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  1. copy paste of fortnite, prob gonna get sued aswell, they copyed another game and got sued for that....
  2. response back i got from suport............. like hello.... im not from mars what does this even mean
  3. Upgraded my axul star to lvl 5, and at 100% it went back to the start at 4!? where it wanted blood again 00.30AM server time 4/16.... thats alot of mats lost @Ocho @TinyDragon i dont have it filmed or such but again im not intrested going into a dance with suport here!
  4. lmao, its random drop.. then you plain and simply are unlucky, ive gotten like 8 and dismantle all of them
  5. Inc Tons of tickets, if they fix it by writing that daily loot dosnt give fair enuf... but if daily loot start to give hahahaha il send 10tickets inn to suport
  6. Listen, it does not work on daily deals ( after finishing dailies, the 3boxes) AND ..... it has to be unbound crystals...
  7. @TinyDragon yeah should and doiing is two completly difrent things, i think i reported like 20 tottaly, Nothing happend and trust me their names was as bad and voilating as it could get.
  8. On china
  9. Next one is assasin
  10. its getting like a joke now, always 10x spam posts going in here... this can easly be fixed by simple Question before post solution.... It looks so Not proffesional at all, i mean if new players wanna check out game and come to this forum? really bad
  11. Class swap is very much needed, there aint much to add to that... and ppl saying war is prefered over paladin is hardly wrong, to many watch papa... anyway this game has way to many rangers, atlast our server is like 70% rangers and alot of them would love to go both elemental and offheal, beside what ppl say about there will be to many elementals well that wont be the caze becouse those that aint geared fast will figure out there are to many and just switch to something thats needed... its not 1time use...
  12. @EMpulse Us 10 that won early steam key (we were suposed to get it 1week ago) We never gotten this point il take another reward
  13. Question how long time do i have to wait?
  14. Not really... this pack is win win... consider leafs itself is that 1k crystal you pay pack goes like this: 100% legendary at 55 Chance to get 2nd legendary or mount and 100% 10leaf. thats win win....