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  1. I would like to volunteer my services in helping anyone on Lavern Lakes server. Raids,Heroic raids, team raids, gyfil, anything and everything. Hell, even if u want to just shoot the ****. Message me: Snizzle Or Phr Cheers
  2. So when people say 2,3 , and 1,3, 3,3, 2,2 pretty much that means like 1st,2nd,3rd row, 1st,2nd,3rd row correct? This probably makes zero sense,but every time i join a pulrik people are all like 1-3, or 2,3
  3. mingming take aggro! Mingming!!
  4. I havnt made a new toon in a while, maybe the people at CoL could include some type of newbie package(for free) to help players with gear at like lvl 45(since now it only takes a few days to get there.
  5. What current set's do you use on your ranger?
  6. The cool thing with gems is you will always get better ones down the road, Besides your attack lvl 40 diamonds u also want to include lvl40 rare raystones in the mix, it can get costly. Well worth it, then later down the road you can turn those into a lvl40 raystone diamond, then fill those other spots with lvl40 rare raystones. Thats a lot of silver there,so dont expect to do this over night. I have split rare lvl40 riverheart and jadestone in all the spots,(1 in each, like half and half).
  7. U cant even forge the lvl 50 blueprints right now anyway,(besides the accesories?)
  8. Start a gofundme page, just mention that you want to fufill your dreams of becoming a boy, or girl. You will make them crystals in no time my friend.
  9. I am rerolling from shepherd to mags and i think the game hates me changing because ive been rolling the same shepherd set or something lower. =(
  10. Yea just look around the spawn point. Usually they are out frolicking around.
  11. I work a 3rd shift job and pretty much the times I game are from 9pm-11:am(the next day),so i am asleep most of the day and miss a lot of stuff. So i try and catch up on my days off.
  12. What do you mean where is your account? Did you do something like re-install the game, or choose another way(via fb/smart device) to play? Details please.