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  1. Welcome to Aalelorn’s guide for closing the gap between you and the top ranking players on your server through proper resource management and absolutely minimal spending. Uninistall.
  2. If you’re a female paladin which the OP is, you activate decision with Torah Sword and just like a woman...don’t make a decision. Wait for the buff timer to wear off. Dont tell everyone the secret to high paladin female dps please.
  3. When I wrote this guide I wasn’t in my proper state of mind. I was very tired and had a long day. So I apologize for what I wrote. I seem to have misspelled uninstall. Other than that still relevant guide.
  4. I don’t think anyone in thundercall has figured it out honestly
  5. There is no admin. There is no forum moderator. There is no hacks. There is no lag. There is no bug. There is no pay to win. Must top up. Must buy shiny new items. Must upgrade. Need more CR. Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainssssssssssssss
  6. What the **** did you even just say at all. Nevermind I watched your video and saw your skill bar and realized you have no idea how to play paladin whatsoever.
  7. Treasure cave. Not released yet. Or it is and patch notes don’t exist and we’ll never know. Kind of how there’s an npc in Yearnstar where you can trade excess guild hunt tokens for other tokens. Patch notes sure sound nice.
  8. You’re looking at this all wrong. It’s about lining up cooldowns better so that EVERY skill on a 10 bar can be on and off cooldown at specific times. As a paladin reducing torah and RS cooldowns aligns then better with judicator buff and allows you to rotate decision between shield and guidance without ever having to “choose” which one. Everyone who bases the math of a cooldown or set in this game in such a simple way is destined to be behind the curve at all times.
  9. If wild missile drops your hp by half then he truly did put NutsOnYaChin bud.
  10. You underestimate the dps gain from those cooldown reductions. Drastically underestimate them.
  11. It’s not an error. Only works with bought crystals. Which is as intended.
  12. They aren’t doing it for silver. They’re doing it for rune levels. If they are in fact doing it for silver they should be banned for being retarded not for bug abuse.
  13. It’s not an exaggeration. With this faction bug it is quite possible to spend the entire day farming faction medals 17 at a time. I’ve seen many players doing over a dozen sets of 17 a day.
  14. There are in fact a minimum of 2 bugs in the Todt boss fight. And I’m not a noob. I do core for fun and to help guildies only because I have no use for any item that drops in core. So yeah. Solid work insulting everyone and sounding like you don’t know anything all at once bud.
  15. You get judicator without Dawn L set. It just has a second judicator on a different timer. Which if you're using the highest possible dps rotation it will often disrupt said rotation. I am 85k sustained dps with my garbage star everywhere and 95-105 in h foundry with good star. And I don't use Dawn L. The highest dps paladin in thundercall and quite possibly north america (120k with his own star, no buffs, no food) also doesn't use Dawn L. Depending on the content you can clear your dps sets should be BT3 Carapace2 Beacon3 Fire3 Missile3 (assuming no BT ring pendant) Beacon 3 being the highest dps set available due to proc rate and multi hit, carapace being one of the top tier melee sets due to double hit from melee range, fire3s large crit and utility as an AoE set for paladins, and missile3 because the buff lines up with judicator almost perfectly. If you're 70% crit you can drop missile3 and swap thunderstorm3 which is VERY good for paladins because we already time our rotations very heavily which makes this set very easy to adapt to. And then dropping fire3 for sword3 when you're H foundry ready.
  16. Don't use Dawn L set at all.
  17. But that’s 1 60 rune every 5 days....
  18. The question isn’t how to get 40m a day with this. The question is what idiot would dismantle 40 gollen a day.
  19. My point is that legendary pvp gear is a luxury item that isn’t worth it. Because pvp in this game is pretty much a joke. You can have the best gear ever with huge stats. But you can’t cast skills every 4 matches. Gg.
  20. Serebus and I partied today for quite a bit and even he remarked that my sword is just barely below A grade 120 legend and mines only a 116 S that I rolled for free. Also I have 60% reduction 45% boost at the moment. And will increase daily still.
  21. Don’t need pvp legends. Just need to know what you’re doing with honor store. Spoiler alert...new gear is almost as good as legendary but free.
  22. You stop playing I’ll continue and have full glyphs in 10 days.
  23. Adding 40 and 50 BP to raids was terrible idea and you all came to forums crying yet you all found a way to enjoy it. Removing 40 and 50 BPs from raids is a terrible idea and you’re all coming to forums crying. I see a trend here.
  24. It will break the economy. You have no idea how amazingly stable the economy is at the moment. And you’d find out the hard way what it can be. When you’re the player who wants a ranger bracelet for 200k and not the normal 1m+ you will cry for free market. Then when you’re the player trying to sell a ranger bracelet for that 1m+ but some random who didn’t know prices or wanted an instant sell cuz idiot makes its value only 200k you’ll regret it.