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  1. I can now 100% confirm that Gamecentre to Gamecentre does not work, even if the one device has never had CoL on. it is now up to @TinyDragon and netease to fix the iOS players.
  2. My Gamecenter bound account is still unusable. i tried deleting he app and reinstalling without success. when I get home I’ll try an old iPad that’s never been used before but I’m not very hopeful as I’ve never seen the “Disconnected” message with my GC account
  3. I used the above to get my Gameroom account working. I tried on both my devices previously for iOS so all I get on them now is the “logging in” pop up. im trying to reload the game on one of them to clear some cached data and will let you know if I can get the Game Centre part working. ill update you once I’ve been able to try it. Download is taking a while as I’m on the train.
  4. Two accounts. One is an account created via iOS the other via Gameroom Server: Reavegde Village IGN: Thundrin IGN: ThundrinHeal
  5. @TinyDragon I don't have my ID as I cannot log in. Would Server and character name be enough?
  6. @TinyDragon This is still an issue on Reavedge as well. I am still unable to log in on iOS, Gameroom or steam.
  7. Still unable to log in on mobile. Server is not up yet @TinyDragon please fix it
  8. @TinyDragon reavedge has been down since lucky draw reset. all devices. Please fix it!
  9. Any opinions on which path has the best DPS? I play PVE if that helps. also, what order should I get the star circles in? I’ll get al eventually but it will be slow going. I was thinking of Agility or Roar first.
  10. I've gotten a few 30s on my lvl 55 pally
  11. I have that attack as a pally with 57k gs and all I am able to do is 20k dps ... I guess I am doing something wrong...
  12. There is another post from redpanda saying it has been resolved and that you need to relog. Mine is working now, but I am not sure if the relog will work.
  13. There is definitely a bug, I got mine to work by using the troubleshoot option o the bottom left of the screen. Using that fixed mine and I can now edit them again.
  14. You can get around the 10 skill issue by using the troubleshooting option on the bottom left of the screen. That worked for me
  15. Yeah, did him last night, it was far easier.