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  1. We've heard your concerns about what might happen with the Surgewind Wilds server after launch. Right now everything is just pure speculation- as we aren't globally launched yet. So it's really hard to say what might or might not happen.
  2. Server transfers are something that we have heard from the players. Right now we don't have any information about it, but we're aware of the request. We'll let you know as soon as there's information.
  3. We will have more information about time zones for servers in the future. Stay tuned!
  4. I'll leave some words of wisdom from @Ocho here when it comes to discussing about future updates to Crusaders based off of things in Land of Glory
  5. Just checking in to see if this is still broken for you all, let me know!
  6. Thanks for the feedback! Also the dogs in your profile picture are cute.
  7. Cross platform as in players from iOS and Android can play together? Can you be more specific with your question? There will be more servers on launch. Details to come.
  8. Good to know. Thanks for your patience!
  9. Thanks for letting us know about the purchase issues you've been having. We also appreciate your patience while our team investigates the problems. Please feel free to follow up with us if you are still having issues or run into any more.
  10. Hi MonkeyKing, We're all about feedback from the players. I understand you're frustrated with the design and balance on some of the characters. Name calling is against the rules of the forums so please try to keep your feedback constructive for the team. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts!
  11. Hey folks, looks like there's lots of chatter with regards to the bans being handed out recently. I just wanted to remind people that the course of action to take is through the Customer Support department. If you feel that you were unjustly banned you should reach out to them and appeal it. You can reach out to our Customer Support department here
  12. Is it broken the same way as it was before? Or is it broken in an entirely new way?