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  1. No new map content for the 25th. We're opening Heroic Skyblaze for the last 2 bosses, more to come in the future!
  2. You'll see them next week, have fun with Pulrik!
  3. We're streaming it today at 2PM Pacific time, you can find the stream here
  4. CefSharp.Browser looks like it's a gameroom process judging from the icons, it's possible it's something Gameroom did. Have you tried contacting Gameroom support?
  5. Anything you see in our sister game may or may not appear in our game.
  6. So the Talent XP bonus is calculated based on the TOTAL Talent XP you have, and not path level, so if you have all 3 Paths at level 30 it still counts the same as if you dumped all that XP into 1 path. You get bigger bonuses the lower that XP is to the current server cap, the closer you get, the lower the bonus (until you get none once you've caught up) Hope that makes sense.
  7. I think the point is already made, we're aware of the chat filter feedback
  8. Did you do any other updates to your PC? I just took a quick glance at mine and it's running with only 4% of usage. We do need to do some investigating on this, so I'd say "looking into it" would be an appropriate response
  9. I'll send this along to our team to take a look at, thanks!
  10. Hi there, we are aware that our chat filter can be improved and we are always looking to make improvements. In the meantime I've edited your post to reflect the main point. Thanks for your feedback
  11. If you need technical assistance please contact our support team here so we can better assist you.
  12. Just saying by the logic of a few that I've seen, "If it's in the sister game it's coming here." then the logic would hold that "if it's not in the sister game it's not coming here." So....I guess all the things that have been requested that aren't in the sister game have no chance of happening
  13. The only thing we changed in this update that I am aware of is disabling of the cross server battlefields. Our team is aware of the Laverlan Lake situation and we are investigating it.