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  1. I think giving players an option to move to another server would be great.
  2. @RedPanda W E L C O ME
  3. I play on iPad Air 2 and Samsung Galaxy A3'16. this game works great for my iPad (some lags appear when playing huge boss raids with tons of players) but on the other hand, the game lags on my Galaxy on low settings which is ... normal (?) because the Galaxy isn't much powerfull device.
  4. As far as I know the game DOES NOT support controller neither keyboard with mouse (probably in future, i don't know) natively. But there are some apps for android which can set mipmapping controller for any game. Try to search on youtube: "how to play games with controller android", hope it helped !
  5. Hello (again), today, we're gonna look at different races ideas for the game, for those who didn't see the last suggestions list, please check it out. Let's start from the beginning (my ideas are mostly from fantasy fan fictions books, movies etc.) DWARVES: Small, mostly ugly-looking people, mostly miners or warriors, definitely should be in game. (Click) ELVES: My most favorite race in mythology ever. We can have tons of differents elves like wood elf, dark elf, light elf .... (Click) GNOMES: Just like dwarves, small, ugly miners/warriors. (Click) KOBOLDS: Raptor looking warriors,... (Click) NYMPHS: Female only, beautiful looking character. I think this race is pretty similiar with elvish race. (Click) VAMPIRES: Well, I don't think if it would fit the game concept, but vampires are cool (Click) BALOR: Demon looking warrior. (Click) HUMAN ORC (whats the name of the current warrior type race? I can't remember. But lets call it orc, just for now) And so on and so on. There are tons of different mythology creatures to make or at least "copy". Also I think not every race could choose every class (I believe in future CoL will have more classes), for example, imagine dwarve as a mystic/mage - NO. Every class would have different stats bonuses. From latest leeks we know that CoL will have two faction, LIGHT and SHADOW (just as WoW - Horde and Alliance). So I believe that for example some kind of light elf wouldn't be able to be in SHADOW faction, right? Please leave your ideas below in the comment section. What races would you add and why?
  6. Ummm I cannot edit the post but I forgot: Disagree with adding more skills per class but agree with that thing ...earh warrior and so on. We already have paths in game, so I think paths should also change our estetic apperience in game to make it closer to what you wrote.
  7. I like the flying mounts idea but as @RaijinSama said, it requires really lots of work. I also agree with removing world boundaries but well, this would be lots of work to to, but ya, agree with you. Aaaaand pets. Well, I agree with pets but only as ESTETIC thing (vanity) without adding feeding or anything like that. It could make the game actual p2w and yea, it's too similiar to O&C which is soooo much p2w. The rest of the ideas are mostly as mine which I agree.
  8. I didn't mean DATA usage as a wifi/mobile connection, I was talking about data usage on actual storage disk. Anyway, it could be as additional file, if you want you can download it, if not just don't download it.
  9. Metal API for iOS is so great, did you hear about that? It helps to reduce the game data. So it's great af, and also usefull. I think the same feature is for android as well. So I wouldn't be afraid of high data usage, also most of the devices nowadays supports SD slot or have high storage capacity.
  10. ADDING SOME MORE FEEDBACK (that I got from friends): NEW CLASS: Assassin - low armor, high BURST damage, stealth skill ... (I saw some leaks of upcoming class "Paladin", who knows) PVP zone areas: - we know that we can pvp in different styles of playmodes (duel, tournament, battlefield and arena), but what about some kind of actual open area with pvp? Imagine that. I think assassin as a class would have such a great potential in these areas. - but still pvp and non-pvp zones
  11. Hello, I've been thinking of writing this kind of post, but first I wanted to play quite a while so I would be able to write an oponion, or some kind of suggestions, it´s mostly aimed for DEVS, but if you are a player and you are interested in this type of threads you can continue reading. IN GENERAL: Well, this game has some cons and pros. But first let's talk about player's first feelings when he starts the game. The game starts absolutely great, love the cinematic at the beginning and the storyline is actually kind of interesting, too. But I would welcome better tutorial, the game is so chaotic for newbie players, it took me few days to fully understand the game "system" - so more detailed tutorial or video tutorials from devs or moderators of this game on YouTube or in-game system would be great thing to have for newbies. PROS of CoL, thing I actually DO enjoy: Let's with auto-play, why? Because it's interesting and most of the players are judgin this for no reason. There is one huge difference between PC MMORPG like WoW and mobile MMORPG. It's easier to spend 10 hours of playing on PC than on mobile. Auto-play is great for quests, raids (the easier ones), reputation tasks (because you have to nolife it to get great rank) and also trial quests. But you can't use it if you fight in PVP, or you are fighting harder boss, well, player is always better than autoplay AI. So autoplay is great, you NEVER get lost while doing quests. Continue with the game in general: addictive well made MMORPG. What else we need, but the main thing I wanna talk about it's SUGGESTIONS. So, SUGGESTIONS: CUSTOMIZATION- okay, mostly every one item changes your overall look, but, is it enough? No. We need to have an option to "design" our character, change his hair, eyes, face shape, beard...everything about overall look. Everyone MMORPG needs to have this. I do miss it here, and do you know what I hate? The helmet changes your hair, like, why the hell ?? VANITY- $$$ it's okay to have items to use, equip,..but,..vanity items would be awesome! Imagine vanity slots for various parts, NO stats bonus, only look. Look at Pocket Legends (MMORPG from 2010/11). Vanity would be great to make some extra money from the game and it won't make it pay2win. CHANGE THE UI- UI is very very chaotic, you can feel the chinesse feelin' in it, - nothing is organized, it's not hard to get into it, but it could be made better. PRICE ($$$) for in game content- in one word, OVERPRICED. I bought 2x 4,xx$ bundle just to supporr devs and also to see what can you get for around 9-10$, actually, nothing. Mounts are overpriced, and actually I don't see reason to spend money to this game only for mounts or gems if you don't wanna be the best in leaderboard fast. That's why I suggest adding vanity - WELL MADE VANITY for good price, not 20$ for vanity helmet looking like *poo* (not trying to be vulgar). If the price will be well made the game will have more potential customers than if the game would have overpriced price for in-game content. ENIGMA DRAGON- at the moment we can't change the dragon or get another one. I suggest to add more variants of dragons or any other kind of flying creature. Accessible as a mount. Maybe another stuff to put for real money ? ... TITLES - titles are so chaotic, I can' see how to obtain different titles (I have to search for it in achievements), one word, CHAOTIC. PVP SYSTEM- I hate waiting for the time when pvp event starts, why don't to add normal pvp just for fun? (Not duels or tournaments), I mean normal PVP. Again, look at Pocket Legends. GEMS for watching ADS (?)- in nowadays we are "forced" to watch ads to get premium currency in most of mobile games. Well players who can't afford will watch ads, more $$$ for devs = the better the updates will be (hopefully). OPTION TO LOOK AT PLAYER- Click on player and have an option to see his stats, his character in another UI, sometimes I wanna see other players high end avater in better quality than just like from my point of view, again, just look at Pocket Legends, the game is so old but still beats so many nowadays games. VOICE OVERS- For storyline; there are so many things to read, characters talking in storyline. But remember, no voice overs is better than rushed (BAD) voice overs. If you would add it to this game, DON'T rush it. BETTER ANIMATIONS- Well, it's kinda annoying that I have a mystic (male) and his move seems like a girl or gay. I understand that movement is made for class not for genre but, try to work on it. Also riding mount or dragon doesn't look that good if you zoome at yourself, the only thing what is moving is mount, player is stacionary. RENDER DISTANCE and GFX IN GENERAL- the gfx in overall is good, I play primary on iPad Air 2 and I think it's able to run even better render distance. Also consider making the gfx just a bit better- not the whole game, it would be hella hard to redesign the whole game, just play with lights (shaders), gameloft is great in it, their games are mostly low textured but the shaders are making it looks "foggy/blurry" which is making it more better looking. VOICE CHAT- please, don't make it stay as a VOICE MESSAGES, it's huge difference between voice chat which works IN-TIME than voice messages which have delay. Make it in real time. So while you talk you can actually hear yourself. Like any other voice chat system, like CS:GO, don't care about toxicity, it's something what CAN'T be erased from games no matter how well made censoring will be made. MORE WAYS TO EXP- I always end up with idea of "what to do now". I complete everyone accessible exping quest and the only thing I can do is doing reputation quest. Is is because you don't want to make players access late game state that fast or because of lack of exp content/idea in game ? BETTER MADE MINIMAP- the current minimap is joke, right? Hah, ok I don't wanna be rude. Minimap is OKAY. But it's laggy, could be made better. MORE CLASSES, RACES- no comment, everyone gets it. AND LAST, more in-game CINEMATIC CUT SCENES- Jesus, YES! It would be G R E A T and enjoyable to watch. And probably more ideas will come later but it's 2:30AM here and I am pretty tired. Do you have any other idea which I didn't mention? Well, write it below in comments! Yeah, I know it's early access or whatever you will call it, that's why the feedback is here, I don't want to make this game perfect right now, but in future. Thank you for your time, have a nice day!
  12. Hello, you've probably know that you can bid/connect your account to facebook/game center (if iOS) or google play games (if anroid). But there is actualy one thing missing. An option to unbind your account. And here's my problem: I connected my account to wrong FB account (yop, I have 2 FB accounts, don't ask why) and yea, I didn't recognize fast enough that it's wrong account and boom, connected. Actually, I am asking DEVELOPERS for help. Is it possible to unbind my account from FB? I do have connected my account with game center and google play as well (I use both iOS and android) so I don't worry about data loss, just need to unbind my FB. Solution for future problems: In World of Tanks Blitz (hope it's not problem that I mentioned other game) the game itself supports IN-GAME bind/unbind account option. This would be so great to have this option is this game too. (CLICK to see WoT:B system) Waiting for reply, have a nice day ^^
  13. Helped a lot, thanks
  14. So helpfull ! Thank you
  15. As far as I know,- NO. The app will detect you didn't buy the game and it will refuse to downlaad data. Maybe if you downlaod OBB before running the app or you will use Lucky Patcher to "mod" the apk it can help. But I don't want to talk abou it, I am not sure if it's allowed here. Anyway, you can bypass the region download by using VPN. I am playng on iOS but my girlfriend tried to play it on android so this is all I know about it. But in generall apk file won't help you.