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  1. Would u be able to reveal to me one thing, why we require crit trade for exactness and precision for crit? So my inquiry is the reason this 2 details not autonomous. For instance, in best amazing precious stone jewels u can't get precision at all I mean this pearls simply don't have this details when in diamond diamonds u can get exactness till 2.5% yet u will be lost crit. In all garments a similar circumstance I mean if u have for instance 2 details for crit u can get exactness the things what u can Large Moon Lamps For Kids is just 1crit and 1 precision in every fabric, I mean u disclosed to us that like we require 15% precision for saint attacking yet from where we have to discover this stat. So if u have like 15% exactness it's implied that u will llose15% crit and DPS won't change.. perhaps u settle something in this type.