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  1. I've gotten a few 30s on my lvl 55 pally
  2. I have that attack as a pally with 57k gs and all I am able to do is 20k dps ... I guess I am doing something wrong...
  3. There is another post from redpanda saying it has been resolved and that you need to relog. Mine is working now, but I am not sure if the relog will work.
  4. There is definitely a bug, I got mine to work by using the troubleshoot option o the bottom left of the screen. Using that fixed mine and I can now edit them again.
  5. You can get around the 10 skill issue by using the troubleshooting option on the bottom left of the screen. That worked for me
  6. Yeah, did him last night, it was far easier.
  7. I've always only gotten for the first two I do and then for the Questions one. I always do that one last or it stops the 2nd rep quest from giving xp.
  8. @Lisionok it has always been 2
  9. All it is is a way to get better gear. If yours is already better or you want to save your gold, there is no reason to bid.
  10. Yup, makes total sense really....
  11. I am a 50k paladin with 63 path and can run heroic team raids with my guild. We only have a very, very limited number of people who have been able to do the quest. I think it is a bit too hard. I don't have an issue with a challenge, or I wouldn't play games, but this one seem a bit too out of balance. To me, it looks like most people will only get it once we start clearing lvl 55 content. Just my 2 cents
  12. It sounds like you are in the faction area. This is how the game is intended to be. You need to continue to level and just wear the kills to you can get them back
  13. Are you at level 55 yet? if not, then it might have something to do with that. Start levelling up each of the sub nodes.
  14. @RedPanda, Good to see we are having some server merges, I personally think this can be a positive thing. I do have one question however. My server Reavedge is being merged with the pre-launch server. I was playing on there pre-launch with characters of the same class with the same name. How will you be handling this and can we get some reassurance that there will be no account issues when the merge happens? I know I am not the only one with this question/concern as a lot of my current guild members had characters on the other server as well.