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  2. Trials are the fastest way to level. You can not do them for several days and then do them all at once if you want. The xp gain is the same either way. After you get 20 (or more if you save them up) done you won't get any more xp from them but can still get altruism medals. You can see how many you have left by clicking on trial quest description and seeing what the multiplication count is. Once you get to max level you get a lot more xp for everything you do so you dump all that into path from there on out. Use talent xp for path till you get to max level then dump all xp into path. 230k is nothing later it takes millions of xp for path levels. Tl;dr do everything every every day, get to max lvl first, then dump everything into path.
  3. Even if you level all 3 paths at some point you won't be able to level paths anymore until you get you character level up. Might work for a while though.
  4. For as long as the game has been out no one has ever reported getting a legendary from any bp that wasn't lvl 30 as far as I know.
  5. Chances are it's not going to change
  6. The pvp divines from coliseum are a lot of fun for that purpose. Beyond that not sure. I have one on my pally literally because I like the way it looks (can't transmog for a while because materials) and style is important.
  7. Is it possible to play this on a surface PC without a mouse? I have a keyboard for it that works fine but all mouse type functions are done with the touchscreen. Any suggestions besides buy a mouse?
  8. Nah I just avoided those
  9. Thanks for the reply ocho. I can be patient not a big deal.
  10. And where people sell mystica raids and gylfi runs for crystal purchased tickets.
  11. Bump because this actually involves real money having been spent. @RedPanda @Ocho
  12. spend rebate for crystals is not working for me. So my anbunch on starlight lenses and other things but have no rewards showing. All the crystals I've used have been bought via top up and elite goblin club. I've submitted a ticket but have yet to receive a response as of 2 weeks now. @RedPanda @Ocho is there a reason for this?
  13. Just make it so lvl 40/50 bp can craft legendaries. Not sure how that would effect stats but it's an idea
  14. Bump because after 2 days I've still not gotten hardly any talent xp. I got some from guild quests that is it.
  15. Auto is helpful for the 10,000 and 100,000 kill achievements. Without it I don't think anyone would be patient enough to do those.