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  1. You should always get what you paid for. There's no question about that. Unfortunately, the only team that can resolve these issues is our CS team, so you have to go through them. That's why we try to direct these sorts of requests their way. Posting here asking for a quicker resolution doesn't help directly. It does, however, give us feedback about how people feel about our current CS performance, and that feedback is very useful and appreciated. Our CS times are longer than we'd like, but we're making progress in dramatically reducing them to be able to address issues like this faster. We definitely get the frustration, and apologize for the long wait.
  2. Hey folks, We've received a number of questions regarding Ascended gems, and when and where they will be available. These gems are indeed coming, and we plan to make them available starting with the next event cycle. Thanks, Ocho
  3. Player feedback from all sources is passed to the team, yes. This thread isn't any more special than any other thread in that regard.
  4. If you report a post I get an email, even on the weekends when I'm not working. We got 0 reports about spam from the weekend. Hence I did not get an email to check it. You help out, we clean it up quicker, everyone wins.
  5. When will Crusaders of Light launch on Steam? We will release of Crusaders of Light on Steam and launch the new Ferroc Camp Server in March. Can I play Crusaders of Light on Mobile and Steam and Facebook? Yes! As long as you have successfully bound your account to all the platforms you wish to play on, you will be able to play and retain your progress across all of them. What is the new Ferroc Camp Server? To celebrate our launch on Steam, we are releasing a new Server named Ferroc Camp, it will be located in UTC -8, (the Pacific Time Zone). Can I play Crusaders of Light on any server through Steam, or just Ferroc Camp? Yes. You will be able to play on any Crusaders of Light server once the game releases on Steam. Can I play on the new Ferroc Camp server if I am not playing on Steam? Yes! The new server is for everyone and will be accessible to players on Steam, mobile and Facebook Gameroom. Can we transfer characters to the new Ferroc Camp server? Not at this time.
  6. Coming this March we've got two huge developments for Crusaders of Light: Crusaders of Light is coming to Steam AND we're launching a new Server, Ferroc Camp! Make sure you get your Welcome Pack for Ferroc Camp, and sign up to get notified when these exciting initiatives go live! http://crusadersoflight.link/ferroccamp For further information, please see our FAQ:
  7. What is going on is CoL has crashed, and part of it is still running. You can end the process in the task manager as described above, or just restart the game.
  8. Have you completely quit out and restarted everything?
  9. Facebook should be completely normal now Tokie. What issues are you experiencing?
  10. EDIT: This issue is now resolved Hey folks, Unfortunately Facebook has not yet resolved their issue that is keeping Crusaders of Light from working on the PC. We are in contact with Facebook attempting to help them resolve this bug, and getting you back in Milura as soon as possible. Mobile players are unaffected by this issue. We'll continue to update this post as necessary until this issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience.
  11. I've mentioned Ingvar to the team. I'll also indicate there is some interest in seeing his event return. Thanks, Ocho
  12. Will be Rurik. We're also making some adjustments to the requirements to unlock the hero, so he should be easier to earn this time around. Thanks, Ocho
  13. So I just got back from a meeting with the EA team, and I can confirm we'll start our event schedule again for February. Later this week I should be able to give more details, and some hints at what else is coming later this year. Thanks!
  14. UPDATE: Hey Folks, This morning, a small update to the Android version of Crusaders of Light was mistakenly released. Unfortunately, the code was not compatible with the servers, leading to the game saying it is “Out of Date”. We’ve removed this download, so no one else will be impacted, but for those of you who did download this code we’re working on a fix that will be deployed with the maintenance tomorrow that should correct your problem. Tomorrow is a long way away, and we understand the frustration of not being able to log in. A number of players have reported that if they clear the game data, it has fixed the problem for them. You can find instructions they used here. Another option, although more extreme, is uninstalling and installing Crusaders of Light again. Only do this if you have bound your account to Facebook or Google Play, otherwise you will lose your character and progress forever. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this has caused, and look forward to you rejoining us in Milura once this issue is fully resolved. Thanks, The CoL Team Original Post: Hey Folks, Our Engineering and QA teams are hard at work to resolve this issue, and get you back to playing Crusaders of Light. We'll keep you updated as we learn more, and let you know when this issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience.