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  1. That’s bummer. Thanks for info. I’m getting the full ignore. Not even good enough to respond. Sad
  2. O no I was looking at the item when it discarded. Definitely glitch. You are right about justv10k gold. But it’s principle. It’s more about what it takes to get piece of gear. Can’t do that in a couple hours. Hell cant run same stuff for a week. They had error they should fix prob or replace lost item. I would if I ran the game. Customer is always right. Take care of your gamers they will spend spend spend.
  3. So I tried to discard a un identified piece of manaflame. Head piece. I had just bought a new helmet from raid for 10k gold and identified it. As I discarded the manaflame piece. It returned the manaflame to my bag and POOF My new helmet was gone. So far no response what so ever from customer service. They got my gold they’re happy. What do they care. It’s not like I have spent hundreds of dolllars on the game. O wait I have!
  4. I’m looking for any guides or thoughts on tanking with the pally. I know it’s brand new. But any thoughts will be useful.