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  1. Seriously, the excuse that you guys gave is ridiculous. Balancing in MMOs is challenging? In other news, the sky is blue. Meanwhile, you have no problem buffing literally every other class before taking a "wait and see" approach. That's because what you're saying is a lame, transparent, outright fabrication. It's not rocket science. We lose damage when we back away from the boss whereas other classes are either overpowered or can fire ranged. Literally every other MMO recognizes that simple, obvious fact and compensates by making dps warriors either harder to kill or capable of more damage while in the hit zone or a combo of the two. You do neither. You've waited months and done nothing but throw out hollow, transparent excuses for poor class design. Stop worrying about removing Christmas trees from the winter event and spend an hour of thought on this. The time for being "nice" and "understanding" is over. The patience the overwhelming majority of people on this thread displayed had no impact on you. Wake up.
  2. I'm going with Kush on this one. Paladins may be OP, but they can't compensate for 30k gs. To say otherwise makes you sound idiotic, not him.