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  1. Hello. Where i can to report about a bug? Thanks for helpers.
  2. sure, many times.
  3. Hello. Before 5 days when i got game crash (Androin Phone). And now dosent matter whats i was try do i cant see the names of the chars in the game. Players, Bots, all the chars in the game... What can do? Have some way to fix that? This happend me before 1month but its fized alone after relog and now its not helping.. Server: Asia +9 Nickname: ItzhakAB
  4. I have that problem too... what we can do?
  5. In the middle of the game I noticed that suddenly I do not have GUILD deleted it to me why? And for the second time in four days I have no gifts from the Raids/Team Raids/Mystica sometime Normal and everytime Heroic.
  6. I accidentally opened Guild with a spelling error in the name and I need help changing what to do? I do not have 1980 crystals and I'm not willing to pay it or get another 5 million for a mistake named.. My Guild is "Saysns" in +9 server (Asia). I want this name: "Sayans".
  7. Hey. The problem in the picture (Exp).