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  1. when they decide not to be cheap and add class swap... you will see tons of paladin dps as of its OP.
  2. Prop a bugg, but steam are removing games that get to low prev, and low player base, so wont guess me that they remove it soon
  3. They dont care to put it out like that. otherwise there would been fix long ago
  4. D7

    we aint patience anymore when this poor work is being done over and over and over, hiding behind chinese codes isnt cool anymore. no wonder player base is slowly but surly dropping
  5. D7

    @TinyDragon i think you can supply more info to us, whats the point giving us raid but not the items.... ?? taking to long.... make a phone call to china thanks and get a translator
  6. They should had it ready when they released this patch, dont pitty them for doing bad work ninny
  7. Another maintance and still cant swap d7??? whats the point releasing new raid when we even cant swap gear? this should be a main focus... ETA??? @TinyDragon @Ocho
  8. can someone just pm me how ya do this, thanks
  9. D7

    spam their facebook, they check their forums 1time pr 2weeks
  10. What title says, you never get match no matter how many full teams in que!! can you adress some issuess soon? its piling up big time, and switch some of the support guys thanks they are utterly usless even my dog could help better.
  11. @Crashing player Pm me how u do this ty.
  12. they didnt even investigate they just checked my current star lvl, this support is so horrible i rather got bigger chance talking to a brickwall
  13. copy paste of fortnite, prob gonna get sued aswell, they copyed another game and got sued for that....