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  1. Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 5/24 Forging Normal Forging now has a better chance to grant Epic quality items. Enhanced Forging now has a much better chance to grant Epic quality items. Forging from levels 30-39 now has an increased chance to grant Legendary items. Forging just got a lot better, and we've mailed you some materials to get you started! Raids Fort Desolation (Heroic) now only allows the most experienced of Crusaders access, as is proper. It's just a little farther, a couple more days of quests; we know you can do it! Goblin Merchant The Goblin merchant now has new and interesting offers. He's capricious and easily distracted, so don't wait to grab these before he changes his mind again! Translation Translations of various text items in game continues to improve at a rapid rate. Translation ranking gone from B+ to A. We're climbing the leaderboard and aiming at S rank! Thanks, The CoL Team
  2. Balance is always being worked on, that never changes. Similarly there are always options that are more popular at a given time, and options that are underutilized. That being said, there is often uses for specific paths that is not immediately apparent, so never discount anything as useless.
  3. Hey folks, Currently in soft launch we're testing a lot of different stuff including differing aspects of our monetization, specials, and how you all react to different offers. Of course what changes are being made ideally should be communicated in the patch notes; this is an area we're actively working to improve. This is a new game and as such the communication pipelines often have some kinks that need to be worked out. The team is reviewing the prices to see if any mistakes went in, there's a few things we've seen that don't seem quite right, but please give us your feedback on every aspect of the game including this one so we can take it into account moving forward. Thanks, Ocho
  4. Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 5/17 Translations Continued to improve text in game. It's GPA has gone from 3.0 to 3.85! The Wind Elemental Emissary's title is now displayed in its full resplendent glory. UI Reputation Task names will no longer stack on top of each other on the map. Poor Guardian Battlefield was stuck on the bottom and had a terrible time of it. Rune Tutorial We've added a second instance of Rune Tutorial at level 33. It's important, you don't want to be stuck in remedial rune school! Thanks, The CoL Team
  5. Hey folks, Please avoid discussing how to evade app store restrictions on the Official Crusaders of Light Forums. We're super stoked you're excited about the game, but this isn't really the correct place for that. Thanks for your understanding, Ocho
  6. Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 5/10 Content Fort Desolation and the Guild Goblin have returned from a brief trip to the nearest pub. They have been thoroughly chastised and promise to be available at the proper times in the future. UI Numerous minor changes to improve readability and make sure all the text displays properly. Especially the bits at the bottom. Bug Fixes Found a few missed translations. The English is now much gooder. Surgewind Wilds is now properly plural. Other minor bugfixes. Thanks, - The CoL Team
  7. Crusaders is what we are generally using. Tree of Light is the name, but it is sometimes also potentially referred to as the Tree of Life. Light has life giving power. D'Praive. In general the people we talked in doing research to didn't feel that "Land of Glory" conveyed the concept of the game very well, and so we tried a few different concepts. Crusaders of Light was the best received. Thanks, Ocho
  8. In general if you have concerns about another player's behavior in the forums or other official channels, please let me know directly. Already got the other thread, and thank you for taking ownership of your actions.
  9. Hey Guys, Just wanted to settle this one. We love when folks make works (websites, videos, streams) that are intended to highlight Crusaders of Light or enhance other players' experience of the game. Things like Guides, wikis, videos, or website databases, are super useful to your fellow player and we think they're great. We don't encourage things like diving into source files or ANY modifications to the client, but gathering data in any normal sort of way is totally acceptable to us. Now some folks invest a lot of time and even money to be able to do this, and we do allow people to recoup some of those costs through advertising or promoted videos, and that's totally cool. We retain all rights, and this is limited to things that focus and add to the game; you couldn't use this to make physical products like t-shirts or your own game for instance. We can't offer any official support if you have certain types of advertising, especially if it's of an adult nature or anything that violates the Terms of Service, but we understand that these sorts of resources are costly to produce and maintain. So if you create a great wiki or database that has ads (or not), you're cool in our book. Same thing if you stream or create videos and monetize them. Just use common sense and you should be fine. And please let us know what you do make, we'd love to share it with other CoL fans! Thanks, Ocho
  10. It's our art. This kind of thing happens, I like to look at it as flattery. After all our art has to be pretty nice for folks to want to use it right? When you do see this kind of thing, and you want to let us know, a screenshot and the link are the most helpful things you can provide. That way our team can handle it appropriately. It is a darn nice image if I say so myself.
  11. Thanks, forwarding this on!
  12. Cleaned this one up. Please be friendly folks.
  13. We're aware of an issue preventing some folks from connecting to the game. It seems to be decreasing, but the team is continuing to look into it as we speak. Thanks, Ocho
  14. Will be in the next update, along with a few others. Thanks to those that brought this to our attention!