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  1. @TinyDragon My account was frozen for half an hour today with a message saying that it was frozen due to prohibited speed hacking behaviour. I am aggrieved that netease falsely accuses me of speed hacking when I have never used cheating software(nor do I know where to get them or how to use them) for any game and platform. I do not share account whatsover as well. Please put me through to the support team.I want to know how this mess-up occurred.
  2. I once got my 6 casual arena medals by doing a mixture of objectives: successfully registering for a battle for windwhisper survival. and getting 5 and 10 kills in shadowveil assasination(didn't do the 20 kill objective) The next day I tried doing the same thing but was told that I couldn't collect rewards for windwhisper survival because of overlapping rewards.
  3. @elibeli Don't forget swiftness auxillary stars. upgrading and maxing out each tier gives 0.5% crit. Faction gives a ton of crit. 13.5% crit at max iirc. Dps path gives passive crit too. Gems. Just keep forging and hope you get lucky with high crit rolls. You need high base damage to deal higher dps. having just high crit is useless. Base damage comes from guild hunts, faction, as well as passive stats from upgrading both agi and swiftness major stars. You need both stars. the passive stats from those are huge. You also get % based damage from agi star if it is your active star circle. upgrading attack based legendary gear also boosts your damage. craft cheap warrior bps that cost 2 stones for a chance of legendary, which u then break down into legendary essence to upgrade your attack based gear. Start with weapon first. He probably spent real life currency to upgrade though or went for double crit rolls at the expense of base stats/damage/vit/def/sdef.
  4. Don't forget swiftness auxillary stars. upgrading and maxing out each tier gives 0.5% crit. Faction gives a ton of crit. 13.5% crit at max iirc. Dps path gives passive crit too. Gems. Just keep forging and hope you get lucky with high crit rolls.
  5. I got a gracious mega box on my lvl 39 ranger alt(bugged , shouldn't be receiving it at all). At the same time my lvl 55 pala with 20k cr still hasn't received the lod even though it attained 20k cr and lvl 55 before the end of the event.
  6. Next time, do a search on the forums or read the in-game info of the event please.
  7. Dungeon crawlers like col usually follow the same formula, A few dungeon instances, and lot of grinding the same dungeons so that players don't reach the highest raids and have nothing to do. In my opinion, you are either asking the wrong questions or playing the wrong game genre. There are other games out there that give players a sense of progression every few days they log in. E.g. level ups, skill upgrades, class advancements,new mobs to farm, the occasional new raid or two. Not like Col where your level is capped at 55, your skills stay stagnant for a long time, no class advancements,and you do the same dailies to get exp. But that's fine. There are other dungeon crawlers like diablo 3 that revolve around grinding the same dungeons over and over again, until you manage to find equipment that allows you to progress to the next dungeon or difficulty. That's what I mean by wrong game genre. Perhaps you need to find a game that continues to interest you on a daily basis and not have you do the same repetitive activity over a few months until you progress to the next dungeon where you rinse and repeat. I think you are asking the wrong questions when you feel that newer players should be given nerfed dungeons because of the boredom of repetition. If the source of the frustration is repetition, you should be asking for a better progression curve, and asking for more dungeons inbetween difficulties so that players dont feel the repetition of doing the same dungeon over and over again. lvl 55 is not the end-all-be-all in this game. I believe you know that being level 55 does not auto qualify someone for the highest raid, nor should it be a benchmark for deciding whether or not a player deserves the highest end-game content.Newer players shouldnt be demanding to see the toughest and newest raids, even if it takes months to get to that level. I think that applies for ALL MMORPG games, not just col I do not believe nerfing old raids like sky heroic is the answer. All you're accomplishing is short-term gratification. Let's say raid A needs 15k cr and Raid B needs 30k cr. A new player currently has 12k cr. Even if the raid was nerfed to 12k cr for the new player, he would still need to get 30k cr for raid B. This doesn't change anything! So now instead of getting bored of repetition at whatever raid he was doing before the nerf, he gets bored at raid A instead, and stays there for a longer period of time to get to the next raid.
  8. That's a poor argument as there will always be players at different levels of play, no matter what game it is. The players who are doing the highest raids committed a lot more time, effort or money to get to those raids. I've also seen f2p players doing the toughest raids, but those players have been playing a very long time to make up for the lack of money spent. It isn't fair to nerf raids just because someone started late, or can't commit the same time and effort as others to get to that level of play. Even if sky heroic was nerfed again so that 80% of the players can do the raid, you will be stuck in sky heroic longer than you think because of requirements needed to do kothas and core of essence raids. And then people will cry again that 80% of the players can't do kothas and core of essence raids and demand a nerf again, especially with the huge gulf in stats needed to complete those raids. Think about the people who have spent in order to get to that level of play. They spent to save time, but if raids were nerfed to reduce the time spent for non-paying players to zero, then it is a tight slap in the face for spenders and not good for business.
  9. Heroic skyblaze was already nerfed a couple patches ago to make it easier for players to clear heroic skyblaze and unlock level 55. If you still cannot clear heroic skyblaze, it is on you to gear yourself up, not for the game to nerf it to your level.
  10. This is sufficient to get a refund. Be polite, write a nice long explanation detailing that the devs witheld information or made it seem like these gracious megabox were like the path of legend boxes that were actually tradeable. For those on iphone,l would like to let you know that I've gotten a refund before on other mobile games. Here is the site. Make sure your track record is good. Apple is less likely to refund people who have a track record of perpetually refunding items. Do it fast. It is way harder to get refunds once purchases have exceeded a certain time. Again this is experience from other friends who tried to get a refund from another game after duration of purchases exceeded 1 month. Be polite and write a well reasoned argument on why you should get a refund. you're less likely to be refunded if you are rude/sound like a kid yelling for his toys. If you want to make it more convincing, screenshot redpanda's statement that the boxes were the same as the path to legend boxes, which were actually tradeable. Make a case that you were misled and that you bought the boxes between the time this statement was made, and when redpanda made a correction. Make it clear that this wasn't the first time the company had ambiguous wording. Remember the last black friday sale/cyber monday sale? The path of legend boxes had incredibly poor wording and made it seem like there was a chance of legendary when it was actually guaranteed
  11. Is the level 55 giftbox account/character bound? Want to know this before i purchase the 3 month goblin membership @RedPanda
  12. Wow. you could pay 68.98 SGD for a 3 mth gob membership , gift the potions to an alt acct, and get 5 characters to level 55 immediately. On another note, does anyone knows how long to takes to get a character from lvl 1 to 55?
  13. Wow. 5 level boost potions from store or 3 mth goblin membership= 5 level 55 characters = 5x exquisite legendaries... bet its gonna cost a lot
  14. MJ healing is a lot less than shepherd healing. Depending on the damage taken, MJ pb doesn't always heal people to full in hell lords and big team raids, so you run another mystic or you get a pure healer/semi healer You need force of will because it has the highest dps after MJ set-boosted suppression. Normal hits DO NOT do more damage than force of will. Force of will also does more dps than high level mystic galaxy boosted by the secret. Not many MJ mystics will put aurora on their skill bar. Firstly, aoe healing on aurora is only limited to shepherd path. Secondly, there is no space on the 10 skill bar to slot in aurora. You probably want sigil, purification blast, suppression, mystic galaxy, dreadfall, dreadblast and force of will.The other two slots are usually going to be voidwalk to get out of sticky stuations and probably arcane contract for resurrection purposes or arcane shield in the event that you need to shield yourself. The last reason why dps mj mystics do not use aurora shield on the skill bar is because it overlaps with force of will. Whether you like it or not, using force of will activates aurora shield, which puts it into cooldown, making it a worthless skill to have on the skillbar
  15. You're looking at getting a semi-dps that can deal anywhere from 10-30+k dps being replaced by a full healer that does close to 0k dps. That's a lot of dps that you have to add in just to do the same difficulty. Excluding the tank, that dps has to come from the three dps players on the team. That's like an additional 3k-10k dps you need to increase per player. That is a cause of concern, because now you can only do a few difficulties below what you're accustomed to unless you and your mates spend a ton of money. It's a surefire way to kill off interest in the game. A better way would be to reduce or remove aoe healing on non shepherd paths, while reducing the avg dps required to clear the lords. That would increase the relevancy of shepherds, remove the presence of semi healers, while allowing players to retain their current progression. But then again, it doesn't solve situations where pbs from mystics are needed, such as arunas hc and everlush hc. Let's suppose we can find more pure healers to pb( assuming we can find more active pure healers in the first place), the remaining dps have to output a lot more dps since some of the slots originally occupied by mystic dps who pb are replaced with shepherds. Its better to maintain the status quo until you find a solution to such problems. I can't imagine how many will quit or stop spending if netease implements such changes, unless they believe the revenue spent by the top players to meet the increased difficulty of raids/mystica/lords etc will dwarf the loss in revenue. Getting to your point of people skipping phases in raids and side stepping the way content is designed. People do that all the time in mmos. Its called out-gearing content. I see no issue with it since people outgear normal raids and normal heroic raids all the time,and noone gives a hoot if they skip phases. The same applies for normal sky pulrik. If they outgear normal pulrik, then its fine skipping phases. They probably don't need the gear by that time anyway. You can't do anything about high cr guildies wanting to carry their low cr guildies in sky normal anyway. Netease thinks its ok, and that's pretty much why they introduced the assist function in the first place. But think about it this way, if they don't learn the mechanics in sky normal, they are going to have a rough time in sky heroic, unless their guild mates outgear sky heroic again.