Gem Upgrade level 40 Gem. Level 50 Gem received through this method will keep the same random stats as the level 40 one. When a server has cleared team raid Core of Rock Essence, Level 50 Pouch of Gems will be available in the Shop. In the meantime, the current existing Pouch of Gems will be renamed as Level 40 Pouch of Gems and will still be in the Shop. Level 50 Pouch of Gems guarantees 2 level 50 Rare Gems, and has the chance to receive 1 additional level 50 Epic Gem. Fishing Adjustment Adjusted temporary bonus attribute of fish products for Ranger and Paladin: Ranger: Temporary bonus attribute of Steamed Caulder Crabs, Clownfish Noodle, Grilled Zebra Stonefish, and Shredded Blue Gourami Salad was changed from Spell Power & Accuracy to Spell Power & PVP Damage Boost. Paladin: Temporary bonus attribute of Lobsters with Minced Garlic, Smoked Spore Fish, Barbecued Golden Tigerfish, and Black Pepper Leopard Fish was changed from HP Dodge to HP & PVP Damage Reduction. Lucky Draw Refresh In the new Lucky Draw, player will have chance to receive Conjuring Puzzle, puzzle pieces, or the brand new back pendant Crystal Train Set. Other Adjustments Added transmog to level 50 equipment and emerged Legendary equipment. Increased the allowed purchase amount for Star shaving, Stardust Flowers and Starlight Stone in the Star Circle shop. You can now accumulate for up to 3 days. Daily base has been adjusted so that the purchase limit can accumulate for up to 3 days. If a server raid progress has surpassed Everlush Valley heroic mode and Chimeria, there will be no daily purchase limit to Gem and Rune Essence on this server. Fixed a bug that interrupted Fishing. Can now invite player to ride with you on a two-person mount even he/she is already on a mount. Can now exchange attributes between level 50 and level 40 equipment sets. Saving and swapping gear for PVE or PVP is now more convenient. It takes one click to swap!
  20. It's a random piece for your class that's one of the top half of the equipment slots, so weapon/offhand or helm/chest/legs/etc.
  21. Raid Adjustment: Normal 5-person raids can now drop level 30 blueprints for players level 40 and above.
  22. Crusaders of Light 2/21 Patch Notes Event: Valentine's Event Season of Love has ended. Certain items that were gift-able as well as the login bonuses for this event will no longer be available. Raid Adjustment: Normal 5-person raids can now drop level 30 blueprints for players level 40 and above. Friend Refer System Polish: Upon linking a referrer, a friend request will be automatically sent to referrer, making it easier to add friends between the referrer and the referred friend. Bug Fixing: Refer System bug fixes Star Circle bug fix: Star Circle Level 7 can now be unlocked
  23. Sorry for the delay, it's now posted.
  24. Hi everyone, Please find the end results for the top 20 rankings for reach servers for the Call-to-Arms event. Congratulations to all the winners. Name Server Name Character Rating Ranking xpalconx Reavedge Village 43275 1 FluffyD Reavedge Village 42908 2 Poyoalt3 Reavedge Village 36020 3 PoyoaltIV Reavedge Village 35899 4 Poyoalt5 Reavedge Village 35677 5 RaiDark Reavedge Village 35238 6 Poyoalt2 Reavedge Village 35212 7 Poyoalt1 Reavedge Village 35130 8 Axton Reavedge Village 33240 9 palkia Reavedge Village 32776 10 catchemall Reavedge Village 32471 11 expboosted Reavedge Village 32202 12 celebi Reavedge Village 31802 13 Claptrap Reavedge Village 31742 14 zAnX Reavedge Village 31662 15 raquaza Reavedge Village 31399 16 piplup Reavedge Village 31379 17 Scrubel Reavedge Village 31354 18 Tschanz Reavedge Village 31209 19 Corneja Reavedge Village 31015 20 Evodalaohei1 Thundercall Forest 46290 1 NoobAmyr Thundercall Forest 44987 2 KnightLite Thundercall Forest 44208 3 Madgical Thundercall Forest 42489 4 Alissah Thundercall Forest 41600 5 PeckerWood88 Thundercall Forest 39555 6 BDSM Thundercall Forest 38380 7 EvoTinana Thundercall Forest 36669 8 MadgePotatos Thundercall Forest 35252 9 tHugLife Thundercall Forest 35111 10 evotech Thundercall Forest 34976 11 Jesstank Thundercall Forest 34795 12 Aliantia Thundercall Forest 34279 13 VMwillWin Thundercall Forest 33840 14 NotAnAlt Thundercall Forest 33705 15 boomysmash Thundercall Forest 33560 16 SexxyPally42 Thundercall Forest 33069 17 Draylic Thundercall Forest 32871 18 Evoblinker Thundercall Forest 32660 19 UrichHunt Thundercall Forest 32443 20 MayheIM Skyblaze Village 41882 1 Pulky Skyblaze Village 41558 2 Eternalchaos Skyblaze Village 40510 3 Bamboozler Skyblaze Village 40013 4 ALTitude Skyblaze Village 36266 5 Kahlu Skyblaze Village 35907 6 Wrekkt Skyblaze Village 35889 7 AinsOoalGown Skyblaze Village 34914 8 YupsTamer Skyblaze Village 33993 9 Quin Skyblaze Village 33875 10 CrashxX Skyblaze Village 33832 11 Kasp Skyblaze Village 32444 12 LadanasBbDdy Skyblaze Village 32406 13 CrNkN Skyblaze Village 32016 14 DeWae Skyblaze Village 31983 15 Koha Skyblaze Village 31932 16 Disasterous Skyblaze Village 31723 17 Linna Skyblaze Village 31572 18 HOTTSHOTT Skyblaze Village 31247 19 Haribooo Skyblaze Village 31172 20 Tsunu Cloudburst Forest 44339 1 Hulyo Cloudburst Forest 43572 2 Hulya Cloudburst Forest 40206 3 WeakSauce02 Cloudburst Forest 38702 4 Hemingway Cloudburst Forest 36153 5 GalaHeal1 Cloudburst Forest 34328 6 AxeCaster Cloudburst Forest 33920 7 JellyBeans Cloudburst Forest 33563 8 RECKONiNG Cloudburst Forest 33540 9 CocsXIII Cloudburst Forest 33480 10 Sindoro Cloudburst Forest 33469 11 ekupparas Cloudburst Forest 33071 12 GalaHeal2 Cloudburst Forest 32875 13 GalaHeal3 Cloudburst Forest 32834 14 Anomaly Cloudburst Forest 32558 15 NeroClaudius Cloudburst Forest 32538 16 mikuPotato Cloudburst Forest 32401 17 Luminos Cloudburst Forest 31633 18 MingKit Cloudburst Forest 31485 19 DmageT Cloudburst Forest 31213 20 ArtDps Sardar Highland 53837 1 Bitou Sardar Highland 52617 2 XiaotiantiaN Sardar Highland 46896 3 ArtMagic Sardar Highland 45009 4 Uez Sardar Highland 44457 5 AyanamiSama Sardar Highland 39110 6 Arjan1 Sardar Highland 38612 7 Jad3 Sardar Highland 36113 8 MaraBella3 Sardar Highland 35222 9 NotMaraBella Sardar Highland 34849 10 Gaofushuai Sardar Highland 34165 11 Toothbrush Sardar Highland 33874 12 Urbandub Sardar Highland 33391 13 IIIBabySharK Sardar Highland 33369 14 OzkyoSenpai Sardar Highland 33120 15 YamaTakeru Sardar Highland 32756 16 Forthetrees Sardar Highland 32425 17 Babytech Sardar Highland 32407 18 RI0T Sardar Highland 32392 19 Bullseeyore Sardar Highland 32293 20 Jameliousss Blazing Plains 42072 1 Charger Blazing Plains 37893 2 Azmoda Blazing Plains 34759 3 MsWcPumpa Blazing Plains 34240 4 WCsNeni Blazing Plains 33733 5 xAUTO Blazing Plains 33587 6 Dudley Blazing Plains 33209 7 Bufii Blazing Plains 32958 8 P2W Blazing Plains 32882 9 Rafyrus Blazing Plains 32570 10 IXIWolf Blazing Plains 32501 11 Cronos3 Blazing Plains 32400 12 Hawkeyes Blazing Plains 32231 13 Ekleziarch Blazing Plains 32208 14 BadBlu Blazing Plains 32132 15 Fairflux Blazing Plains 31652 16 salamandras Blazing Plains 31491 17 2o2 Blazing Plains 31345 18 3Bs Blazing Plains 31105 19 Lexera Blazing Plains 30995 20 Karken Forest Valley 54416 1 Leventis Forest Valley 50114 2 AltRUfous Forest Valley 39797 3 Eviscer4tor Forest Valley 39398 4 acklay1 Forest Valley 38875 5 JeproxXx Forest Valley 38784 6 Kenn2u Forest Valley 38233 7 Eshoai Forest Valley 37661 8 Disvel Forest Valley 37372 9 Analizatorul Forest Valley 36447 10 LearnMore Forest Valley 35597 11 KingFun Forest Valley 35582 12 Negrohernan Forest Valley 34643 13 Warfunw Forest Valley 34328 14 Tankette Forest Valley 33887 15 CristiArc Forest Valley 33772 16 Amiya14 Forest Valley 33625 17 T4RCZA Forest Valley 33616 18 Rax3r Forest Valley 33542 19 Keiara Forest Valley 33530 20 lnfamous Laverlan Lake 50018 1 sneakybeaver Laverlan Lake 46143 2 lnvictus Laverlan Lake 41076 3 Azerel Laverlan Lake 40335 4 XKronosX Laverlan Lake 39328 5 ChiefCannon Laverlan Lake 38139 6 EvilParagon Laverlan Lake 35855 7 OPALAO Laverlan Lake 35807 8 xBreezy Laverlan Lake 35174 9 NOTxLeafy Laverlan Lake 34857 10 RosePetal Laverlan Lake 33953 11 EvilxKinG Laverlan Lake 33763 12 Werdnea Laverlan Lake 33164 13 IceSharK Laverlan Lake 32781 14 Evox2 Laverlan Lake 32735 15 Algonis Laverlan Lake 32664 16 Nova666 Laverlan Lake 32445 17 SoulAlgoz Laverlan Lake 32370 18 ZiigFried Laverlan Lake 31946 19 Beatz Laverlan Lake 31855 20 KiWiki Fertile Gorge 55146 1 Machina Fertile Gorge 54339 2 CIock Fertile Gorge 46451 3 HolyBlade Fertile Gorge 42182 4 BillyBong Fertile Gorge 41945 5 Zzerp Fertile Gorge 40199 6 Dutz Fertile Gorge 39509 7 Orph Fertile Gorge 39132 8 Corky Fertile Gorge 38777 9 Actress Fertile Gorge 38570 10 XsphinxX Fertile Gorge 37486 11 LUVy Fertile Gorge 37448 12 Springroll Fertile Gorge 36487 13 Uppers Fertile Gorge 36163 14 Eveee Fertile Gorge 36104 15 Blacksmith Fertile Gorge 34973 16 PaliGr0wn Fertile Gorge 33845 17 NIMH Fertile Gorge 33614 18 Seriorpallym Fertile Gorge 32732 19 TacoStand Fertile Gorge 32726 20
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