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  1. Hi Good day Net Ease! As you remove our achievement points and titles due to game bug. Can you please provide a compensation to this problem? The players of this game found that terrain glitch on elemental lord and now you removed it. We did help the community. We discover the bug and you fix it. I've played so many games so far all they did was only to give compensation as they remove some bugs. We are worthy enough to have some compensation. We spend damn time to earn and you only just remove without giving any compensation?
  2. Yes ur right. Its not players fault. It's the game fault. Why give some punishment, we did not use any 3rd party app for doing it.
  3. I see. Thanks
  4. Can anyone explain these two? The first pic is about the item in the weekly specials named the Five Sacred Relics pack. Click here The second photo is same item again. Click here Why is the price higher on the weekly specials?
  5. I notice that the silver drop rat increase too.
  6. Thanks much appreciated.
  7. Its just my presumption because when u say special it must be on a low price but wtf is happening weekly specials is much expensive than the normal shop.
  8. Heroic dungeons can be played twice a week. It will reset on Monday and Friday AEST time.
  9. I thought it is just some bugs?
  10. No, mine is full bar so its not laggy. How bout you?
  11. Did you notice on the minimap that there is a connection logo. I guess thats the way to know your ping.
  12. If you have weaving skill then you can have flax cloth bale. The item is currently unavailable in auction house.