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  1. At that time and moment you guys already used the Legendaries. So now crying again cause of deduction of materials?. Come on people grow up. Ever Mmorpg u know that items will degrade as time goes by. Unbelievable.
  2. How many days delay would that be? @RedPanda
  3. Up for more hidden
  4. Btw, update coming today? Or epic fail?
  5. @RedPanda Many will quit in Au server. I Lost My Guild due to Global Server and Eu Server. Only Few Left in the server. I Highly Suggest about Reset path in Au server might help many players not quitting in Au server and transferring to global due to their wrong build. I hope you support Au server cause its the first server in Crusader Of Light. Dont let this Server Dead. Thanks
  6. i think your lying kernael. 480tunic? wow just wow. is it enhanced forging? o normal forging?
  7. speedhack wtf
  8. yeah i already reported it... i think its your guildmates bewbew..
  9. i didnt see legendary craft other than weapon. have you guys seen legendary armor,pants,boots,helmet from lvl 30 craft?
  10. might better if mods can get straight answer here on how many percent chance to craft legendary item?...
  11. doea everybody know what percent to get legendary in enhanced forging rare blueprint? and epic blueprint?.. is is same percentage epic and rare to get legendary?
  12. but now its been fixed. ele lord can now go top of the rock. before ele lord cant go there. just keep circling at the edge of the rock. stupid
  13. wtf invisible wall r u talking about?. . its just in the top of the rock fuking stupid. the ele lord keep coming in different angle in the rock. so you need to move in the opposite side. stupid
  14. Yeah compensation! and btw, its not players fault. most of the players not using glitch. they just lure the elemental lord on where they cant hit the player. continuesly moving to stay alive. so where is the cheat or glitch there?. players not problem that elemental lord is so slow or cant direct move to player to kill!?. how many hours to kill that elemental lord by continuesly moving! so many silver lost and time to kill that elemental lord!. u just wipe out easily without thinking if thats cheat.