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  1. You can feel the exploits screaming out at you ahahah. What an entertaining topic.
  2. Stuff like this: Is exactly what the issue is with class imbalance. Just waiting for the 2 man heroic version now ^^
  3. Still many issues I mentioned at least 6 months ago still around today.. No PTR or even any news on this one.. Dailies reshuffle/fix/changes: Still waiting for these to change so the game isnt so repetitive. (They are at least ttying with this one I believe) Not even going to get started on the class imbalance.. Constant glitches/bugs and crashes with every patch. This is why we need a PTR.. I have noticed that staff communication on here has dropped to literally non existent. Even on social media site Twitter. CoL's announcements are a lot less than they used to be. In game support seems to be a bunch of 12 year olds who have yet to pass their NVQ lvl 1 in Basic Communication Skills.. The company is pushing content at an insane rate. This is usually good but when this game is already plagued with issues. You should focus on these before adding to the game. Quality > Quantity not vice versa. Favourtism with classes is just to obvious to not see. Unless your DPS Mage or Paladin. Then go play a different game is the message I have got basically. I could go on but I think ill stop here. (Yes, this is on topic, I watched the livestream and was disgusted with it. Next to 0 information given out with in game issues. Thats lack of communication )
  4. Dissidia Opera Omni releases global v soon if you like that sort of thing. Looks very good for a mobile game. (First look gameplay in English) https://mobile.twitter.com/DissidiaFFOO/status/953692603861487616
  5. Possible fix that may help. Helped solve regular crashes on my friends s7. Change ALL of your Animation transition states to "Off". Reset phone and try again.. (Need Developer Tools activated in your Settings). 1. Navigate to Settings --> Developer Options. 2. Make sure developer options is actually turned on (Top right button should be set to on.). 3. Scroll down till you find these settings: 1st option: Cellular Data always Active. : Set this to "On". --- This helps with slow connections that do not have a steady consistent speed to maintain their connection to the server to avoid random timeouts. (Even if your using WiFi) 2nd option: Window Animation Scale : Animation Off Transition Animation Scale : Animation Off Animator duration scale: Animation Off ^^^^^ These help to avoid devices from random "device lag (cpu/ram spikes)" / "Helps to somewhat prevent Window Freezes (Some windows/apps may continue to freeze if heavy/intense resources are being sent to the window/app causing battery overheat, Only way to prevent is make sure no malware is hiding in your phone..) 3rd option: Force GPU Rendering: On (Big Side note:) Some phones these days do not actually "close" the apps even when you exit and clear it from the list of opened apps you can see. (As a result they are always running behind the scenes in your phone using small resources that can have an effect on device performance) Use an app or any task killer you know to work to make sure your apps are actually closed and not hogging resources. "Greenify" is a great app fpr auto hibernating all your apps to free up all the small resources being hogged by the system. *This may or may not actually fix *your* specific issue as it could potentially just be a device issue. (Android is bad for this because it is open sourced and their is so many firmware/software/hardware/chipsets etc around it makes it really hard for cross platfom games to support many of Androids devices compared to Apple as thats all private owned and much easier for game devs to suport *almost* each and every apple device..) Hope you get it fixed Merry Christmas CoL..
  6. So this is a very new recent guideline published by Apple regarding in game "lootboxes". For items that give you a chance of getting that 1 item you need but you probs wont get it. Apple wants all game publishers that use the lootbox style system to publish all the possible drops and drop rates from a particular lootbox. Information is available here: https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/guidelines/ (Search for paragraph 3.1(Payments) and sub para 3.1.1(In App Purchases)) The new guideline states: Apps offering “loot boxes” or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase. Seems Apple are following in Chinas footsteps at last. (Blame the new Star Wars game for all the lootbox related issues that has caused governments to review their policy and guidelines on lootboxes.) Bring on the item rates plz
  7. Games population has slowly been dwindling past few months. The gem refund issue really killed of alot of population. Many quit /quitting with the bs repetiveness of the dailies and the reward system. (Many play few hours a day to do all their dailies and their reward 95% of the time is 1 - 5 reg stones basically).. I personally am taking a break of the game because of the dailies and the rewards. I suffered receiving 1 -5 reg stones of every karen chest daily for 3 months straight on 2 toons. Dupers and botters will also kill this game off. Especially multi accounters using 4 or 5 characters at once will eventually take over the game. (Ive seen it with plenty of games that take 0 action against "Duel /Triple/Quad logged players" and also "Multiboxing")..(I also noticed that the speed hack bot is still around in the game).. As with all games over a prolonged amount of time. It will eventually only be the "elitist" that remains in the game. 6 month down the line. A new player is going to log in. Wonder wtf is going on. Realize that he is going to be spending months and months doing repetitive dailies to have a chance to catch up to the 60k+ rating players that remain. He wont find a decent guild because the veterans are more or less "snobby" in this situation and will not bother to help someone that needs the help.. (Would you take a 15k rating guy through skyB and Chim/ Ever heroic?).. So this new player is going to spend the best part of 6 months grinding his ass off for an "opportunity" of being accepted in a public / guild raid. And even then. 95% he will get kicked because he died fast or didnt know the mechanics.
  8. @RedPanda Experienced a lot of disconnects myself. This only affected me on a mobile device. FB gameroom was fine. (At least for me) I think the issue lies with our APN. It seems since the latest update. IPV4 is at the least, less compatible/friendly than before. Cant guarantee that this is the sole cause but its definately a factor in the disconnects. Never experienced a single disconnect running through IPV6 but IPV4 was timing me out quite often. (This is on a 1gb ram phone that ran the game smooth before the update).
  9. My bad i missread completely.
  10. Spell def i find was needed for any paladin path except tank path.. Higher spell def = less damage received from boss AoE (very useful) If tank path then go P.Def cas you will be taking hits and spam healed.
  11. instead of updating character animation for mage warrior and ranger. The servers need to be improved. 40 man lag is unreal in raids and guild hunt.. Improving animations will undoubtedbly make things that much worse than what they already are. Everyone already getting intense server lag from all of the above. Even with optimal settings on (low quality / Hide all players / max visible players on screen = 0/ Sound effects and music off / Auto voice playback disabled); anything that requires 20+ people gives of some mass lag... (Heard a rumor that even the new Razer phone can not run a 40 man team raid on "medium" settings without server lag).. Please improve server quality before giving more useless (imo) updates which is making the game much more unstable. Heh. Im still suprised we cannot hide all effects in game from the environment to the animated background inside raids. Little changes like this will improve the server quality massively. Opening ash fort and fort deso to 24 hours would also help with the server strain. Time lock = Intense server stress from all servers when the raid opens at 6 because at least 90% of people from each and every server will be doing these as soon as they open.
  12. Only 2 normal heroic dungeons open a week. So only Scar heroic and Ancestral alter heroic are open atm. And for the "Impending Darkness" sub quest line where it tells you to go to Sardar Highland; It doesnt exist. It is the next stage of the main quest that has yet to be implemented in game. (Unless it has been ninja patched in without an announcement.)
  13. Yes it is only temporary. (If you are referring to the "bronze, silver and gold buckets" that you unlock from 100 activity points.
  14. Means you spent 0 / $10 / €10 / £10 (whatever currency you use..)
  15. Kothas Foundry was briefly introduced on the October 25th patch as a "Hidden Raid". You had to explore map to find it but it was impossible to kill. Its since been removed but at least we know whats incoming for us