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  1. Elementalists will be buying essence right and left. Quit your butt rage.
  2. This **** happens every event. Either fire someone or stop doing events. I want at least 1 week a month without a rollback or server reset. I love this game to death and I use to defend y’all from this savage ass community but come on. You guys got your asses kicked by something as simple as daylight savings time. Lucky that no one is here bringing that up. Events activating partially at wrong times for 2 days. Worlds most rookie coders.
  3. Too late. That’s such an unreasonable request. Deal with it. No guild is going to kick 100-150 members.
  4. There’s 35 pages on my sever and I still am able to sell.
  5. You could also farm mystica infinitely. So there's that.
  6. You think it's ring BPs and meteorites we get? More like 120k battle coins and 10k pvp shop honor. And pvp jewelry.
  7. Oh man. Good luck. Enjoy the community “feedback”.
  8. For the new bugs we'll get with next patch? Maybe they'll expand on the daylight savings time bugs. Oh boy I'm so excited!
  9. Did you do foundry boss 1. Or prison boss 1.
  10. Dominant players in dominant guilds will continue to be on top in PvP due to guild battle win rewards. Sorry kids who thought it was fair duel. You're still getting 3v1'd by Templars.
  11. What if every 90 days all your PvE gear was wiped. And you had to regrind. After the DEVELOPERS OFFERED rewards to cash players. This update was terrible. In a game that allows cash for rewards any player with 10k+ should kill a $0 player 100% of the time. If you have an issue with that then don't play any MMO that has a Cash Shop. What this update did was made raid gear obsolete. And on top of that they Nerfed every raid into the ground. Pulrik got nerfed AGAIN. Todt is weaker than Handy Hammer. They released a giant casual content update and rework and turned their backs on the players who financially made this update possible.Z The amount of core players in our guild that are not just talking about quitting but instead ACTUALLY quitting because of this update is terrifying. Whenever forum cryers say a game is dying I laugh at them and troll them. But this is really really bad. The amount of refunds going out this week is immense. Just in Thundercall Forest I can guarantee you in the ballpark of $50k in refunds. On top of nerfing every single piece of high end content to make the game casual...they added a raid that panda and ocho said, and I quote from the live steam "May not be clearable for up to 6 months". So nerf everything currently out to complete ****...and implement impossible raid. This is BAD programming. This is BAD PR. This is BAD. So far every casher who built this game...and understand the CASHERS BUILT THIS GAME. Who put the first 10s of thousands of crystals into rotation? Who allows the crystal market to thrive so the rest of us can make gold? They have now had the developers turn their backs on them. And bar them from expressing the full extent of their power through the grind and cashing that THEY OFFERED TO SAID PLAYERS. They have turned them into high end PvE players only. In legal terms, all of this money can be refunded under false advertisement. Because it was FALSELY ADVERTISED TO THE PLAYER BASE that spending money would provide an advantage over other players. And anyone who likes this fair duel faction update...in 90 days when they reset your gear and wipe faction again, you're gonna be here pissing and moaning just like the rest of us. And if you say well we knew this was possible...you guys know they originally planned survival to be 3 month seasons also? With a full rep wipe. It's still in the survival details. Imagine how that would feel. All your hard work for demi-god for agility circles gone in 1 update. It's going to happen. TL;DR a massive amount of players are ACTUALLY quitting and refunding. They aren't lying. It's not a scare tactic. For once you need to strongly consider the implications of such a royal **** up. If ever there was a content reversal worth doing, this is it.
  12. Zero forum presence for 2 mo this during major community concerns such as warriors needing buffs or serious android issues. But return to bend to the will of every request on forums. Forgive me for defending the decisions already made. Go ahead, make D0 swappable. And keep spamming free legend events. Make all crystals daily login rewards. Nerf every raid. Blindly provide compensation to any complaining player. It’s not my game. I just hang out here. Ignore the forum cryers who want all the hand outs and easy mode. Or don’t. But I assure you if you keep pissing off the players who spend 10s of thousands, you’ll regret it. Negative crystals isn’t a big enough penalty or any at all realistically. They’ll get their money and lives back because you guys want everyone to be max level server path and fully geared in a week.
  13. Probably because they are tired of idiots who can’t reads topics that already state how the legendaries work.
  14. Every time the server crashes half the player base submits false reports of item loss. And then gets it blindly granted. Maybe it’s time for them to take their time granting item refunds. As much as it sucks that this is happening it’s better than you being blindly given 9 level 40 mountains.
  15. No. It wouldn’t be fair to give people the essences. The potion itself is stupid as hell. The trial quest system is how new players can catch up. I would be absolutely pissed if some kid got 800+ rune levels worth of runes on top of insta server level. ESPECIALLY because the level up potions are abuseable anyways. How many more free handout crying forum posts are we gonna get this week? Implement class swap potion. Bar it from being used to become elementalist for 6 months. Which is about how long pallys have been out. After 6 months allow it. Or restrict it solely to the original 3 classes.
  16. Funny that the person saying this isn’t any of the 20k$ rangers in my server. Im very positive netease will be fine.
  17. No they don’t need swap. You must be new and don’t know how old legendaries worked and how you couldn’t swap unless they were exquisites. Stop asking for all this easy mode bull**** and just quit the game already instead of flooding the forums begging for handouts.
  18. Soon there will be many dead roles. Mags being one of them. Verity. Scout. Magellana's. Gladiator. Daylight. Executioner. Forest Guide. Unless there's a monstrous massive overhaul for balancing this is how the game will be in a few months. Teams will be 2Shepherd, 1Tamer, 1Fang, 2Templar, 2Fire Ele, 2 Dawn. For a standard 10 man. The only thing that could prevent this even still would be never adding class change.
  19. Telling the healer main with first blood sam how to heal. Lol.
  20. Weird how there’s a “login issue” smack dab in the middle of guild battle. And only on 1 server? With GMs responding immediately on Facebook? When has that ever been a thing? Our guild was on an undefeated 10 streak and then server goes down and we’re getting a play by play of our 14 people online going against 40+ while the opposing guild spams in world chat “relog for free legendaries”. This is sad. In terms of the guild and the server stability. Thundercall Forest needs a rollback. Or SEVERE compensation.
  21. This isn't an issue. Legendaries are PERMANANT END GAME gears. The fact that they are even equal to exquisites is incredible for F2P. Not long ago you couldn't roll D2-D4 onto them. Yes they are more expensive. Sorry they aren't constantly minimum price anymore. But here's the thing...if they are minimum price, the market is broken and there is no demand. And before you piss and moan. I am FULLY 100% F2P. And in full forged legend minus vambraces at 102 days.
  22. Mobs weren’t on either of us. Were on the mystic inside the orb. Damage decreases on AoE skills more mobs there are. I.E. Reigning sword won’t hit 40k on 5 mobs. But can hit 40k on 1 mob. Granted this warrior has spent 15k. But still his damage burst beats out a 60k$ ranger.
  23. How dare they have a weekly maintenance?