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  1. If you want fair no wild missle pvp do honor group that's literally what's it there for.
  2. It's a bigger more damaging version of the path skill
  3. I got 4 sets of leaves and 6 mount fragments from the diamond chests on main. Ranger alt pulled 2 30 mols wtf.
  4. Trade the compasses from mystica for starlight box, you can get a ton of shavings and sometimes stardust flowers from them or at worst 2 compasses back.
  5. Roar circle is far from subpar
  6. Elemental lords, illusionist lords, and tribal chieftains only drop ring and pendant bps (and meteorites) as far as I know. I may be wrong about that however.
  7. Same a month of gollens for nothing better than what I already had. Infuriating.
  8. Buff pallys
  9. Buy the uncut stones with battle coins, you'll get plenty of mirrors and some lenses
  10. Has to be the pvp one. Probably the one that's 35k - 50k honor (don't remember the actual price)
  11. Hatred and tampered isn't broken. Pop potion, get a hammer.
  12. The game doesn't let you upgrade if it is equipped is all. Re equip it after you upgrade it
  13. Buy them from military rank store with honor. or buy the 10k packs from aldorr shop. They're all epic and can be reforged
  14. Eh crafting still is just as if not more expensive. The bp prices went down but the material prices went sky high. Almost 2000 gold for materials per bp sometimes (assuming you don't forge/weave what you need) More for weapons and off hands. On Thundercall right now true iron pieces are hovering around 900 - 1000 per piece.