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  1. I love PvP that’s what I try do everyday a lot of 3v3 and 5v5, but at platinum rank you could que for hours and hours and not get a single match. maybe offer better weekly rewards or hold a competition of some sort to boost competitive gameplay. Also fixing the line of sight on pillars and walls in arena would make it more interesting, I am a mystic and it feels like I’m 100% in the open even when I run around piller, I came from world of Warcraft where pillars were a safe spot to quick heal or evade dps. (Fix it) also it’s “3 vs 3” and “5 vs 5” why are we ranking as singler players and not a team?? Having teams with your own custom names would be so much better. 3 vs 3 can have a team of 5 - 2 back ups. 5 vs 5 can have a team of 8 - 3 back ups. also 2 vs 2 would be 100% amazing! I really hope you will consider this because it just seems messy and unfinished otherwise. After all, all my real life friends joined purely for pvp. Ty. -NextGen