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  1. I guess it's a strategy to force players has gear less than 60k to spend $$ to buy good gears. BTW do you have any idea how much USD one need to buy a legendary gear?
  2. I'm playing Paladin too and appreciate auto-play a lot since it saves us a ton of time for doing tedious repetitive tasks. I guess a lot of ppl would leave if no auto-play anymore since no one would like to spend hours on repetitive things.
  3. Thx for the answer. So does it mean as long as I kept low lvl I can just get 300% bonus exp? Then what's the point of leveling up? I saw my talent exp is extremely low like 300 per task too, there's no way to upgrade it to the server level (61 ?), I'm at 31 and it takes around 300k - 400k to just level up to 32, I guess I can't catch up with others in my whole life so probably any new comers should just give up?
  4. I see, thx for the answers
  5. So my server level is 49 while my char level 45, I'm doing daily trail quest with other 4 players (lvl 45,45,46,47). I'm getting about 1/4 of exp I got for yesterday (~5000 per task?) Could someone help to see if it's a bug?
  6. I just installed this game for 2 days and definitely a newbie, so when I reach around lvl 35 and doing a quest (mining or killing monsters), got a red named player coming and killed my char instantly (he's around lvl 46). It happened couple of times and I saw other players got killed too. I'm sure I'm not in an arena. So anyone knows how to avoid this? By turning pvp mode off? Apparently there's no way to defeat someone 10 lvl higher than me alone, and I can't lvl up if kept get killed.
  7. So I just installed this game for 2 days, now it's lvl 35 and everything looks pretty good. When I'm doing the reputation quests today, a player with a RED name came and start killing other players nearby including myself (he's lvl 46 and I'm 35), so there's no sense of battle basically just one shot k.o. And this happens couple of times in just one day which is pretty annoying. I'm wonder if there's any pvp protection or how's the pvp works? Or no punishment for player killer from high lvl to low lvl??