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  1. which quest? can u do 5 times?
  2. @TinyDragon that is all you have for us? sad bro...
  3. hey @TinyDragon, can you tell us something about warrior dps? we dont like the hole we are stuck in PS : i understand the importance of crystal disapperaing over class balance
  4. they keep on ignoring us... not sure why.... they are not clear on it... i wish they would tell us...
  5. i will not let that thread die.... ever....
  6. i came back six month later and we still in da cave... where is that love @RedPanda @TinyDragon BUFF US UP!!!!!!
  7. I left the game 7 days ago.... 65k GS...Warriors are dead. have fun guys
  8. @RedPanda @Ocho well. nothing happened... i am out...
  9. Is there a way to do that? Cost me an arm and a leg to level swiftness and know my GM says if i have to level Agility to match other guildies Stars. Please help
  10. he cant... dont feed the troll
  11. we asked the questions on the stream. He said they are looking into it
  12. stop trolling bro. we know who you are. just ignore him
  13. they have a stream today. make sure you go and tell them how you feel. I will it will be here :
  14. they dont care. u ll be buffed one day. keep giving me money
  15. time to do something. it is getting old. I am now being seated despite have the highest power in my guild (62K). They need a fang, not an executionner...
  16. wait, u ll get a buff with a book that requires 5 month of reputation with iron tavern... u ll be good one day...