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  1. My chat freezes if i use emojis or link gear. Current ii have to use the # then number if i wanna use emojis. If i link an item i have to kill the game and restart.
  2. Agreed. People forget that once lvl is increased we will be able to do chim and lush heroic easily which drop blood of titanus for free. It is currently already easy to get frosts. So it wont take as much effort to upgrade the later ones as most of the mats will be easily acquired. Only the set gear for upgrading may be time consuming.
  3. @Primaeva I'd like to apologize. I was reading up on the software RNG algorithm and seems it isn't actually random. I used a random number generator and did multiple tests with excel calculation. I took a range of 850 - 1000 (assuming dmg range) (median is 925) Results of 1000 numbers generated 924.169 Average Results of 10,000 numbers generated 925.2511 Average Conclusion: As @Primaeva has stated, Yes this set over time will increase your DPS.
  4. Netease won't even tell us the updates during an update, you think they will tell you the future of items in the game?
  5. @Primaeva Well your maths is incorrect. RNG mean Random number generator which then means the number is chosen between the 850~1000 range. So saying that on average you will hit on the higher range is incorrect. If your statement said "it has the potential to increase your dps" then yes you'd be right because it increases the range. I'm really sorry but random has no average. But in saying that, yes the median of the range has increased by 5%. Doesn't mean you'll hit the middle more often.
  6. In theory it should. As healing is scaled off m. Att
  7. I personally disagree with your opinion. That doesn't mean you're wrong. You make a valid opinion. It really depends on which way you want to look at it. At the end of the day both opinions are correct. This set still increases your dmg range and it is still luck as to which area of the att range you will hit. Potentially it could be an increase on dps as if you're hitting the higher end of the spectrum on average you will fo more dmg. I never told anyone not to use this set. I've said to test it on the dummies on another post about these. It is a personal choice and everyone should test before assuming or just accepting someone elses opinion.
  8. The only issue i see with the current system is that players are so quick to 45 that they end up under geared and umder experienced. Then they all pile into skyblaze and ash fort not knowing how to actually play outside of auto or actually sot to figure out the correct rotation for their class/path. I think once getting to lvl 40 the buff shoyld die down a lot as this is where the game really starts. Get heroics going them into ash and sky so that players at least have time to ask the rigjt questions to the more experienced players.
  9. Unfortunately rng is not equally. What this set does is increase the range of your att/dmg whatever you want to call it. It is rng on which part of the att spectrum your attack will choose. So if you are having bad luck then your dps will decrease. If you're having good luck than your dps will increase. It is all RNG.
  10. Yeah I believe the items need too be the same. AKA same level and gear.
  11. Divine reduces damage taken from monsters by 1%?
  12. All I can say is LOL. If you have such an issue with this, maybe make your own raid next time so you can control the auction. Such a silly thing to cry about.
  13. As stated in other posts. Netease are attempting this with the gift function. Unfortunately it is very limited and kinda useless. If Netease allowed a full trade this would actually break the game. Let's say you started an ALT and you crafted a legend. dismantle trade with main and bob's your uncle you saved 250k gold. This will also put stress on the market as players would just trade within ALTs instead of interacting with other players. Having trade would also open windows for gold sellers like in other games. This is something they are trying to avoid.
  14. if you have a look at your market. there has never been a crafted legendary there. These will always be identified when crafted. Just accept the fact that you've made a mistake and learn from it. Simples.
  15. Agility = dmg for rangers. If you've lost some that could be it. Also make sure your rotation is right. Razor, relentless, rally cry then blessed arrow.