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  1. Crafted earring, bracelet, and accessory are pretty rare as is. Personally never have seen a lvl 30 bp for any of those since last September but haven't really tried I guess. Tank pally would love an earring.
  2. Classes that aren't paladin reccomend L sets for some paths I.e scout, mag. Judgement Etc. unsure bout elementalist. Emerged crafted legends look just fine. Some are better looking than exquisite like male paladin imo.
  3. It's not random, never has been. The more you spend the more it will try to sell you higher priced deals. Anyone who says otherwise is lying
  4. The arcane frosts, bloods, and fire spirits are for the high tier divines you can buy from aldorr coliseum. I.e. Wrath of stars and devotee for instance.
  5. Someone needs to do the math on how much gold is needed to take a legend from 160 to 335 just for the heck of it.
  6. It's more of a small flash than an explosion. It works fine.
  7. How did he max out faction that quickly im wondering
  8. Templar is better for pvp honestly. This path gives damage reduction if teammates are inside durance that's about it for pve usage.
  9. Are you getting things like fine cotton cloth or mythril ingot? It's all rng. Some days I get all gear, other days I get a few bps, still other days I get materials and very few gears or bps.
  10. New elementals weren't supposed to get a box so dont hold your breath
  11. roll crit on gear
  12. Roughly 28 million for 2 lvl 50 epic gems so you're paying that much for about 90 more hp on a dazzling diamond.
  13. Buuuuut you need those free divine essences for star circle which is probably far better in the long run.
  14. Enough silver to upgrade a lvl 40 diamond to lvl 50
  15. Wait that was a pvp bp...? Arrgh guess what I'd did with it.