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  1. so u guys are saying some random players did a real job / good works rather than the COL staffs themself?? /cutwristpls
  2. Up.. sound like a plan..action speak louder than just complaining around..
  3. Lol, Yea right, goodluck doing mystica hell in your 40s, even early 50ks also having hard time there..
  4. Yes u could have done this..but it is a double stacking RNG luck process in this..rolling for your path L set and rolling D1/2/3 on crafted leg.. For some people this will very hard to do..
  5. see latest aoe skill for ranger, lol looked like some magic spell wth? i dont mind with the skill but a huntard, sorry hunter doing some spell? GG. atleast make some relatable animation for it.
  6. Nah, i will bring a fang over exe any day in out ( equally geared/skill) to my raid team, and i am a war tank myself and used to Exe.
  7. its good enough to know that people bring war fang (other than war tank ofc) to sky heroic or even handy hammer due to their extra buff etc. Executioner now a bit a letdown due to they only provide pure dps which people would prefer to bring equally geared/skilled rangers to the raid. anyhow its all about how you commit and getting skilled to the game (f2p or p2w whatever), if u're good and op and not constantly dying in the raid, people will bring u anyway. so yeah fang for dps warrior pve and pvp wise atm.
  8. Yeah man, i love their videos especially speedfreak and woozle. help a lots and fun to watch. wont complain anything about this. for those youtubers who didnt get it, be realistic man, netease can never awards all, need some minimum popularity, views subs and all. keep making vids guys.
  9. Been lvling up and until skyblaze normal cleared as executioner (dps around 8-9k), then switched to full time tanker, as i getting ignored, consistently seeing dps out of chart compared to similarly geared guildies, chasing the bosses around like idiot, plus the burst in pvp (well pve as well) is kinda a joke. i have higher chance to survive and kill as tanker (due to its toughness) rather than as executioner, still equip the anvil drop as my main skill though during pvp (love that jump, had spend fortunes in this skill runes anyway). Exchange all my attack diamonds to def and hp and never looked back. as in pve mechanics, i think our dps is on par, but as someone mentioned, to overcome the boss mechanics, our advantage is we have higher change of survivability, so increase this a bit more during boss fight so that we have more option to decide when to run, when to cont dps etc. Else whats the use of all those shield effect, metal armor,hp regen etc if we hv similar chance of dying than a merely cloth wearer mage. As Neil said, this probably can be achieved when the 10 skills come, we can use other lava quake/magma as exec for the extra health regen/shield/damage reduction etc etc. with some careful runes spending and brain, this can be workable. You get the idea. Anyway you already did this for paladin, melee dps with heals Still our burst damage is a something to look at without doubt.
  10. Very much agreed to the OP. I have actually noticed much less (or atleast less frequent) of my in game buddies signing in to the game now. I am not talking about some lowbies that just want to try things out but people who are at 40-50k gs that had shown some consistency and put some real work to progress earlier on. i like this game and don't want it to faded away before fully showing what is has to offer.. My input: 1) Monday to Friday in between reset is too long, good one will always try to finish it all early and then left without much things to do or look forward to for the rest of the week - put another 1 more reset in between those days (e.g Friday to Monday only 3days gap) will help to keep us busy and interested. (better more resets with lower rewards than big one but only once awhile) 2) Improve/remove the auto dailies. Its not about the daily thing, it is the auto function. I love doing my daily arena, faction quest, ele lords but absolute hate for trial quest, the 3 raid things. It is about the engagement and how we do the daily. I hope u get the idea. 3) Some players would rather play with small guild, a group of real life friends, lvling up ingame friends, loyal guildies etc than join full fledged core pro guilds (to progress) who very much commitment demanding or else kick. Some new players even have to join this small guild first because they can not join that due to under geared/not meeting the requirement/ getting ignored etc. However this small guild can not progress due to limited number of geared players in that guild and hence loose interest in long run. So if we can have option/change lower requirement on number of player to do the event/raid for example 5/10/15/20 on e.g ruler gh bosses, heroic team raids, etc would be nice thing for this "casual but consistent" players. Of course you can adjust/limit the rewards accordingly etc etc, it is the achievement sense/get to feel the end game content that matter for some. 4) Please improve the pvp battleground matching/queu please. This is what I usually do in my spare time and kept me going during WOW times. This just my opinion, I'm not asking for spoonfed or getting easy content, i am completely fine with the rng thing and have been wasting for awhole lots now to get D1 rock set on my leg gear, but that's again just need a bit of patience and grind more!