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  1. Please send our team a support ticket here if you've encountered a bug.
  2. Please be aware that Crusaders of Light will be down for a scheduled server maintenance on Thursday, December 14 at 2AM GMT for at least 2 hours. We appreciate your patience during this time and will have the game back up and running as soon as possible! You can find the latest patch notes here, but please be advised that they might not be available until sometime during the day of the actual maintenance. Thank you!
  3. Have you sent this into our support team here?
  4. XP bonuses can be explained here, they were changed in August.
  5. Send our support team a ticket here so we can take a look.
  6. Hi Martrim, Please send our support team a ticket if you are still missing crystals, we'd like to make sure you get all of them.
  7. Hi @Marcy please submit an in game ticket to our team so we can investigate for you.
  8. Skyblaze Savior was world first.
  9. We're investigating the issue. Good luck on Heroic Pulrik if you try again tonight!
  10. Basically the chances of you rolling a specific set is random, but it rolls on a table of specific sets. They are hoping you get it in your next refine, good luck!
  11. So when you are on auto it is only using the first 5 skills equipped?
  12. We're aware of the feedback from warriors in the other thread. Please keep the comments there so it's easier for us to gather the feedback
  13. That's not a phishing email, go get free stuff!
  14. Happy to see suggestions with the new UI, thank you all for taking the time to do these!
  15. Android users may find their flight paths to Aerial Island missing. To travel back to Aerial Island you can create your own group an then use the Adventure Panel to travel to the Scar Plains Dungeon. Facebook Gameroom users, if the grass appears especially vibrant, please reinstall the game via gameroom. We are currently investigating the issue with crashing on Android devices. Gears of War cannot be completed once you level past 45.