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  1. Here we do an addendum to the patch notes as a reply with regards to the changes that were not noted in the initial post.
  2. What server are you all on and what is your character name and S/N? Have you all reported this to our support team as well?
  3. On the log in screen under the button where you normally click to go to your server you click on the text that starts after I have read and understood, should start where it says "NetEase", orange-ish text.
  4. Like I said, I'm unaware of any changes to any rewards. So to the best of my knowledge they have not yet been changed- and I will check on this.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. We are working on ways to improve the UI.
  6. They should be up now.
  7. 700 registered, but you have to have a qualifying clear to be listed.
  8. Is this Thundercall or Skyblaze? We're aware and working on it.
  9. If this is thundercall or skyblaze the servers just went down. We're bringing them back up.
  10. Surgewind Wilds players probably have lots of experience with heroic fort by now I wonder what the fastest time is on surgewind, even though they can't technically compete, I'm just curious as to the ballpark numbers, if you all have ever timed it.
  11. Question for Scouts- are you using starblade on cooldown? Or are you stacking it so you get 2, 3 starblades?
  12. I personally think that all suggestions have merits to them. I don't think a wedding or pairing system is a bad idea, as I think people build meaningful relationships via games. That being said, I don't know if/when a system like this will be put into place, but I do think it has its merits.
  13. It's the community team's philosophy that any changes made to the game that can impact player experience should be noted in the patch notes. I'm actually happy that we have many engaged and passionate players about the game and really care about it, so the team and I here are also working really hard to make sure we improve so we can provide the best experience to you.