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  1. if it will be dead of shut down soon, it would be nice that netease release open free code game to people make his own servers, like Mu or Ro games, i'm not know informatic stuff btw so i dont know how it works. PD: it seems this christmast we still have that halloween screen for god sake hehe.
  2. i think he came from US secret labs, when they make experiments and secret weapons to fight Russians.
  3. same as stony gorge in pvp still inactive... same as a few common manors that are not available yet... and same as some uncomplete set pieces like Maha's set
  4. Removing that it will only make those lv1 tanks more harder to defeat
  5. i just was to saying that is much time till 2018 lol
  6. guild mates had this oya bug in bloody battle
  7. i think its simplier, just lock items by level, so a hero can use items with higher level than him, so a lv1 hero will have all items at lv1
  8. thats kinda buggy, there are very tank rhagavar with lv1
  9. cerberus and oni are ok, they had very low defense and heatlh cedelyon is annoying in pvp but by himself he can kill charon is strong but he is not op, his slow ass, high cooldown, and sometimes target missing get him in balance (almost no one on my server use him on duels) Viscern isnt OP, in old pvp practicaly no one pick him, he begin gets popular for 2 reasons; in pvp turrets hits harder so he can drag you to a turret to get kills, he is practicaly one of the few options to success in duel if you dont want a rhagavar+oma and to counter that Tai is op 3 one kill skills 2 of them with low cooldown and dont miss targets Raghavar is OP he is way to better that other tanks Kagemasa Op same point with rhaga (when people get him chage his rhagavar for him) Oma and Rurik are the most OP thing you can see, totally broke pvp
  10. by the most commons comp teams are in your tier duel, you can build your team selecting counters. Rhagavar+omaus is very popular, it can be countered with viscern or esther and 2 dps viscern/esther teams can be countered with agony/ingvar/reinhard attacking directly; first strike+stun or knock up from your list heroes i will pick agony-ingvar-cedelyon; that two warrior push forward screwing some enemy skills and making high damage in the first seconds, cedelyion can give more sustain to agony cuz sometimes he die fast, so he can heal and do some taunt with his summon
  11. @Gutz42 it depends in wich heroes and his skills Look at your characters sinergy bonus cuz is a little spoiler on how you have to build your hero. Critical is for tai, agony, anya, cerberus, kon kon Speed and basic attack is for reinhardt, vanessa, selene, rasha armor/spell penetration is good for yasha, ingvar, viscern, charon, reinhardt, selene Speed is basically for any one who had strongs basic attacks and weak damage skills. Penetration is almost only to kill hard die tanks like rhagavar plus you get less reflecting damege.
  12. the introduce of rurik to the game makes the half of this guide obsolete. He unbalance and distortion the game making a lot of heroes useless against a rurik team, the only one who had a "revival" is sargon, he now is use on ranked.
  13. i try in duel and she have good damage and more health that others warriors, she also can farm minions a bit fast. still dont try her on duel and mh cause dont have warrior items for her.