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  1. If I'm not mistaken , Gracious Mega Box rewards given at before the elemental class release , the rewards from these box was not exquisite , i believe this one may be random drop like %50 chance ex. / %50 chance crafted one.
  2. It should be appear on the left side of the screen where you manage party things , Like little info icon for partying n stuff and people should be able to see the party invivation list something like that.
  3. Agreed it is buggy and takes so long , most common thing is cut it half double the rewards yea
  4. Nothing New, its been a year this problem occur nothing changed
  5. All they care about how we sell more Lucky Tickets with paid crystals .)
  6. Pvp rewards and system totally garbage to me too , i do the same.
  7. Could you guy please post the PATCH NOTES just once before server goes down...
  8. its random I made many times 1st MVP and all i got was silver or some garbage...
  9. Mystic MJ path L set effect worthy
  10. We are looking for new ideas about Trial Quest replacement , If you have something in your mind, Please let us know under below this topic, Thanks. Support always welcomed
  11. We can say that replace it something stackable like trial quest but its like a dungeon which actually requires people to Dodge attacks and fun or just follow but not trial for sure... Also same exact rewards will be given as EXP/ Team Leader Chest etc
  12. Hello everyone ! someone please agree with me about that useless and totally non sense Trial Quest which takes your more than 40min everyday and just watching your screen while doing it , Which has nothing to do with game. yet , its the most efficent way to gain experience, This thing really ruining whole game and fun, Beginner players thinking this is the gameplay following party leader doing some sort of AFK stuff this game clearly needs an improvement and change before you starting to lose that what's left in this game, Please actually DO something about it. Add some content or new dungeons to gain experience just like Goblint Camp etc. If someone not going to do anything about it, This game wont be able to get any new player in this game Whoever new registers this game will think like this is the same game like every other game in the market just put it auto follow and let the game do the rest. This game deserves better than that. All i'm saying please REMOVE that useless and totally non sense stuff.
  13. 50 page Legendary Essence still and i know people trying to sell 1 essence since 6 monts or more. this feels really wasted ...
  14. You could of at least send an announcement before it happens