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  1. My point is that legendary pvp gear is a luxury item that isn’t worth it. Because pvp in this game is pretty much a joke. You can have the best gear ever with huge stats. But you can’t cast skills every 4 matches. Gg.
  2. Serebus and I partied today for quite a bit and even he remarked that my sword is just barely below A grade 120 legend and mines only a 116 S that I rolled for free. Also I have 60% reduction 45% boost at the moment. And will increase daily still.
  3. Don’t need pvp legends. Just need to know what you’re doing with honor store. Spoiler alert...new gear is almost as good as legendary but free.
  4. You stop playing I’ll continue and have full glyphs in 10 days.
  5. Adding 40 and 50 BP to raids was terrible idea and you all came to forums crying yet you all found a way to enjoy it. Removing 40 and 50 BPs from raids is a terrible idea and you’re all coming to forums crying. I see a trend here.
  6. It will break the economy. You have no idea how amazingly stable the economy is at the moment. And you’d find out the hard way what it can be. When you’re the player who wants a ranger bracelet for 200k and not the normal 1m+ you will cry for free market. Then when you’re the player trying to sell a ranger bracelet for that 1m+ but some random who didn’t know prices or wanted an instant sell cuz idiot makes its value only 200k you’ll regret it.
  7. If you can’t sell leg essence your server is dead. Essence prices are still fine. Don’t reduce them. It will ruin exquisite market even more than all the free legend events have. Half the people trying to sell them don’t have max attack legends. The other half are just profiting when they do sell cuz finished legends already. The issue is the 10000000 free legends that netease gave out for leveling up that caused a huge back flow in leg essence sales cuz 30 pages for months. End game players don’t use gollen on 180k sashes. Considering a huge portion of end game dps comes from continuing to push runes. And each 40-60 is roughly 200 gollen.
  8. You need assassination rep....for the hugely expansive new shop that’s about to release.
  9. Depends on the value to you. In high end raids sometimes that speed can clutch a win before wipe in progression teams. Or high lords kiting.
  10. What customer support?
  11. Yknow when I saw the notification someone responded I expected a senseless troll who had no idea what end game actually was. But instead someone who understands the way things are and why. What the hell is happening.
  12. Run different raids for 320. Goblint camp is bloods. Ancestral altar is yellows. Which is what people need most.
  13. They are sellable. I am at 600 forges towards the 1k. Both boxes were exquisites. Cape and helm. Sold both.
  14. Don’t need to reduce price. End game players forge legends or buy essence for very specific reasons. Gollens become the most valuable mat in the game after a certain point. Essence remove the need to use mats that are highly valuable and take away the gambling aspect of forging. Some people like myself can make 3 essence from 100k. Others can go a million without seeing a legendary. They sell still. They’re at a good spot. Reducing the price will continue to devalue exquisites even further beyond what they devalued to with all the free legend events and lucky draws.
  15. I’ll let you know in a month how they work out.
  16. I’m saying that people are rolling templar for easier raid clears of higher content where melee dps is less desireable than an off tank. Because a crappy geared templar can get loot at a faster rate than a dps. It will even out again soon. You don’t need insane gear as a templar to put up that dps. You add in some MoLs and dps sets. Because a templar doesn’t need tank sets beyond Badel’s and Light of Justice. Cathedral boss 1 adds a solid paladin specific set bonus and heroic foundry gives us a new ghast mechanic dps set. Melee dps is about to soar.
  17. The warrior buff was far from minor. Dps paladins arent “dying” it’s just that paladins due to monstrous shields and self heals can be main tanks with 40k+ dps. A tank that deals 40k helps better in end game and new content than a 12k dps tank. Paladin tanks offer more overall utility than dps paladins. As path 50 templar I can tank hell lords with hybrids and not shepherds. While putting up 40k dps. Its just like the argument of magellanas vs verity. Verity isn’t useless at all. And in pvp it’s godly. But for general content a Magellana’s dps and off heals is more useful. Every class has a more useful all around path. And then 1 that just isn’t that great. But there’s random tweaks made here and there that’ll change that eventually. Like how forest guide and executioner are suddenly monsters in the meta.
  18. Hi I experienced lag on making 1 level 40 diamond. Can i I please be reimbursed 200 crystal shards. Thank you.
  19. That hurt to read lmao
  20. I have more compass from this bug than you have tissues. I assure you.
  21. Shut up.
  22. It doesn’t add to your direct stats. It’s naked attack only. Unequip ALL your gears. That’s where it decided the decrease and increase. It’s a waste of money.
  23. Don’t remove it lol this is how new players can catch up on exp....
  24. Rocklord sold. New account user doesn’t play very often. Not in new sets.
  25. You keep trying to build a pvp daylight paladin and I’ll keep 3v1ing as templar in “fair duel”.