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  1. anyone know why it seem that "transmog look" is working for me but for other players, it still looked as original from their perspective? can your remove the transmog gear once you done transmog it?
  2. any update on this. i spend crystal on daily loot too and dont get spending rewards. report and get same reply. any counter?
  3. they pulling out effort and resources on the game imo..see the lvl 50 and grade 352 gear design etc..well netease has come out new games so probably this has become less priority..
  4. NA or EU server..see the timezone bro..more p2w players lol..
  5. SEA community lot mostly played in Sardar +9, Cloudburst+8, Redvadge Valley+10. I prefer not exactly to follow as +8 GMT as you can have earlier reset in server time. To wait reset exactly at 0000 night would be late for some people. Not sure if you get the points. Play in Sardar+9 myself. Not really very competitive server but decent.
  6. @RedPanda as u've said we say thing like this because we care and like the game..and yes we do.. So class swap a.s.a.p People leaving left and right already..
  7. so we just disappeared into oblivion.. almost 50% in my server warrior top 100 ranking already no longer playing.. wake up netease..
  8. yes. anyway what u guys do for all those bps? keeping it or dismantle?
  9. yea its progression dude. we used to the days when doing nm lords heck even torture 3 was a big deal and being in sky normal top 5 in damage meter total need to be total 20k dps, pulrik circle arrangement etc, nowaday even 1 person can do 40k dps and skip all phases..and still you asking a nerf? Go thru all that first, learn mechanics, progress yourself, if all spoonfeed, where is the fun in playing. Thank god mystica is there with that all difficulty setting, else nobody will ever run except those daily 3 runs. Get geared and be good terms with those geared friends/raiding guild to join in..
  10. what a scam. well played netease
  11. Get booted out of game after trying to teleport to sardar. Now keep crashing whenever i try to login. Ios user here and i have other toon in other server but it work fine.
  12. wow sad truth..that lost to 48k pally being at your gs..feels..
  13. 1. Please limit the numbers of guild n the server at a time but at the same time increase total members in a guild. this is to pool players into a several good working guild instead having multiples of small guilds that eventually died out later on, mostly together with their own members i.e quitting players. Active guild will encourage player to keep continue playing and keep getting engaged.. 2. Class swap