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  1. I've had to contact support a couple times, and always included my ign, server name, account #, and I've never had a problem. Then again, most of my support tickets were relating to glitches in the game, and other in game issues.
  2. Yea I'm sure cussing at them is going to make it go any quicker..
  3. Speak with a guy named kOSh on the laverlan lakes server, he will help you out with everything you need about crying because you got banned.
  4. If you are looking for achievements then switch factions.
  5. I wonder if you can run COL on steam and facebook game room at same time on 2 different accounts.
  6. I have no idea what i lost and was compensated 2.5k gold, thanks netease!
  7. Hi should a dps mage focus on intellect?
  8. Hey so i started a group on Steam called The Crusaders of Light Add my steamID: ghostalphas Just search it and join! Once this starts up there will be bi-weekly contests! A chance to win a digital copy of a game on steam! Stay tuned. =)
  9. Yea thats true, alot of players want that 'glow' that th divine helm/tunic&pants give.
  10. A function that shows who your best friend is, and who your enemy is. Green being your friend And red being your enemy.
  11. The only loot boxes worth investing in are the ones that are free, the dragon egg costing 3 butter beers is a good one because you can get those butter beers by the daily proph chests,and i think the karnavale chest also. Cosmetics, try just doing transmog, the basic sets will give you stat bonuses, and eventually you can get to the legend set. It always helped me to set goals, so first thing I wanted was the divine set, and once I got it, i was able to play around with it a bit until i got better sets. You can get the divine sets by exchanging flowrs of tornninas, honorpoints and faction medals. Just a reminder they are really expensive to identify once you get them. :]
  12. Theres been a few times where I will be chasing someone down on foot (they are on a mount), and when I finally catch up to them they are hiding up in a tree, and I am unable to get to them. They dismount, and now they are able to attack me, and I am unable to attack them!!
  13. Faction change would be cool to get those achievement points.