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  1. Class swap happened on China server and it broke all balance (or what’s left of it). You have only Paladin Tanks, Pyro Eles and Healers running around and nothing else.
  2. I don’t think that one is better over another. Windwhsper has the factor that u can get really stupid drops....or have ppl ganging up on u. In Shadowveil u have ppl with 7 alts in the round, then that one or two who keeps jumping in and out of bushes. only solution I see is that Netease would start doing something serious to these ppl. But that’s just wishful thinking.
  3. There is no d1 blood thirst, only d0. D0 and D1 are completely different sets.
  4. Nope, never ever gonna get fixed. There are still bugs that have been there since the dawn of time on Milura....so I bet Netease is still going to just push this aside, push out more content and hope we players just going to swallow and not notice the army of bugs on this game.
  5. Ocho replied in another thread saying that they are „looking into it“....yeah, riiiiight.
  6. Yep, we have the same problem in our group, too. When I was a DPS Mystic, I rarely get buffed by Wild Roar. Now that I’m a healer it seems I get buffed 8 times out of 10.
  7. And what happened on Chinese server? No balance anymore: Only paladins, elementals an healer mystics running around. Better to just balance put the classes as best as they can.
  8. Seems to be fixed with the last patch....at leadt I didn’t have any problem while doing Lord Hunt.
  9. Oh...now I even get this bug on REPUTATION QUESTS! For goodness sakes!!! This better be fixed with the patch today!
  10. @Ocho @TinyDragon how long are you going to ignore this???! The bug is also in Guild Battle. At least communicate to us where you are on this? I know you can’t do more than notifying the devs, but you need to put some pressure on this matter because it is a big problem (amongst many others in the game) that WILL break the game play. GET IT FIXED!
  11. I also just encountered this skill bug during Trial Quest! @Ocho @TinyDragon GET THIS FIXED ALREADY!!!!
  12. @Ocho @TinyDragon bump. Please get this fixed ASAP!!! It is breaking the game and taking the fun out of it. I have been very patient about every single bug this game has thrown at me but this is really becoming a breaking point for my (and I’m sure others) patience!
  13. @Ocho please get the devs to fix this ASAP. And please don’t chalk it down to lag, because it isn’t lag.
  14. “ no I’m against class swap”
  15. Not only there, I have also encountered this in Guild Goblins, Protect the Relics, and 1 on 1 Arena.