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  1. Hi Leon, Accessories drop in the higher raids but at your level you should get some from reputation and some forged. At your level you can start forging level 30~38 blueprints (these will either drop from raids or you can purchase them from the market) Rating isn't the most important thing. For you it is all about getting that M.Att, spell crit and HP up. focus on making epic gems. They will pump up your rating. Buy gear from the reputation store. I see now they have added new Epic gear for level 30s using the medals. P.S forging doesn't come cheap so make sure you prioritize. weapons will be the most expensive but your best result output. DO NOT waste your time and gold on level 40s blueprints. they will not yield legendaries.
  2. When starting at end game AKA lvl 45. it is good to equip yourself with reputation gear. then you will be able to start equipping with dungeon gear.
  3. Ok so here's my 2 cents. Seems sshadow crystal drop from the login and dailies chests. Only place I've seen them so far. Mounts are purely for different looks while riding. To improve speed you will need to get the advanced riding book. If it is "strength" you are after than gems would be the way to go. As it is free to swap them between gear. As you get to higher level gear will drop from heroics and other raids. I've been told by other pros that they spend their gold on silver but personally i think it is kind of a waste. Silver can he obtained quiet easily. (it really depends how quickly you would like to progress). You also may want to keep gold levels around 50k later on as at skyblaze for example gear starts the bidding at 20k. Honestly there is so much usage for gold and it is really up to you and your game style. For those who want to progress quickly and increase your assess grade should trade gold for silver and make diamonds. For those who are not in a hurry. Take your time. Forge lvl 30 blueprints and try for those legendaries. Buying leaves is just too pricey imo. Sorry about my 2 cents turning into 200.
  4. Skills max out at 40 but witg the help of legendary items these can go higher. Path level i believe is maxed at 80. But currently the highest I've seen is 58. For runes i am also unsure. 40 is the highest ive seen and for that it requires 3 runes and 1 iron bar which costs just under 10k gold.
  5. Hi Apollo, You have to polish diamonds. This is done by using 5 epic gems and depending on the level also a number of grinders. After that you can dismantle the diamond to get a shard. This shard can be used to buy other diamonds from the gem man at fort plaza.
  6. Yeah I've been playing the Aussie softlaunch server for 2 months or so. We're already doing skyblaze. Level 45 with path of 54
  7. Best way to get essence is dismantling gear. All gear should give essence. Green will be 1 essence, blue more and purple will give essence and runes. Essence/rune chests will also give a lot of essence. They sometimes drop from online chests and dailies chests. Once you get to character level 35+ and are able to do all the raids (p.s. you can do 6 raids per day and get gear) you will get plenty of essence. About 100 per day. Once elemental quests are done you can no longer get rewards till it resets at midnight server time.
  8. That sometimes happens to me on mobile when I have a slow connection. Try a relog.
  9. You must remember that the guild war is designed for the 200+ member limit that guilds have. It is sad that unfortunately a lot of guilds do not have the numbers for this and if we were to have those numbers there would probably only be 5 guilds on the server.
  10. once you reach level 20 runes you will need some runes and essence. I think level 20 is 1 rune and 50 essence. I'm at level 30 which is 3 runes and 120 essence
  11. Hi Rocknroll, Stamina can be obtained by completing dungeons and raids. This is why you will notice that most players will be farming plants and vains during the evening of the server or early morning before doing the daily 3111, tials and agitated elementals.
  12. Yup, Global release made a small dent in Surgwind WIlds +10 Server, lots of merges happening. I wish there was a way to see the server population or like current players online under the server name in the selection screen.
  13. Android release.
  14. @RedPanda @Ocho Any update if the graphics issue will be fixed?
  15. I think that's a great idea. Although I think people forget that Highshard Valley is pure faction vs faction pvp and having this would be a distraction. Especially while the escort is happening and there are 30 people on either side and the whole point is to protect or destroy the cart. Players need to remember that it is an open pvp map and guilds and friends should not be a part of this. It is faction vs faction. since someone chose to be in an opposite faction they need to understand that they will get killed or kill their own guildies. I'm sorry to be arguing with you about this but it just frustrates me that people cry because they were killed by a guildie. I think a better option would be the ability to switch faction and to coordinate this with the whole guild so that everyone is on the same side. I am hoping that at the 3 month mark when it gets reset we will have this ability.