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  1. You started the quest after you killed Gylfi.
  2. You must not know how to use the auction house. See the way crystals work is people buy them from NetEase and sell to players. Seeing as how there appears to be no end in sight to the available crystals for sale I would have to presume people are buying them.
  3. You didn’t read the announcement at all. Nowhere does it say platforms are being separated. It distinctly says we’re working on the issue and pulled the update causing android issues. Platforms will NEVER be separated. It’s logged in through 3 platforms daily. How many people come to forums dont read anything and scream the sky is falling...
  4. Because that interface you’re viewing only displays your daily talent exp given from the quests on that window. You’ll get 1k from forging 2 Items and some from guild quests. This isn’t a bug. You just aren’t doing trial quests.
  5. This is so incredibly one of the most important fixes right now. This is the one of the largest sources of F2P income in the entire game. Gambling Secret Currency Crystal Chests is how we compete with the cashers. And yet it's now 2-3 weeks unaddressed. This is insane. I'm locked on 1k gold secret reforge chest lucky chest and gold reforge chest. And yet some people are locked on secret currency crystal chests and 10k gold. THE SAME PLAYERS RECEIVING 10K GOLD DAILY NO MATTER WHAT. Which makes me REALLY wonder. If the chests are locked. Are the contents? So if I roll a chest that can give me up to 228 back and I roll 200 and I spent, what? 75 on it? I don't know it's been so long since I've gotten one I forgot. Isn't that crazy. So everyday someone is making 125 x 160 gold on my server plus an additional 10k gold. While I get 1k gold because of YOUR bug. I expect SERIOUS compensation for every player and an apology. When I read the patch notes about "Fixed a bug where sometimes the wrong character was deleted." I could not BELIEVE that that was possible. And that come to find out there is no compensation? Are you kidding me? You think simply recovering the character is good enough? But I'm sure nothing will happen. Because every week you close the servers before one of the biggest yields of EXP and don't think about it or even send compensation. I know this isn't your fault @RedPanda. But this is a serious concern that needs handled with the utmost care and IMMEDIATELY. This isn't just a bug NetEase. You've blocked many of us from a FEATURE of the game. For weeks. You have made it not worthwhile to push my 100 activity daily anymore. I'd rather be lazy about it and dump my stamina in a more relaxed less imminent fashion.
  6. For over a week now my Daily Loot boxes (100 activity 3 goblin chests) have been exactly the same. In each slot. Secret forge bundle, gold forge bundle, lucky bundle. IGN: Aalelorn