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  1. If you forge a attack or hp or w/e diamond that is below 1.1% you can dismantle and exchange for any diamond thus giving you all achievements.
  2. try sitting further away from your cinema screen. I'm not trying to be an ass but seriously? why play on a TV?
  3. once they up the level cap to 55, sky and Ash heroic will be mid level raids. unfortunately people forget that this "game" is a business and Netease need to make money to keep it going. For this reason they are not introducing content that is easily clearable. players will get bored and stop paying/playing.
  4. Tai chi panda 3 is a nice alternative to CoL but is Heavily P2W. Like ridiculously P2W. you can fully equip yourself within a few days. gameplay is simple and dungeon mechanics are terrible. hopefully I saved you some time.
  5. This has happened before. This is to boost prices in the market of blueprints then within a couple of week the BP drops will come back to normal.
  6. Hi netease, Please do your Android players a favour and push client 3.00 in play store. After i updated mine via a 3rd party website it has fixed almost all my issues. I don' uunderstand why this hasn't been done by Netease NA. This could actually make your players happy again. You have no idea how good it is to actually see the animation as it was intended and not have skulls and who knows what over the NPC heads. Also seems that the loggin is a lot smoother anf quicker. Again, please help your players with this simple solution. Especially now that L2R is out and people are comparing graphics.
  7. This potentially could be an option once some servers die. Otherwise they will just do a merge.
  8. L2R raid mechanics aren't as good. Feels like just a hack n slash without real strategy. Also i couldn't figure out hiw to move the camera. Seems its only 2.5D. Like others have said. Graphics is superior in L2R. Also something else i like is that mobs drop currency and xp. Overall i feel that gameplay of CoL is better than L2R but i wish the coding in CoL was smoother. There are too many bugs that just give CoL some negativity. Please try to focus on fixing the issues rather than shoving new content and creating more mess. P.S. Please hurry up and release client 3.0 for Android. I updated with an APK and it has fixed a lot of the visual bugs but i think this needs to be made more publicly accessible so as to provide Android users with a better gameplay experience.
  9. As a tank you should be balanced with both physical and magic defence. Maybe slightly more p.Def.
  10. I think the reason they have scaled all paladin skills off strength is so it is simpler. In theory as stated above m att should increase healing but a lot of the pali healing is part of the skill and not direct to a player. Except judgement.
  11. The reason they set the legend essence minimum sell price so high is so players don' mmx out their legends too fast and get bored quickly thus spending more real money to get quick gold to buy essence. Tbh most people would forge legends to get their own essence.
  12. Can you start it on 4g then turn wifi on to finish it? So obly download like 10mb on mobile data.
  13. Maybe it's not designed to glow. Same with the mystics legend.
  14. Imo first but lvl 40 rare (blue) as they are better than lvl 20 epics. Once you're fully equipped with those then start buying all lvl 20 attack ones (red or pink depending on your class). Start making lvl 20 diamonds. Once you're full diamond you can start on lvl 30s and so on.