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  1. Imo go full lvl 20 diamonds first as they'e cheap. You should be able to make 1 every 2 days. As a scout or any dps unit, you need at least 110% hit rating. So i would go attack to get the crit rate to 45%+ then m. Def to boost the hit rating then work on hp for survivability in higher end raids.
  2. As I've stated in many posts. Netease America only bought the rights to the code from netease china. Meaning crusaders of light is a copy paste from the Chinese version with only language translation and minor functions that netease America develops. E.g gear inspect function. Since its a copy paste the full understanding of the code is not entirely there.
  3. As you're a new player it is fine to be that dar behind. The struggle you will face is getting to level 55. So forget about your path at this stage till you get to 55. You will then receive a huge xp bonus to help ypu catch up to current server path level. In the meantime i suggest find a helpful guild that will assist you in obtaining gear. Don' stress. Where there is will there is way.
  4. Have u tried an emulator?
  5. Yup, anything more than copy paste is too difficult.
  6. Hey mate. Abit late of a reply but imo if it is difficult atm to do things i would suggest to hold off doing trials. Stack them up and once server hits 55 you can quickly catch up as you will still get a xp buff if you're 2 levels or more behind the server. Once you hit 55 you will get a larger xp bonus as you'e well behind in path. Hope this helps.
  7. Demon's oppression starts when you've spent twice the xp that is required for your character to level up. Meaning if you've leveled your path twice in a single character level you will get oppression. Unless you have reached max character level.
  8. Yup scaling is broken af. The jump between 45 to 46 is just way too high. I was lucky with my Paladin and managed to get it to path 65 before the new update and it's also 44k gs so it hasn't been too difficult but anyone with a ds score less than 40 will have trouble progressing at the moment. I think of Netease rethinks its scaling difficulties this system should be bearable.
  9. Unfortunately with the current system you cannot catch up to path level until the server reaches max level. If you pump the gained xp into path you will actually get a debuff and it will take you longer to level up. My advice would be to keep levelling up. If you wish to stay 2 levels behind you will receive a 200% xp buff but once you reach server level you will lose the buff. Although staying behind means you can help downscale dungeons in hope ppl will carry you.
  10. It has always been a crystal pack under purchases in play store. This saves their butt as you're buying crystals nit the items.
  11. With enough good pallys there will be almost no need for a healer. As most of the skills have a healing passive. Only one or 2 magels will be needed to off heal the tank and maybe some dps that don't know what a red circle is for.
  12. Same here I'm waiting for those crystal chests. Please fix!
  13. @Cryptus I know it is frustrating right now because of this system but once you reach lvl 55 the buff will come back. It is very unfortunate that you didn' get a chance to catch up prior to the level cap increase and unfortunately it just is what it is and the system is flawed. I don' believe they will re think the system at this stage as level 55 will be reached within a few weeks. You will just have to find a good guild amd make some friends who are willing to carry you for a little while. Sorry.
  14. It isn't a bug. As was previously mentioned. Since the character level cap has increased the bonus is now calculated by character level. Since majority of the server population is only lvl 46ish it means that you technically are not behind. Path level is currently ignored for the purpose of the bonus. Why you ask? Well someone who is path 63 and lvl 45 will not get this bonus meaning that they wil be left behind while the lvl 45 player with path 50 will get the bonus and has the potential to get to 55 quicker. Once the majority of the server get to 55 and so do you then it will switch back to path lvl cap calculations and you will be able yo catch up quickly. For example my Paladin is now lvl 45 with path 66. (server level is 69). This only took a month. I hope i managed to clarify some stuff.
  15. Do you know how expensive it is to get a legend to 320? If i got later in the game an exquisite after upgrading my crafted to 320 i would not go through that process again. I'd swap the L set over and dismantle the legend for essence to upgrade other pieces. If my crafted piece was only a few upgrades in I'd probably switch em as frost hearts are easy to get.