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  1. Heya Folks, Just wanted to give an update on the next Event for Eternal Arena, as we know you are awaiting news. After looking at our schedule and discussing other work necessary for EA, we're going to release the next Event in June. As soon as I know the details, I'll go ahead and share them. I'm also working with the team to provide more communication on future events past June, so that you'll have a better idea of when to expect events moving forward. Thanks, Ocho
  2. We're currently testing a fix for the crashing issue. Once it is fixed you'll have to download a new build. Thanks.
  3. We think we've got a solution for impacted players, and are testing it now. As soon as it's ready we'll let you know.
  4. Hey folks, Our Engineering Team is looking at the issue and how we can resolve it. Thanks for sharing your information, this is very useful.
  5. Looks like a translation issue.
  6. Greetings Crusaders, Recently, we've noticed an uptick in the number of fraudulent purchases made, in an effort to obtain in-game items without valid payment data. Attempting these sorts of actions can and will lead to loss of items and banning of accounts. We're actively increasing our detection of these transactions and increasing punishments for those who indulge in this misbehavior. Thanks, The CoL Team
  7. These requests have been passed along.
  8. I'll mention the I Want You requests to the team. No specific date yet, I wouldn't expect super early in the month though.
  9. Our current thinking for the Hero for the next event is Bane.
  10. So here's how this works. First we get details on a bug (which we now may have). Then we do testing on a bug to verify it and understand it more thoroughly. Then we fix bug. Then we decide on punishment, look in to who abused said bug, and take any appropriate action. Fixing a bug may be easy or it may be hard. We may be able to fix it quickly, or it may take longer. We may take other action in the mean time to limit any use of exploits arising from said bug. That takes a lot of investigation. Because people didn't provide us details until very recently, we're still early in this process. We'll get any serious bugs fixed ASAP however.
  11. Again this sort of accusation is unsupported. If you have proof, or information that will help us prove this behavior, send a PM. If you do not, do not assert that this is happening.
  12. Using a bug to cheat is cheating. It's not ok, and is punishable. That being said we need evidence. We'll look into reports, but unsupported accusations aren't OK either. Anyone can accuse anyone of anything, that's not evidence of bad action. If you're serious about wanting to let us know that someone is doing something wrong, send a PM. Don't post it on the forums, it'll just be deleted.
  13. This is the first I've heard about something like this, has anyone else experienced anything similar?
  14. Peer support is for other players to provide advice on how they have resolved issues, staff will not respond there typically.
  15. We're aware and working on this one.
  16. And got news back super quick. Should be fixed with the next event!
  17. I'll mention it to the team.
  18. Penalties are escalating. The initial 30 minute suspension is a way of saying "Hey, we're watching you." This gives people an opportunity to realize they made a mistake and correct their behavior. It does not stay at 30 minutes if the user keeps making the same mistake.
  19. It can't be resolved on a forum. We value player privacy and won't discuss what people are or are not doing in public. Anyone who is willing to cheat is also willing to lie. Therefore any discussion is super pointless. If people think they were banned in error they should contact CS at the link I gave above.
  20. Trying to come up with a good Storm and Fury pun to respond with. Creativity failing me this morning however.
  21. It's a vanity function, not something to hide your identity with.
  22. To contact support visit http://CrusadersofLight.link/Support
  23. I mostly answer them when I see them, if it's a reasonable time frame. Forums occupy a very small slice of my time, and while I'd love to be able to spend more time on them it just isn't in the cards at the moment. Right now I'm working with the production team to develop a better schedule and cadence for events, both the current one we're planning and moving forward into the future. I have a meeting with the team later on today, and hopefully will have some news to share later today or tomorrow. Spambots are a very easy question, so they get easy answers.
  24. Any details on your system would be helpful. For instance what sort of phone are you playing on?