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  1. Ok, the auto-follow no longer works consistently. My character just stays on the mount during trials and does nothing. For pvp situations, i press buttons and it starts to do moves, but never does them. It only happens sometimes. Also lag is really bad this week. Slow down with the updates Netease! you're breaking the game! Please fix the bugs before adding anything else.
  2. nope not the 144s,120s, or 116s Has anyone been able to make legendary or divine gear with anything other than the 100s that are no longer available?
  3. Also anyone figure out how to upgrade the divines? says to get a soulbreaker piece of gear, but then it doesn't recognize it
  4. that's only divine too? do you have a link to the notes or do you know what to do to get the legendaries now?
  5. did you re-install or something? mine is still down
  6. looks like gameroom issue, just tried other games and none are loading
  7. same problem here
  8. i couldn't get the legendary to work even without equiping it, the only ones i've seen with the option is the 100s those can do divine, legendary, or epic, the others never have an upgrade option. Has anyone tried it recently? Maybe they changed their minds about legendaries there and just didn't tell anyone? very odd.
  9. I know, i know, its bad etc... i mean like how do you put in a ticket?
  10. Maybe just make it so for 5-10 essence you can buy a legendary? or have a shop for buying things with legendary essence. stuff like silver or mounts or things that matter, but won't disrupt the market.
  11. ok so, i think this was because of divine punishment, which is supposed to go down by 20 points per hour left my guy on all last night and the level hasn't gone down 200 points. furthermore, when i went into survivals, after my first fight, i couldn't equip because it says i'm still in battle. then i go to go back in after match and the same message about "member already in battle" is anyone else having this problem? Seems like the system is bugged.
  12. It keeps saying this: a member already has a battle to enter Anyone know what that's talking about or how to fix it? I'm not in any party and already tried relogging in
  13. Did they take it out of the game? Don't see commander, aurora and several other peaces of gear, what shop are they in now. Used to be in aldor shop i believe.