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  1. Kind of understand the reasoning behind the week extra wait for android Can't find the post, but I think someone mentioned that because Android is open source, their is increase in vulnerability chance. So the extra week for android is so the devs can patch all the *known* backdoor routes into the game data so their isn't a mod released within a week of global launch. This not guarantee, just an assumption.
  2. Yeah gotta agree, really unfair to android users. In 1 week, we will be level 1 whilst others will be already at 40 by then. They will get first opportunity for everything. Especially "first kill" achievements and stuff. Really hope you reconsider the launch dates
  3. If any information, I would guess it is on the Chinese forums not this one.
  4. Time. That is all you need, dedication and time. I would have quit by now if I could reach end game and fully gear my char in such a small time. I get your mad for 500+ crafts without legendary. I'm not far behind that myself. My whole raid career consists of blues and greens, only ever received 3 purples. Had few purples with forge without anything special. But what would be the point of playing if you can get a legend within 10 crafts or whatever, is why the RNG system is needed IMO. Developers did increase the chance rate of obtaining, if not a big increase, it's still something that other mmorpg simply wouldn't do. On a side note: If willing to spend 100's of K of gold on forging BP and the stuff needed, wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy LoE for your legend gear?
  5. I imagine the forge rate for a legendary is very small, maybe <5%. Then on the chance you do get legend, even smaller chance of getting a good rating (SS - A). Seen around 20 legends being crafted from the lvl 30 BP, yet to see an SS or S class legendary one yet. Keep at it
  6. Hope you get this sorted, shame to see legitimate players being affected by the ban wave. Too many butthurt young players in the game, I guess they are mostly pvpers.. Been threatened myself to be reported for "speed hacking a mount" (Just to clarify; I used the 25% speed boost rare book). Hopefully NetEase can notice the difference between legitimately obtaining stuff to not getting them legit. (Not at stab at NetEase, you guys doing great job so far).
  7. This. Would the devs consider implementing a "Tickbox" option into settings for Invites? Basically: Can accept invites from: A: Anyone B: Friends C: Guild D: Do not accept team invites
  8. There is a couple of hacks/mods out there it seems after digging around, seen so far: ***** Please don't let this game be taken over and overrun with these - If you have information, please send it to myself or RedPanda directly - Ocho
  9. Unsure why the need for a nerf, They was never 'hard' raids to begin with. Very easy once you learn the boss attack patterns, and you can time your aoe heals also. Finished both with a 9k hp mystic (excluding everlush lb, bunch of noobs), In fairness the only difficult boss at current is the crystagon dragon boss with the 4x 2-4k pulse aoe. Which is good, if team raids was easy, then why bother getting 20+ people to raid it. I hope NetEase really consider reverting these changes as they are not useful, and instead just catering to the crybabys that have no dps/hp/game knowledge. Make team raids matter again please! Read somewhere that Fort Deso may be changing to a 24 hour open team raid; This is great, but please only have normal open 24 hours so beginners to Team raids can actually (hopefully if they listen and watch chat, which many don't),(NO F!#!?ING WOLF PLEASE!!!!!) learn how to raid efficiently. (Don't have heroic open 24 hours tho, pointless). Biggest downside with team raids at the minute is communication.
  10. Glad to see action is being taken for the dupers / exploiters now and not when Global gets released.
  11. Please consider making magmorter guy more disciplined (FB gob raid) https://i.imgur.com/51oQORK_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=high
  12. Sorry, forgot to clarify, for the proc to activate (a chance to), it will have a certain property like "Onhit%procchance" so would only have :(example: on enemy hit =5% chance to activate shield buff for X seconds)... This is what a proc is.
  13. Proc simply means ; % chance of a buff/skill affecting you/mob/enemy
  14. Hi all, I just hit lvl 45 today. I would like to know, what should I focus on? Silver, Gold, Talent Xp, Rating? Rep Quests: Currently I am focused on Trial Quest 20 / Thundercall Q and A / Lunarian/ And the one just before Lunarian (forgot the name). (I already do the Irritating elements and that from daily events) Raids: Doing 4x Normal Goblin Raid and 1x of the other 3 (Normal difficulty). I do heroic whenever I can aswell. Still learning the team raids but I do attempt them. Also do events as often as possible. I use stamina ofc for mining. My current rough stats: Hp: 8900 Mana: 11.5K Talent level (Shep): 36 Rating: 18750 ish Should I focus on obtaining at least 10k HP with the gems and runes before anything? What should I prioritze? Any help is very much appreciated. Ps: I had a look around and couldn't find any sort of 'end game guide'.
  15. So.. In a nutshell: The final boss of Scar Plains Heroic has an attack called 'Manaflame Rain'. Has anyone ever noticed that when the boss does this attack that it sometimes 1 shots an entire team of 45 even though no one is in the red circles? Seems to happen not all the time but it does happen. Even being relatively far away from the red circles you still sometimes take damage aswell. (I was told that if a few people are stood inside the red circles then the whole team takes damage?), But when no one is in the red circles, we get 1 hitted?
  16. Can't seem to edit last post... If you still believe that what you are doing is legit and can be accepted as 'kiting'. Take a look at how kiting is actually done without glitches, bugs, exploits! The proper way, not sticking a mob to a spot.
  17. Your language is atrocious.. Side note: I don't think you entirely understand what an exploit actually is.. Lemme dumb it down for you in steps: 1. Luring a mob to a certain spot is fine. 1a: Unless you are luring to a FGMO (Fixed game Map object) 1b: Making such mob stick to the FGMO so you avoid taking damage IS an exploit. 2: Openly giving a "tutorial" on how the exploit works/is done, is just beyond stupid. 3. You should really restrain yourself with the inappropriate language seriously... 4. Please stop giving the same lame argument every post. Accept the fact you abused the system. Rant over..
  18. Make sure to feed and bath your gremlin after midnight aswell!
  19. Yes it is. If a game company is unwilling to take action against a player for obviously exploiting a bug, then that shows that the company is willing (to a certain degree) to not punish you for abusing game mechanics and that shows that the game devs do not care about the people that exploited and be unwilling to take action against them. This is very bad in the long haul as it is basically saying: "Oh, you exploited a game mechanic to gain an advantage over everyone else but we won't remove the items and achievements you gained through the exploit." So yes, even if it was just 20 people and not 200. An exploit is an exploit, all those that did it should be punished.
  20. No issues here except sometimes a little lag in the main city (can't remember name but it's where you forge, start trial quest etc). Also did a little test with a 350mb (in free ram) old phone. With the settings set at: 1. Hide Players option is ON. (I turn off in certain raids with only a 3-4 drop in fps.) 2. Graphics setting is at 'smooth' not power saver. 3. Visible players set to 0 (Even set at 0, if you are in a raid, event and you turn the Hide Players option off, it will show the current players in the current team, unsure if a bug or intended but meh) 4. Player Names ON I get no lag in anything. Any raid, even 40x40 their is no lag issues. So it seems this game has a nice safe minimum and maximum spec requirements.
  21. Haven't done this glitch / abuse myself, but it does need to go. As regards to removing / banning the players / items involved, unless NetEase take their in game security seriously, I imagine they would only be able to track the abusers for a limited time instead of hoarding millions of console logs 24/7. If they are not willing to take action against the buggers because their logs won't show them that far back. Then they are severely limited to what they can do. Either: Do a full server reset (This is a last resort I would imagine if the abuse spreads to 70% + of the playerbase), or, fix the bug itself. (Easier said than done believe me), (They could potentially do a quick or 'botch' fix to the terrain issue, but this can potentially spawn other bugs and exploits somewhere else in the game). I would request that you consider adding a "tracker" (server side) for the items. This way, each time an item is gained, deleted, earned, bought, sold. It will come with its own unique hidden itemID that can be traced back to its source route. (This isn't impossible, just takes dedication to implement). With this: If I'm glitching / abusing certain spawns / mobs for their rarest loot that shouldn't be possible for any character in the current game state, (Basically farming the currently unfarmable using exploits), then this is traceable from the player to the host that the item began already. Before someone says that EVERY item in game is obtainable legit. I guarantee you it isn't. A simple solution using my tracker system would be to add unique values to the rarest of items (The gollum Iron for one, among other things) so that if these suddenly hit circulation in a large amount or being sold for well under the average price. You can ultimately, retrace that item back to its source (using the uniqueID you assigned to it) and 'follow' that item through from the source to the current occupier of that item. Ps: Many may not understand what I'm going on about, but for those few who do, I'm happy to hear any alternative legitimate ways that this could be stopped.
  22. As a player from outside the soft launched countries, I would like to throw just 1 or 2 suggestions your way.. 1. Events: I am enjoying the events very much, however, I would love to see some sort of event from the hours of 00:00 AM - 06:00 AM (AUS server time), could you think about cycling an event or two for these hours? 2. Raids: From my experience, raids need to have a "Custom rules" option. Basically, We (as the players) can specify what rules (limited ofc) we would want in our raid. An example: Give us an option to allow/disallow Follow/AFK mode please (Just for the raids). 3. The Experience: I don't have any issues with the way we earn exp; But for those who can't dedicate hours a day. Could we get the dailys to run over and stack to the next day? Example: I do 13 Trial Quests, 1 Element Leader quest and 2 Normal elements a day; That's 7 trial quests, 1 element leader and 2 normal elements remaining to complete. Make the remaining stack to the next day, so I would get in essence, 27 trial quests, 3 Element Leaders, and 6 Normal element quests for the next day. This does not gain anyone an advantage but rather it gives the possibility to at least not waste valuable exp you would lose because you don't have 3 hours+ to dedicate a day.
  23. Thank you all for the information.
  24. This isn't about guild auction. How do I put my Courage Medals for open auction? I see them selling for 10k gold + daily but I don't know how to put them up for auction myself. Any help appreciated.