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  1. Gotta wait for the daily server reset if you come across the "You are brutally exhausted from to many raids" message.
  2. Should only have 1 proper tank in any raid. DPS ExE warriors shouldn't have chains in their rotation. Good feedback though.. ^ this. Cannot begin to explain how infuriating this is. Especially if you apply to a team where the leader is afk.. 25 minutes later, your in the middle of farming gold/rep/whatever.. That team you applied for 30 minutes ago auto accepts you and poof your gone.
  3. Not in the faction shop
  4. Quick example as busy.. Buy Gollem Cast Iron from faction shop and donate. Get 6k rep points there.
  5. Donations are fine. Can get thousands very easily every day with certain items.
  6. Ok guys. When you give me your Discord name. Please make sure that your Discord setting allows non friends to direct message you. Otherwise I will not be able to contact you and I will be hit with the following message: "Your message could not be delivered because you don't share a server with the recipient or you disabled direct messages on your shared server, recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends, or you were blocked by the recipient." Thanks again! Entered. Entered. Found you. Entered. Can you please give me the correct name? Thanks!
  7. Hi guys! With 7 days left until the pre register rewards will be expired, I've decided to "raffle" away my own pre beta code. Rules and Information: Competition open ONLY to those who did not pre register! Must have discord (so the winner can be contacted directly) Only 1 Entry per person This will be open for 4-5 days, with the winner being contacted on the final day of the competition. (You should have at least 1-2 days to activate the code). No spammers How to Enter: Simply reply to this forum post with "Me W4nts dat L33t C0de Nao!!! " Remember: Discord is required. Either be in the main community discord channel or have me added on discord. Main Community Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/63bfb5J *Note: Please include your Discord Name with your entry so I can add the name to the lottery list.
  8. Same with this one. Please try to add me at: Farissa #8031
  9. That name doesn't exist. Can you try adding me instead. That name doesn't exist. Can you try adding me instead.
  10. Can't physically change the colour I'm afraid, it changes depending on the equipment you wear.
  11. **Note 2: IF for some reason your unable to post on NetEase forums because of a device restriction or whatever. You can still enter Exactly the same as before, but instead of replying to this thread, Direct Message me on Discord please with the same response as you would if you posted in here. Direct contact name for discord: Farissa #8031 Thanks again people and best of luck!!
  12. They are used to upgrade rune skills from lvl 20+ (the rune level has to be 20)
  13. Going to make this and keep it open for people to post their own issues and solutions: Current Issues: Q) My app randomly closes after installing the latest update, why? A) It seems to only be affecting android currently. Their is 2 possible fixes. Either reinstall the game, or clear the cache and game data completely and redo all the updates. #####PLACEHOLDER FOR MORE####
  14. Whilst we are at it. Disable the goblin chest pop up from appearing in the middle of a team raid boss fight. You have to stop doing what you was doing to open the pop up just to close it and remove the message off screen. Valuable waste of 10-15 seconds right there.
  15. Do the daily battlefield pvp mode for the battle rep.
  16. Absolutely 100% agree the player needs to learn mechanics. Heh, many still need to learn to avoid the red circles still. But hey, 1 step at a time
  17. CC is only hard if beginners. It was more aimed at the "noobs" rather than the "vets". I wouldn't be at all suprised if a big chunk of the population doesn't know how to use the switch target button.
  18. Just means you did the raid faster than 91.2% of current game population. And it was your first kill.
  19. Make "assist" more of a thing in team raids :). Eg: 1 person selected as the crowd control and an assist button appears somewhere around the top of screen. Each time we tap it inside the raid, it automatically targets the current fighting target of the 1 person who was chosen to be the crowd controller. This makes coordination on stuff like the orbs and the adds from skyblaze and such much much easier because assisting in team raids is just pure luck at the minute.
  20. This won't happen. Market has been made specifically against trading gold with your own characters. It is theoretically possible. But the chances are very very low that you will find the item you put up for sale on one char to the other. If was possible, then the smart cookies would already have 12mil gold +
  21. Basically allows the user to activate and use a skill within a 0.0001 second timeframe (not accurate just an idea). Effectively maximises your dps to insane levels. Bots like this shouldn't be welcome. Takes the fun completely out of the game. It's almost as bad as multiboxing 6 chars at once
  22. Gold is hard to get for a reason. Prevents (to a degree) gold farmers from hoarding 10s of Bil of gold to completely buy off the player market (Not auction house) so they can resell everything at a higher price. Economy is still in the early days. The current prices WILL change. You also don't have to buy the 250k gold equipment from team raids. You have small chance of getting a piece from the boss without paying a dime.
  23. Of course shepherds are needed for team pvp not so much for solo pvp but nothing wrong with it. Verity spirit is a pvp path, but atm it has no real significant advantage to pvp compared to the other mage paths.
  24. Actually, you can outheal in PvP very easily. Just gotta learn a good rotation and when to use your potion on time. With enough practice, you can successfully tank a 1vs 2/3 and keep healed through it. Ofc equipment plays a part. But keep practicing. Agree that you should you get a "Heal Bonus Score" for healing in battlefield but only if the person you heal survives and gets the kill. Can't do anything about people leaving except form 2 full teams for both sides. Gives less chance of rage quitters. Don't need auto to heal in battlefield.