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  1. Our guild's exec does a high DPS. What's the matter?
  2. You can craft legendary. The divine using flower is also good for templar.
  3. Depends on your playstyle. You going pure tank?
  4. When did this happen? Because I just used and tried it and it's fine.
  5. Disable all anti virus or anti malware. Fine for me even if my ESET is up and running. It will redownload the game. About 2296GB of file size.
  6. Torah is very helpful for me. :). If you just know how to use it. :). I will never replace Torah.
  7. To answer about pierce rate / spell pierce rate and pierce value / spell pierce value. This is my idea about it: Mystic Suppression example: No crit: 10k With Crit: 10k + 5k No pierce: 10k with spell pierce value (200): 10k + 200 (fixed / pierced / true damage) No crit: 10k with crit and spell pierce value (200): 10k + 5k + 200 (fixed / pierced / true damage)
  8. If someone who knows how to use pallies in PVP. Why would he/she share it? Everybody would just copy it and make them their own discovery. Heheh. Pally in PVP is easy. If you have experienced in playing MMO's then you don't need to wait for someone to guide. And if that someone knows, I bet he/she won't share it.
  9. Torah is useful for guidance. Guidance's damage reduction will be on effect right after Torah is used. I'm always using Torah and no problem in tanking. That's why torah has less damage to balance the skills. I'm a tank / dps templar by the way.