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  1. Thing is they do post. How many times ive seen panda post for bug issues go "here". They also already posted in the Executioner post that they are aware and looking into it. They are NOT obligated to keep answering same questions over and over. If some of u are impatient then thats your issue, dont blame them. If u hate it so much stop playing , really.. Could they use more interaction here? Sure, but they are not obligated, that is the truth. They do have an obligation to handle things like top-ups and money things promptly and i seen them reply as: post bug reports "here". I have no idea if they are taking long with actual support tickets that have issues with top ups but if they are then yea thats really bad.. but here on forums, they dont have to keep answering each individual to same questions cuz that person cant use "search" function to find similar posts lol.. But all the suggestions are just that, they dont have to say ay or nay to them... im done trying to speak sense into impatient and sensitive peeps.. really its just a game and FREE.. i can understand ppl raging if they need to pay to play. barf....This forum is lame just ppl complaining all the time. No use coming here anymore..
  2. Not drama , Just advice. You are the one bringing drama with cursing and all lol.. having a bad day? Hopefully the movie can ease your bunched up panties.
  3. Cool story bro. The fact is they are trying to listen to the player base as Gylfi among other things have been fixed. Crystal bug was also fixed etc.. What i have noticed is they take TIME.. to fix things and brainstorm and evaluate things. Not sure if they have a small development team or what. Yes i agree there are things that need fixing but all games do. yes they should be more supportive here on forums but its not their obligation lol. Problem is most ppl now a days whine and cry so much in every mmo / forum ive seen. Either way best thing one can do is play "free" until things are fixed if you are too impatient move on Problem Solved... If you are wasting your time on forums then go do something productive in real life... peace
  4. Q+A on Twitch vs Here on Forum : Firstly , i have seen some games survive with dead / no forums. They did have good support / email help but dead forums. I just wanted to say this to Ocho and Panda. I been watching their Q+A on Twitch and they are fun / helpful / informative and at times funny. And actually answer the questions that ppl are desperately asking here on forums lol. They even answered the questions about support / tickets backing up and legendaries on last stream. There is just ONE problem. They had only like 36 viewers there vs like thousands of viewers on forums lol. I get informed but i feel sorry for the thousands of viewers on forums left clueless. Personally sometimes roaming forums is tiresome so i feel them but is it worth it if it makes players quit / leave cuz this.. i dont know.. Maybe they can appoint / give a job to a "forum mod" specifically focused on doing that work / job... anyway here are their answers for those who didnt watch.. : No Reply From Support / Tickets : Support has been busy and tickets have stack up. They are very backed up. Tickets are taking longer than they would like and they appreciate the patience of u all. They are working on it and constantly talking about this in the office. They are trying to get to your tickets ASAP. Hard to Craft Legends / Only Obtainable From lvl 30 BPS : They are working on this and currently brainstorming it. They are talking about different ways of solving it like you get more legends through lvl 40 blueprints or making it less items required to make a legend. They are working on the challenge so dont worry peeps. They said they are aware of it.. Hopefully this lessens 50% of the new posts here and rage posts . On a side not thanks to Dev for the things they have changed like making Gylfi easier and other things. Guys atleast they are hearing us and making changes unlike some games that dont even care. Give them some credit..
  5. A quote from todays world invasion boss : EvoAceHunter : "this isnt a fight against a boss, this is a fight against lag" .. lol... i swear i thought it was only me i have really good net , latest devices .. i put setting on lowest to test.. and Nope.. still lag... (thundercall server) the lag IS COL fault... im closing my pocket , im done.. wasted alot but i stop spending till things improve, if any.. this game has huge potential and as is i really like it.. but the lag and other things give me proof that something is wrong.. bug / support / lag and the greed i see as they remove lucky ticket / rewards , make it harder with legends.. ... nah .. lol.. they killing their own game... i enjoy the game alot so im staying but not spending anymore. ima be cautious and see all the signs ..
  6. From the beginner helper chest / pack it said only from level 30-39 bps on one of the notes if i remember correct..
  7. I dont know but can they limit the minimum players required from 7 to 3 or 5 please? im not here to wait all day to get a group going. I mean some people can solo scar plains heroics by now lol. So whats the deal with 7 player req. Some ppl dont have time / patience to be all day waiting for a group to be full 7 players. And now its harder to get a team when guilds are keeping it to themselves for the frost hearts. Its starting to become a chore instead of fun begging ppl to join. I really like this game but things like this have made me wanna stop.. i simply dont have patience for it
  8. was it to put resurrection button in the exact same spot of attack..... seriously ... so when u are attacking and die and constantly accidentally res in base when u want to res on the spot ... ROTF
  9. imho , they keep making the game harder and harder for new players. I kinda like the idea of legendaries being semi hard to get as u want it to stay "rare" in a sense and not so easy. But , its so unfair to new players. Those people that purchased so many blueprints so cheap and had time to wait to store up alt meldals to use em. Now for new players they can expect uber scaling of mobs 46+ // hard to find bps // nightmare @gylfi lol // harder mystica now (some had chance to enter when all players were 45ish and got higher gear easier) // and more.. i understand that, admin says "once u hit 55 everything should balance" ok sure but the journey getting there??? its not just about cap level.. dont let it feel like hell to get there for newbies. sure its ok the time it takes but they must suffer low cr and low items and lack of legend until then? They know they need to fix these things.. thats why in some other posts they said "wait till everyone is 55 so we can assess the issue better". i mean heck, it be nice for a "new player" to have a way to get atleast ONE legendary "NON-weapon" to feel happy and ok" but dang haha. i have a clannie that he played since 5-6month ago and still has no legendary lol.. But tbh legendary is not that big of issue to have now as the lvl items from mystica and 55 are pretty strong to match a low level legend. lets just wait for server to hit 55 and them to see how player base looks for new players.. if new players keep leaving they will know that they need to change things up for new players. simple as that.... dont let the gap of old / new player so big, its so discouraging to go mine crystal and get one shot by a 60k rating. and u are what 25k average new player rating? after few week. i know one game that the gap of old vs new player IS SOOOO huge that the game died out LOL.. its actually a known game.. the game is just run by "old" rich players that have kept the game going...(new players see it impossible to catch up to a year + to get what max players have so end up leaving) but not all games have this fate... Note to developers: The game currently is in a trial stage. sure. but please be careful and think so much about new players as they will be the life of the game. in creating content dont keep making content high level player friendly only and buffing old players even more and leave new player in the dust. Game is not in a critical place now but be careful on future game design in this sense. right now u have ppl with legend around 320 grade all happy and dandy pking noobies.. man...... and high gems etc.. but new players what? gonna have to wait some weeks / even month to get gem and even harder now to get legend.... so yea guys, with new content BALANCE / make it fair on new players... keep this in mind..
  10. my whole guild was lagging on todays battle.. and this is like the third time it has happened. We go out to battle and once we reach cannon/opponent the whole screen freezes up........
  11. i started about 2 weeks ago and after i spent more than $100.00 usd or so i started getting no $1 offers anymore. is this intended? I mean , i topped a few $1 and many $10 ones, now i have $4 or so left and wanna use it up before i top again.... i know some games give the teaser $1 offers and after u do a few change it up.. anyway if this is not intended please fix. (on a side note, if u can easily implement "renaming" warehouse tabs.. that be cool haha)
  12. i hope u have tried the most common approach and fix to "uninstall" everything and re-download lol.. uninstall / restart pc. then try fresh everything. Hope this helps. (nvm , sorry missed a post where u redownloaded.)
  13. re-logging didnt fix this but closing and restarting app fixed the issue...
  14. hey after yesterday maintenance my item mall is gone , like the page is blank. i cant use lucky draw or anything on all 3 of my devices and (SOME) of my guild members also have this issue.. the bugs are real this patch/update.