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  1. Moonlight is the path (transfer) skill. For scout it's Starblade Volley, for tamer it's Wild Roar, for forest guide it's Moonlight.
  2. As a player who has healed in every other MMO full-time/progression, w/e you wanna call it, I agree with the changes Straylight proposed. I think all external healing should be taken from MJ at the very least, possibly also Verity. Let people who want to heal, heal. If you wanna make a hybrid, roll shepherd with DPS geared sets and accept the loss in damage output for it.
  3. Can confirm. My mystic also doesn't have a helm option in the Fantasy (level 20) transmog section. My ranger and warrior both do however, so a helm wasn't excluded from this set for everyone, just mystics.
  4. Only Aerial Island, Surgewind Wilds, Cloudburst Forest, Sardar Highlands, and Highshard Valley (PvP Faction Map) are currently released. They'll open more maps as they release more content. Gylfi requires a moderately to well-geared group with an exceptional tank who can time his shields and coordinate well with a healer, or any mystic with Flock set. Everyone will die repeatedly, his aoe hits me upwards of 20k. You just have to respawn as soon as you die and make sure that the entire group never dies at once causing him to reset. I have killed him with a group of 35-45k character rating players and a tank with 53k character rating.
  5. Bump. This needs love. If it's been answered/solved somewhere else, shoot me a link please. (Forging legendarys, not the other crap.)
  6. Arcane Contract, like all of the first of the new skills for all classes, is from the achievement from doing all the quests currently in Sardar. That includes Gylfi. The skillbook for the second of the new skills is purchased at Worship status with the new reputation faction. I don't think they've added fishing yet. We'll find out once people hit 55.
  7. They've done it before, so I assume they still can. Submit a ticket to support.
  8. Yeah, the previous buff that was present if you were so many levels behind the server level hasn't been apparent to me since the Sardar update and increase to character level 55. They did make it significantly faster to level from 1-45 by reducing the exp required to level there, but that doesn't help much with path leveling. The best advice I can give, unless they restart that buff, is get your character to 55 as fast as you can so you can start using ALL your exp (talent exp and character exp) on your path. You'll notice most things you do give more exp then talent exp. Also that the amount of exp you get from certain activities increases as you level. So once you hit 55, you'll be using ALL that exp that you get everyday only for your path. Without the buff, catching up to players who've been playing since launch is a very daunting goal, but it IS achievable, if active and persistent. I'm hoping they implement the buff again, or something similar, as I am also behind on my path levels (currently 55) and haven't gained a path level since the cap raise, but I'm 51 now, so I can see some light at the end of the tunnel, lol.
  9. It'd be nice if they'd at least let us dismantle the leather and cloth for SOME profit.....
  10. I'm a tamer, so no first-hand information, but, I talk to alot of scouts. Most of them haven't deviated from their old rotation on 5 skill much, in single target fights at least, which is all of the meaningful fights in the game. The only addition a few of them are now doing is throwing crows when it's off CD. They're saying they notice a slight increase in their DPS with crows, slightly higher if they're wearing 3-4 piece divine set.
  11. Auto also doesn't use your path skill, which results in tamers not buffing, and DPS paths doing significantly less DPS.
  12. Both, but if you're Templar and want to focus on strictly tanking (most of the ones i encounter are hybrid) then you'll want vitality/spirit and hp.
  13. You have the option to use your normal exp to put into your path. Most people will do this once they hit the current cap. The people you see with path levels around 60+ have been playing for a few months and while they sat at 45, used all their talent AND normal exp to upgrade their path. There was a buff to exp and talent exp as long as you were a certain range away from the server level and server talent level, but I haven't seen it since the Sardar update. So, once you hit 55 (or decide to start using normal exp before hitting the current cap), your path will increase significantly faster. Will you be path 64 in a few days? No, but you can catch up slowly. Once those players hit the server cap for their path, they won't be able to increase until the server cap does, giving you small increments of time to catch up.
  14. Agree with Koux. Every Pulrik encounter I've done has used the first variation, except when you have the DPS to force past phases, then you use none.