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  1. My bad i missread completely.
  2. Spell def i find was needed for any paladin path except tank path.. Higher spell def = less damage received from boss AoE (very useful) If tank path then go P.Def cas you will be taking hits and spam healed.
  3. instead of updating character animation for mage warrior and ranger. The servers need to be improved. 40 man lag is unreal in raids and guild hunt.. Improving animations will undoubtedbly make things that much worse than what they already are. Everyone already getting intense server lag from all of the above. Even with optimal settings on (low quality / Hide all players / max visible players on screen = 0/ Sound effects and music off / Auto voice playback disabled); anything that requires 20+ people gives of some mass lag... (Heard a rumor that even the new Razer phone can not run a 40 man team raid on "medium" settings without server lag).. Please improve server quality before giving more useless (imo) updates which is making the game much more unstable. Heh. Im still suprised we cannot hide all effects in game from the environment to the animated background inside raids. Little changes like this will improve the server quality massively. Opening ash fort and fort deso to 24 hours would also help with the server strain. Time lock = Intense server stress from all servers when the raid opens at 6 because at least 90% of people from each and every server will be doing these as soon as they open.
  4. Only 2 normal heroic dungeons open a week. So only Scar heroic and Ancestral alter heroic are open atm. And for the "Impending Darkness" sub quest line where it tells you to go to Sardar Highland; It doesnt exist. It is the next stage of the main quest that has yet to be implemented in game. (Unless it has been ninja patched in without an announcement.)
  5. Yes it is only temporary. (If you are referring to the "bronze, silver and gold buckets" that you unlock from 100 activity points.
  6. Means you spent 0 / $10 / €10 / £10 (whatever currency you use..)
  7. Kothas Foundry was briefly introduced on the October 25th patch as a "Hidden Raid". You had to explore map to find it but it was impossible to kill. Its since been removed but at least we know whats incoming for us
  8. Because android needs a client update. All androids updates since release have been through the game and not the app store. For the upload picture to work for android users. Devs first need to release a client update which forces android to update through the market and not in game update.
  9. Ofc it is. You still have to farm/grind/camp the gold to get the leaves. 25k gold doesnt just fall into your lap for being afk and non productive (unless you want to make 25k a week+) then gl to you.
  10. 3 normal dungeons per 24 hours (Scar normal. Dire etc) Heroic Scar Dire etc resets every Monday and Friday and you can only loot these once per reset. You can only loot the team raids once per reset. (Every friday) If you clear for example: Normal Chimeria first and last boss. You will not get any loot from Heroic Chimeria. (Same goes with Everlush and Skyblaze) Other team raids such as Fort Deso and Ash fort. You can loot both Normal and Heroics once per reset. (Every friday) Team Raids reset every Friday. Hope this cleared it up for you
  11. The raid exhaustion is for the normal dungeon only. You can raid them 3 times then you will only get medals for a bit. Can do Team Raid for loot aslong as you havent got the "First Kill" tag on the raid otherwise you gotta wait for them to reset
  12. I am from UK. Since global release. I was always 1hour ahead of the servers time. When our clocks went back an hour. The server clock should have also gone back an hour? Instead it is unchanged and now im at the same server time. Before DST Current UK time: 16:19 PM Current Server Time: 15:19 PM After DST Current UK time: 16:19 PM Current Server Time: 16:19 PM Shouldnt the new server time be 15:19?
  13. Easy enough. You can farm gold. You can buy leafs at 25k+ gold from market. Everything in game is somewhat obtainable for f2p. Just gotta dedicate time and effort. The only true p2w items are the exotic mounts which offer 0 gameplay advantage.
  14. Yeah before global launch but that stopped when game went live
  15. Very small chance to drop random piece of legend from ANY of the normal dungeon only bosses (Scar, Dire, AA, Goblin). They do not drop in heroic and normal team raids. (Im assuming same with Heroic team raid unless Heroic Pulrik has chance to drop.) Also.. The Equipment Box that you sometimes get also has small chance to yield legend.