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  1. Huh? I have never experience a random generated player. Is this supposed to make up for lack of population? I don' ttink ttese exist...
  2. It will reduce once supply is higher than demand. Few weeks at Lowest then it will drop. I bought a pally sash for 150k and cape for 300k
  3. He needs to look harder in his bag. To make 1 blue gem you need to polish 8 green ones. So: 46/8 = 5 blue with a remainder of 6 green.
  4. I' working on it atm and i believe all skills (except the 2 new ones) need to be 55+. This includes legend bonus points and mystica. I just need to sacrifice some points from reigning sward as it is lvl 80 something.
  5. If it doesn' say that you can't use it then it' for your class. P. S. These bracelets are rare and are worth a lot on AH. So if you don' want the gold then you can identify. But be aware that if you identify then you cannot sell it.
  6. Another automated system. "Hello, we are currently experiencing a high volume of doing nothing. Please leave you S/N and your email address and we'll endeavour to compensate your guild mate."
  7. Surgewind wilds ftw. Most populated server...
  8. No worries mate. My point is that surgewind isn't really that far ahead. You mentioned in your original post that we have had more time to accumulate gold and my response was that our AH is more expensive thus balancing the spend of gold compared to the accumulated time. You mentioned the silver and my response was that earlier on netease was not providing as much silver as today. As for essence, most of the older players now discard it as it is useless to them. Netease won't do anything because they don't care.
  9. Quit your crying. I am from the "old server" and have changed to paladin which is only roughly a month old and i am already caught up without spending much. 52k GS Also your server AH is waaaaay cheaper so you crying is a waste of time. How about accept the situation and work hard to achieve whatever you want. It seems like it' mmre eeffort to communicate with Netease than to actually get things done ingame. Surgewind wild isn't actually that far ahead as during the early stages we did not receive the same amount of silver as we do today. So a solution for you is. Work hard and you'l aachieve goals. Sorry to be so blunt but enough of this entitlement.
  10. Imo go full lvl 20 diamonds first as they'e cheap. You should be able to make 1 every 2 days. As a scout or any dps unit, you need at least 110% hit rating. So i would go attack to get the crit rate to 45%+ then m. Def to boost the hit rating then work on hp for survivability in higher end raids.
  11. As I've stated in many posts. Netease America only bought the rights to the code from netease china. Meaning crusaders of light is a copy paste from the Chinese version with only language translation and minor functions that netease America develops. E.g gear inspect function. Since its a copy paste the full understanding of the code is not entirely there.
  12. As you're a new player it is fine to be that dar behind. The struggle you will face is getting to level 55. So forget about your path at this stage till you get to 55. You will then receive a huge xp bonus to help ypu catch up to current server path level. In the meantime i suggest find a helpful guild that will assist you in obtaining gear. Don' stress. Where there is will there is way.
  13. Have u tried an emulator?
  14. Yup, anything more than copy paste is too difficult.
  15. Hey mate. Abit late of a reply but imo if it is difficult atm to do things i would suggest to hold off doing trials. Stack them up and once server hits 55 you can quickly catch up as you will still get a xp buff if you're 2 levels or more behind the server. Once you hit 55 you will get a larger xp bonus as you'e well behind in path. Hope this helps.