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  1. ****ing useless and ZERO support -
  2. @RedPanda any support on this - is flipping annoying and i cannot play
  3. for the last 2 weeks, when ever i launch the game on the ipad air2 - its saying disconnected / connecting I have found the game is dropping the wifi, now before you say its the wifi itself, its not, i am an IT Engineer and i have done lots of testing please can you check your account logs ( Quasar911 ) and you will see the drops Facebook game centre is fine Thanks
  4. should have been back up 4am GMT - its is now 9:30 am GMT ridiculous. good job i am at work
  5. still no legend chest
  6. I only have the one account and i still have not got my free chest for legendary item Quasar911 on Blazing Plains EU ( 356202 )
  7. just been in touch with a friend who works at Facebook UK Issue is indeed with Facebook Gameroom and they are working to get resolved No ETA on Fix.
  8. tera m is just a clone Lineage 2 is pants - far too cluttered
  9. still not got mine even though i had an email last week saying its on its way - pfft
  10. they should do do damage limitation on legendary drops say for example the legend drop rate is 1% for every 20 failed forges, the minimum drop chance increases 1% 0-20 forges 1% chance drop 21-41 forges 2% chance drop 42-52 forges 3% chance drop until a legend is hit and the drop chance reverts back to 1% ( a bit like how it working in warcraft )
  11. white raven, when the blue icon says something like Ending - thats when you need to click it - or you lose the fish, Almost the same as wows fishing where you HAVE to click when you see the hook pull.
  12. there isnt a race - we all stop at 55 anyway
  13. Why does someone else have my name after the server merge? :: the person who registered earliest should get to keep it if they are both the same level.
  14. ....and what are your obvious reasons ?? does not need another healer class - just need to make the healer a more enjoyable class
  15. and the problem is ........ well the problem is Lazyness.