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  1. completely agree... make warriors stronger!
  2. I have encountered a bug sometimes when doing supply delivery quest. When I land, it does nothing so I hit the quest again and it puts me on my mount moving at an insane speed until I get to the vendor. It's pretty funny actually. Other than that, I am a warrior, I use speed increase skill and swift star, and have never been flagged for speed hacks.
  3. The problem has been solved. For multi target, use a warrior tank. If palidins could hold multi target Agro AND have high dps, what would be the point of a warrior tank? It is hard enough for the warriors as is, without making palidins able to be better at everything.
  4. First thing a warrior tank should work on is gems and rock set. The rock set is absolutely needed. Focus gems on def/spdef and hp. Don't worry about dps, that's not your job. Second, learn the mechanics. A good tank is one that understands what he/she needs to do to keep the team alive. Tanks don't kill bosses, teams do. Last, work on improving stats with star power, armor upgrades, and skill advancement. Hope this helps.
  5. Ummm...I am a warrior tank and working thru Foundry. Palidins are better tanks at equal levels, but a high level warrior has major damage mit...nvm. go be a pali
  6. I sure hope we don't get Jeff...
  7. Any chance @RedPanda can code a way to mute xserver chat? It is completely out of control.
  8. Reminds me of "go go go" teams
  9. I love all the engrish whining. I'm sure the majority of them are 12yr old gold farmers anyway. Please extend the outage another day or so. I love this crybaby thread. 🤗
  10. Same here Backhand. I want my money refunded if it is not fixed.
  11. Same problem Galaxy S7. Cleared cache, deleted other stuff to ensure free memory, etc. deleted game and reinstalled. nothing helps. I will expect to be refunded any purchases made in this game if it is not corrected because it is unplayable.