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  1. My acc back *____* OMG. Only come back to say = THANKS
  2. Esrun... Every time when u click on the secundary char, the game bugs and return your click to the first char on list. On my case, i click on secudary, wait a few moment to bug and the select goes to the first char. Next, i click more one time on secundary and click "delet" Every steps of the process i certified myself wen the secundary stay opened on background, but my primary Char (without any explanation) has been deleted... now, i'm not play more. Have lose one char with 40k+ Rating. That's sad!
  3. It would be fun if it were not sad! Usually, the games have a time until the char is definitely deleted. I never imagined that could happen. Worse than that, I was just excluding my minor to show my friend how to do it. I went to provide support and I had a huge loss. I had to swallow my tears.
  4. If anyone have one response or any mode to help-me invite to Ty
  5. I click on my secundar char on my account do delete (Char= Argham/ Class= Paladin/ Server= Laverlan Lake UTC-3) anda my main (Char=laaaalaaa) it has been deleted. WHY?! My paladin continues on acc. More one person with this problem?! What do i do now?! Without my main i dont see any sense in continuing playing OMG Pls anyone admin confirm and help?!