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  1. lol, 5hrs for 4 small patch. they got a cool new member for community relations. Hopefully they will get new devs/tech too. Real pros that know what they are doing. Maybe they can borrow some blizz devs
  2. i always wondered why out of the 24 hours they pick guild event time to maintenance lol.
  3. Well.. i was so hyped for elemental class. Then when i try it and has no skill effect sound it literally made me lose all that hype.. The class itself is small lil kid and i dont feel it.. The rest classes are more real looking and this one lil cartoon kid haha. Point is .. This game is a mess. Ppl constant losing items and lack of support.. And just coming to the forums and seeing the neglect and spam etc.. Its all an unorganized mess. No care.. If this was my company id hire someone whos job is strictly to monitor forums always.. Hire better devs that know how to fix and keep bugs at bay.. What amateurs they hired to cs and dev??? Cs sound so unprofessional. I really dont know how hard it is to hire better cs / devs / forum mods.. Are they greedy? Have low budget? What is it? I dont know.. But i lost interest... Wish ocho and red success and the best.. good luck to those who lost gems and legends lol thats some crazy .......
  4. For me when my mage attacks it has NO sound. Feels empty and weak. On the china server vids i hear *gasps* epic shards and fire raining down. Here just auto click...... ele sure feels op hahaha. even on the live stream of its intro with panda it had no sound.. whats going on.... bruh...
  5. the light of dawns received have been lowered to reduce lag sorry for the inconvenience #Life
  6. Support are ppl they hired from over seas to pay them cheap judging by how they reply with poor english lol. (I wouldnt know) but.. least they could do is hire CS with good communication skills real reply: hi, crusader. Thank for contacting us. ...... Please dont worried about that..... It will be a quick response soon.. wtf lol...
  7. lmao, i swear i cant ever remember playing a game that gets more glitched than this one. Hey @Guiness does this game get @Guiness world record on most glitched.
  8. in gift to a friend it was like 1,250 or something crystals.. so id say similar price
  9. so that means the legend can be able to sell? so legends gonna go down in price madly if so. Maybe since new server coming out with steam they kinda gifting legends lol.
  10. that one was pay doe right , not free.
  11. lets see.. hmmm.... when they give free stuffs isnt it usually bound? I think that answers all your questions.. They even made the beginner chest items if u dismantle give less silver than the normal items would from drop / shop (if i remember correct) like the beginner chest mounts and stuff... and if its not bound then prepare to wait 2 more hours extra for maintenance haha
  12. From the beginning you should have speculated it shouldn't be as you think. That would be a really bad idea cuz , lets say 3 ppl have a unidentified legendary on them and they quit the game.. = Never again a legendary will drop lol.. I highly doubt its like that... or even some gets a leg and is a noob and stores it in their warehouse and keeps playing not knowing what they have and forgets about it (casual player).. (many scenarios) pls use common sense .. and to see ppl 'trying' to figure the "theory" about cap items.. MAYBE something like cap items for a amount of time i can see.. like max 4 items unidentified for 30 days in any server.. then it goes into the pool of forgotten if they are stashed for that long and opens way to 4 more new of same type... but again , this is not an idea i can even see implemented .
  13. bugs / optimizations -99% loading bug still around: sometimes when u load up game it stays stuck there and u need to reinstall to fix -UI still needs optimizing : potion location / respawn same spot as attack / 10 skills prolly.... (yet they took time to optimize goblin offers lol ) -Ability to hide all the quests on quest tab would be all the heroic kill quests (more ui optimization and cleaning) -as i mentioned , auto-combat gets bugged to where on follow some skills dont get used... lag....... on big battles is urgent. guild battles / invasion boss / big team raids.... GYLFI IS TOO EASY NOW........ please buff.... j/k ....
  14. on AUTO-combat , healers Arcane Shield and Aurora get bugged and they somehow stop using it and they stop healing members with mystic galaxy suddenly. This happened on my healer before and i had to keep replacing stills until it got fixed but i forgot and changed skills after i fixed it and the bug is back again..... My healer is useless on follow right now . it wont use aurora / arcane shield or heal members with mystic like it always did... Why do they keep releasing updates and not take care of OLD BUGS and then get more piles of bugs ... meh im getting weary of this game ....