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  1. Is there a place to report these?
  2. contest coins -- where do they spend them?
  3. What does it do? Bought one to see and it seems to do nothing.
  4. Yeah, I'll just quietly go find another game before starting all over. Also, I like an archer class in general. Playing an elemental would just constantly remind me how i was not left with an archer option. Maybe its just time to look for another game.
  5. Higher range Higher survivability Higher damage Higher speed to compensate for: current dps no healing weaker defense
  6. Guess you're one of those misery loves company ppl. If they keep making more classes, why don't they make different classes with real differences? Or... Maybe do something crazy like stop making new classes and expand the sub-class options? I am a bit concerned though about the fact that they only seem to be finding new ways to keep adding to stats rather than creating class depth. That's the difference between a 1-3 year game and a game that keeps running. IMHO
  7. I'm not sure because i don't play a warrior. But palis are a lot more of a hassle to fight than a warrior. Guess that's saying something.
  8. Which thing is the skills bug? There are times when my buttons don't work, usually in pvp is that it? Is it that some people can chase you down and attack even though your on a mount? Is it that you don't always get points for killing exposed assassins? Is it that the game keeps disconnecting lately?
  9. one more thing Real simple. Rangers should be the fastest in terms of movement Have the longest range And be a bit harder to hit Funny part is, that’s how they were initially set up, but they did not make adjustments for the changes they made.
  10. The problem isn’t just dps and elementalists. It’s that everything they do seems to work against rangers. It’s like they hate the archer class but felt like it was required so they put it in the game but don’t want people to play it.. Let’s see, where to begin. For starters they give mages and elementalists more range in attacks than archers, even though they put a range enhancement for the archers, its useless because the difference is so tiny and even with it, the archer has a lesser range. How is it that every class has a ranged attack? One of the whole points to play a ranger is to have ranged attack, but both warriors and paladins have ranged attacks. The archer can’t even stay out of range in pvp because the range is like equal. Completely ridiculous. The archers shield is completely inferior to the other classes. It takes forever to recharge, it’s not that strong, and it has no heal methods besides potions. So archers have the weakest dps, only 1 group attack, the lowest defense, their range is no different than the others, and they they can’t heal. Also, they’ve made it so that any strategy you could employ with an archer in pvp is messed up by the way crits and gear is handled. I don’t understand why they hate archers so much. It’s like the person working the archer class got fired and the person who took over doesn’t like the class. They call the archer position novice. They should call it guru cause that’s what you have to be just to stay alive
  11. I love the core of the game, up i'm getting nervous that they are trying to do too much too soon. They need to fix the existing issues rather than constantly adding new things and leaving problems unsolved. I really like the game, but they appear to be starting down the path of a game that will not last.
  12. The assassination game isn't bad, but because of the glyphs it seems like it's killing survival. Its getting as bad as 15 v 15 pvp trying to get a match.
  13. OK, I’m trying to figure out this pvp thing but it’s a bit confusing and frustrating. Final Glorious Peak Honor Trade area surge winds What works where? When does pvp gear work? What is that certain %? What is included in that %? This is becoming a bit frustrating because they are making it impossible to develop any kind of strategy other than have the most of everything everywhere. When do the runes work? When do the stars work? When to the gylphs work?