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  1. Thank you guys for your intake. It makes no sense to me they went that way but ill take it for what it is. As for judgement spd scaling i believe its spell defense and not spell damage as someone claimed. Meaning if you give this to someone, his spell def will temporarily go up. If you are using it on yourself then yes you need more spell def than phys def. Thats the reasoning so far anyways. I still hope for an official response on heals and purple gems usefulness.
  2. @RedPanda could you enlighten me please since this is quite specific
  3. It is relevant but it doesnt answer my question. And pally arent even mentionned in there. I might be wrong but warriors and rangers have no inhate healing so spell damage is irrelevant to them but could/should still affect pally. In fact, spell damage as it stands should affect any and all skills unless physical classes have skills and mystics have spells instead of skills, if you get my meaning. My pally has a 89-89 base spell dmg on his sheet i can't wrap my head around the fact that increasing that would do squat. The post panda has made is a good general reference but it needs fine tuning or spell damage needs to be removed from the 3 physical classes sheet if its really as simple as being useless to them.
  4. No problem lol. Im still not cleared up about my point sadly
  5. But im asking about spell damage mate lol I'm templar I'm aware how to build the tank that wasn't even in the question lol...
  6. I'm a relatively newcomer to the game and started a pally as an off class. Now i read today that spell damage doesnt affect pally in any way at all ? I get the basic principle behind strenght agi int etc but as far as the embed gems goes, shouldn't purple (spell) gems boost skill damage as it states ? I'm curious because if it doesnt affect dmg it should at least boost healing ? Does those gems only boost mystic atm ? Why do we get it on the other classes then ? This is puzzling to me as you can get spell gems and stats on gear both on pally and hunter ( my 2 classes ) and while im not using it on hunter because,crits, i absolutely do not get whats the point of having them on those classes if it does absolutely nothing. Tha ks for any clarification