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  1. this game and bugs its just never gets old
  2. its a ghost town bud for a long time...
  3. This changes everything.... RIP Net ease
  4. Its been ages , i put a topic here about that issue , nothing changed nothing will be... its just a waste
  5. Leather drops at Spiders too in front of Anchester Altar, You can only get 50 per day from any type of mob.
  6. No matter what type item ONLY sold via real world money and people can't get it in game currency its called P2W , it may not effect the gameplay or balance in between F2P or P2W characters but its still called P2W content because F2P players can't have it unless they pay for it
  7. another P2W content , GREAT !
  8. Hello everyone, I started playing this game little over 6 months ago , When things were cool grind was acceptable and to me feels like fair to play. Now i feel like its a huge disappointment just because everyweek and every content involves more and more pay to win content to this game. I wish they sell only cosmetic items with minimal bonus n stuff in order to keep the balance. Sadly this is not a thing we can talk about it anymore. Here we go this week there's going to be a MOL at Lucky Draw and many other things for star circle( These are seriously important items for balance ). On the other hand now there's a thing called Diamond Chests contains gracious mega box which is free legendary inside it. There's a large amount of people who plays this game free to play and mayb if they like too much paying $10 between $50 which was fine but not anymore because no matter how much u grind as a really good player even if you're the best on your class. If you dont have $10,000 to pay for this game. You dont feel like you own something. More you give a chance more you lose eventually , Its really hard to stand against that much p2w content anymore. Here's an example ; When i was at 65k CR people around me was like 70-75k non p2w or small payment accounts . When i try to grind for 70k which is not happening , i'm still at 69k and i'm doing every single dungeon or what matters in this game so far Whoever was at 75k today they almost passed 100k. There's no point how matter you grind its just literally impossible to catch up or competetive with p2w characters in this game anymore. Which is sucks and eventually people will notice that grinding pointless and quit this game aftera all , if you dont feel achieving something in game. its simply pointless to play it anymore. Many friends quit for this unbalanced over powered p2w content. Seems like end of the road really close to me. I started this game with huge potential and hype. Now all im seeing is a company who wants to robb everysingle player who plays this game. what is left its just unncessary for long run this game will be like any other p2w game in the market this just feels sad for such a nice and huge potential game going to be a huge waste... I hope DEV's and company consider this topic as a warning to keep their costumers and players . I hope they will make it more fair for everyone else. Otherwise its just huge disappointment.
  9. Can u explain how do you gather them so fast , mayb something i dont know about it .
  10. Blood Thrist set one of the most usefull sets in game as DPS role. This set not providing any DPS , it gives you CRT %15 which effects your DPS after all
  11. Hello everyone as you all aware of one issue about Alturism Medals , now its changed daily limit 1000 to 1500 , Which is really nice however on the otherside which is really hard to collect them as you all know its only let you collect 500 points from each type of dungeons or quests. Thats just not enough How it should be in order to keep it fair and usefull for everyone Scar Plains : 0/500 ( It must be double rewards in each boss ) current system is only x25 for each which you need to constantly do it x16 times with ppl who haven't done their raids yet. Which is really wasting time and hard to find that much people in game with low level and who haven't finish it , unless you wanted to open up alt bots and get the job done. Scar Plains , suppose to give you Double Rewards x50 medals from each boss. Which will make it fair and can be done w/o alts and quick if we compare it to the player base of the server. Heroic Raids: 0/500 Currently there are 11 Team Raids in this game if we add up Heroic one's Which makes it 22 Raids , with the 500 amount collectable in Team Raids , Its just not enough. The number should be up to 0/1000 or 0/1500 Medals in Team Raids. Lord Invasion : 0/500 with the current player base its just not enough a lot of people in their guilds helping eachother in order to get the job done. When they get done 500/500 they just simply dont wanna help out or people may ignore you most of the time because wasting time. its just pointless to who already done it . Lord Invasion medal collectable rate should be upgraded to 0/1000. Story Quest: 0/500 I personally never seen anyone actually collecting any medals from Story's quests ever. This is the most useless function in this game. I'd like to suggest bring back Agigated Elementals and change Story Quest to only for Agi elementals and upgrade it to 0/750. Or Change it with Normal Heroic Raids Scar Plains, Goblint Camp etc. make it 0/750 @TinyDragon I hope you guys aware of this issue and make it happen in the future.
  12. No more passing gold to another characters , GG friend
  13. Hello , Yesterday i had around 175+ crystals with bound one's , Today i logged in game and i have 77 crystals , meanwhile i did not buy anything with these crystals and they just gone disappeared , i want my crystals back :@ @TinyDragon