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  1. Polearm... why not... but if it hits like a wet noodle, still useless. I feel we should do more dps when boss is in execute range (30 or 20 % health left) instead if being on top at the beginning. I am almost 55k rating now and if I do more dps that most people. But lately, I started disappearing from dps recount in my guild raids (heroic sky) now that huntards are in the game again. I agree with helping them cuz they sucked. But now, we are the bottoms feeders. I am one of the last 2 raiding executioner warrior in my guild. The others went tanking or fangs. we complain, but I feel like nothing is being heard... I ll not buy anything in game until we get better (money talks :)))
  2. It seems Panda and the others are not really hearing us out. Maybe there is something that we dont see... please enlighten us! let s have a conversation @RedPanda
  3. yep. we are not getting any love... better move on to lineage 2...
  4. Same. Going fang unless of a miracle patch
  5. Still. We need a buff. I am over 50k rating and i feel like whenever i need to move, my dps disappear. I hit like a truck but it is not enough whenever the fight require mouvements. On top of that, i get aggro all the time when the fight does not require too much mouvement. Balance is difficult but unless u want fangs and tanks, u need to do something guys