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  1. That is absurdly expensive my friend.
  2. There's a trouble shoot thing above the skill bar '' 0 '' Press setting wheel and you'll see trouble shoot , try it out mayb it helps
  3. I started this game for a long investigation and comparing to the other Mobile and PC cross platform games. So far , My disappointments about this game Game always repeats it self in every mission/quest , Which is absolutely boring Its almost like a impossible to craft legendaries anymore , Which is not fair for beginners Poor forum management , Which is disappointing such a huge company cannot even reply your question/problem. Every event is timed , Even i live in the same time zone in my server , I'm working a daily job , i cannot be able to attent events , Time limitations is kinda sucks because there are actually people who works to live... Aldorr Colesium ( 3v3 , 5v5 ) Should be time limited because its a pvp whenever i wanted to join a Colesium match's i always cross by same people mostlikely 2 different partys around , if it was limited time everyone would join the PVP thing it would be much more fun. What i was expecting from COL ; Brilliant story line which is not repeat it self everytime everyday. Bring back Lvl 30 BP's drops like used to be fair and equal as veteran players and beginners to be have hope at least do something. Recurit more forum administration teams who can be able to reply in order to calm everyone down at the forums at least a Moderator. Since there's no answers from any authorities its cause a horrific chaos around here. I wanted to attempt a Event however , Whenever i wanted to attempt which is going to make it easy to finish events , Since there's a limitation of EXP/ Talent EXP's dont worry someone will be waiting for something else it wont cause a problem. Colesium thing, Please set a time limitation for this PVP thing , Cause its a LIVE event and a lot of people should actually attent to get better ranks and etc , i suggest 18,00 to 24,00 because where most of people have a free time to do something , Which will be better for actual PVP's and see different face's around. So, far these are the things i wanted to see and improve in COL. In the other hand, if this game keeps rollin like this , it will be death in no time for sure .
  4. Market prices totally went crazy , Each Lvl 30 BP's costs like 5-6K Gold in my server. No one wants to buy Leafs and Ore's anymore , it doesnt worth to collect them in order to sell it in market. Since no one can afford to buy BP's anymore. Since there's no such a way to farm gold instead of collecting leafs and ore's which is not even worth for farm... What do you want us to do ? I'm still looking for some explonations and whats going to be in the future... Because this current situation its not helping anyone instead of helping them its causing disaster and making me sick of tired from this game.
  5. I wish , we could of set the time line in quest , Because i'm a worker too for some events i never attempt due of working shifts. Its sucks
  6. Thats just sad , im truly upset , we love this game and we wanted to play and being in competition fun and grinding hard its okay , when i see its not going to be fair play to try harder with first starters , no matter how long i try , no matter i do i can't be equal as first players who already loot the blueprints n crafted theirs legendary armors , it seems really unfair and making me upset about playing this game , im still waiting to see some logical explonations and whats going to be, Whoever behind this plan , i recall executive team to respond here to explain at least something.
  7. Hello everyone. I started to play COL not very long time ago , However i used to join Raids and try to hang around with other people lately i was figured out , it was possible to craft legendary armors ( Which is currently best armors ) in the game , Found out the drops located at Raids then best way to obtain them it was crafting. Meanwhile i was joining Raids such as Scar , Goblin Camp etc. gathering resources to craft Legendary items in game. Then suddenly prices went really high for blueprints , in the begining it was totally confusing, Then i heard there's a '' Live Stream '' in twitch. @RedPanda was streaming and answering the questions about new update and etc. He said its not going to available '' Level 30 Blueprints '' anymore. So, I'm asking DEV to answer these questions. How is it going to be possible for me to craft such an item called Legendary , Since there's no drops? How do you expect a player ( Beginner ) Craft these items ? Since its going to be expensive AF If we'll not going to get Lvl 30 BP's anymore , Whom already crafted Legendaries do they remain with armors ? ,If so, Players like me new startes what to do at this point ? I'm looking answers for these questions i lined up below here... Best Regards
  8. it's not going to help transfering your experience to path level in the long term.
  9. I've seen the same video as you saw it earlier , i guess its not possible on FB Gameroom yet, However i wanted to play split bars too..
  10. It was more like a Lets Play stream...
  11. Thanks for support.
  12. Thats exactly what im trying to explain , A lot of us working at late times maybe have a free time at night times...
  13. Thats not the answer that im looking for neither its not solving the huge problem for wasting my time exactly just clicking one button to spend 200 stamina , its just not really helpfull. If you just read the idea you'll understand what i was tryna explain there.
  14. I'm really dissapointed by new announcements , I've been playing with my friends which they were using iphone and i'm android user. Its going to seperate us from playing together in one platform , if this going to happen most likely everyone will quit game eventually , Everyone have their decisions about phones if you seperate them a part it will cause losing a lot of people and its like a tearing a part of COL community, i highly recommend authorities to cancel this idea and prepare better solution such as Main servers and their 1-2-3 Servers which is a same server with different lobbys Since its a MMORPG suppose to play together with a community.Please at least reconsider that ideas many of ppl will dissapointed due of this action. Most likely this game will lose a lot of players.
  15. I put a lot of effort to my current character, Since there's no such a thing to change server with character. I believe i'll stick with my server and friends, However i hope authorities will read this topic and at least add some stuff at night cycle or smth