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  1. Shepherds are most neglected pvp class from my experience. You cannot keep up/out heal with any type of dps class no matter what. (This is based of a PURE shephard and not hybrid 19k dps) Few examples: Ranger @30k gs vs shepherd @40k gs = Ranger uses relentless. He has already eaten through your shield, aurora and mystic galaxy before relentless is even finished. Magellana @40k gs vs shepherd @ 40k gs = Magellanas burst and dreadfall enough to ko you instantly with shield on. Warrior (any) @45k gs vs Shepherd @40k gs = You cannot heal for close to half the damage you receive. You will die quite fast. I like PvP but I have 0 reasons to actually take part in any pvp content. There is no shepherd pvp gear at all for one. Whats the point of just getting insta gibbed without being able to put up a fair fight? Yes shepherds shouldnt be a tank killing, ranger ganking, hybrid dps killing machine. But their is 0 love given for us in PvP. Latest updates have all been PvP. Thats fine. But at least make all classes useful in PvP.
  2. You have to understand this is a mobile/pc mmo and not a pc/console mmo. Letting 100,000 people + on to just 1 server is hardcore to say the least. Imagine peak time. The server strain would be so intense that the game would regularly experience server outages and such.. Not to mention the lag. Oh god the lag will be insane. 100,000 people log in and BAM! World Quiz starts. No ty.
  3. 1. Nope 2. Maybe? Havent really tested this. Maybe someome else can comfirm.
  4. I could be wrong. But i think you get 1 level for every 3 you open. Warehouse 1-3 = level 1 4-6 = level 2 7-9 = level 3
  5. Heal% is also nice to invest in from diamonds as healer.
  6. The issue is some believe that ele lords after N3 are the game changer because shepherds cant participate and only dps can. Shepherds will always be in demand for hc team raids.
  7. So could we have the 1-5 Regallian stones removed from this chest loot table please? The Karen Chest is very unique in that you cannot buy it and you only get 1 chest a day. We can get the regallian stones from pretty much everything now. Not asking for a complete overhaul on the loot table. Just change the 1-5 reg stones to something that could actually be useful to people. Something like 1-3 random forge stones in place for the 1-5 reg stones. Keep the +20 and +50 stones in as they are still quite a unique find. But 1 stone is just to laughable. We spend 2 hours a day for the chest to receive 1-5 stones more often than not. (Ill take a stab in the dark and stay the % drop for the 1-5 is very high, seems like 85%+ chance for 1-5 stones.). Please consider this.
  8. @Astral Was just amusing myself.. To regards to your post.. Sometimes this does happen with me.. I find that pressing the skill just once before it has completed reset is a sort of work around to avoid your issue. (Literally press the skill once a half second before it has reset). Hardly ever see the "Invisible Cooldown" myself now. Does need to be looked into though.
  9. I think the issue is your not doing 19k dps.
  10. No. You probably got more gem compensation than me so you can test
  11. Fabled rumour #69: Dismantling a lvl 20,40,30 sparkling diamond and then 20 lvl 40 heart of sea (in that order) rewards you with a random amount of Mountain of Lights and 150mil in silver compensation.
  12. You dismantle useless gear for silver and rune essences. Only gear you can sell is unidentified legendarys.
  13. Also... If the compensation is based of our activity for the bugged days and we got back basically what we forged/embeded and removed. Im pretty sure some are dupers due to the refunds they get. (The bug was with us for 5 days without a fix). So if someone managed to somehow make 25+ mountains of light or 100+ purple lvl 40s or even 70+ spark diamonds during the 5 day period. They basically got the exact same back in refunds???? Sounds suspisious no? Even the top up rewards do not give you such an insane power gap.... Also saw a SS of someone getting 40 lvl 40s mountain of light with other stuf.... Just to note i did get compensated but nothing that damaged myself or my server. I never jumped to top 100 at all. I got back pretty much what i made and forged together in that 5 days. Their is definetely gem dupers out there that are laughing at this company unfortunately.
  14. Not much they can really do about this. Options are severely limited. 1. Server Rollback. Yeah that wont happen, to much hassle messing with the database. 2. Bring Servers Offline. Seems the most logical but also the most damaging to both the player and company. 3. Remove all compensated gems and give a flat compensation for all. Is the easiest but some crybabys will still moan that they spent more and got the same as a f2p. 4. Make Gems obsolete/downgrade their potency. Hmmm.. 5. Increase the base values for all pve content to at least somewhat match the players op'ness. 6. Same as #5 but for pvp. Also guys. Stop giving RedPanda hard time. He isnt a dev, just community support. (He hears our issues are sends them to devs. He has actual no influence or control over bugs and rewarding compensation. He merely suggests). Cut him some slack
  15. Agreed. The compensation rollout is bugged. Didnt send a ticket in because I didnt lose any diamonds. Logged on to find a compensation mail with 730 reg stones inside.
  16. Only 2 heroic raids open per week. Its currently Scar Plains and Ancestral Alter Heroic that is open. They will reset tonight to something else.
  17. Its fine how it is. Loot 1 or the other. Would very much like to see Team Raids also be reset twice a week like normal heroics. Many of us old players are genuinely getting bored and frustrated with the 6 days repetitiveness of dailies whilst we wait for a team raid reset. (Obviously dont make all team raids lootable twice a week. Just Chim and Lush. Skyblaze, Ash and Fort are fine as it is.)
  18. @RedPanda Is their any way to 'force' the game client to read and execute the 2 data files if they get moved to an sd card? Files at : Android/obb And Android/Data/col data files. Currently. If i move these 2 files to my sd card that is installed on same device as col is in the internal storage. The 2 files will not be read at all by the .apk client. Instead it starts to redownload all assets and the obb file again to my internal storage. Is it not possble to read and execute the files if they are located on an sd card instead of storage?
  19. So Champions trials was removed. No more 2x free lucky tickets. Fine with me. Except the description in the lucky draw menu clearly states you can spend 5000 gold to buy a silver chest and receive 1 lucky ticket attempt. Where do we purchase this? I did not find anything in any of the shops. Cant seem to insert the image but here you go. https://i.imgur.com/fTq9OG7_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium
  20. I think the tickets we got are compensation for the delayed compensation that is still coming. (Unless i totally misunderstood the GM Mail)