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  1. Hatred and tampered isn't broken. Pop potion, get a hammer.
  2. The game doesn't let you upgrade if it is equipped is all. Re equip it after you upgrade it
  3. Buy them from military rank store with honor. or buy the 10k packs from aldorr shop. They're all epic and can be reforged
  4. Eh crafting still is just as if not more expensive. The bp prices went down but the material prices went sky high. Almost 2000 gold for materials per bp sometimes (assuming you don't forge/weave what you need) More for weapons and off hands. On Thundercall right now true iron pieces are hovering around 900 - 1000 per piece.
  5. Wouldn't you upgrade that aux star for the passive boost anyway?
  6. The game itself tells you only level 30 bps make legendaries. This has been known and verified since the game came out in china. If you're trying to make legendaries out of level 40 bps you are wasting your materials.
  7. 9 seconds or so
  8. I know those skills aren't required, I was just saying it speeds thing up to do mystica twice.
  9. Buying legend essence is generally cheaper than forging to get one. That's the point.
  10. You need 81 purple books to get the lvl 46 and 51 skills to 55. If you can do torturous 3 every week you get 6 books which means it'd take you roughly 3 1/2 months of runs through mystica to get that amount. Double for maxing both skills. Getting 12 books a week cuts that time down a lot.
  11. Forge any lvl 30 - 39 bp that isn't ring or pendant. If it fails to be a legendary you'll get credit toward the achievement.
  12. I figured they would drop exquisite but apparently can be bothooks like I'll get some "free" legend essence eventually
  13. Nah it'll be worth 300 Some will get that reference
  14. 1. If you spend anything it tries to sell you higher priced deals. Time it takes to go back could be a few days or a few weeks who knows. 2. Those events are pretty much dead yes. 3. That's a known bug that they are "looking into"