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  1. I am hosting a tournament please register via the link below. Rules subject to change please use the registration page for the latest updates. Description Eternal Arena PVP 3v3 Tournament - Registration Ends October 7th 2018 - Matches will be setup through custom games. - Account must be in North America Region to register -- The Team Leader will schedule the match opponents Team Leader --- Opponents will be determined once registration ends. ---- Please take a screen shots of the match. Rules - No Oma & Rurik allowed - Team is automatically disqualified if players do not show up for the match. -- Team gets two attempts. Structure Tournament Timezone America/Los Angeles (UTC-07:00) Prize 1st Prize is $45 2nd Place is $15 Winnings will be sent via Paypal to each individual player on the team.
  2. After the server merger there needs to be some rebalancing / updates in the following areas: 1. Monster Hunt 2. Bloody Battle 3. Guilds 4. Guild Boss Monster Hunt Suggestions: Rewards for this needs to be expanded perhaps top 3 or top 5? A better solution would be to introduce a Monster Hunt shop. Have items such as Mythic Ore and Gems available. Based on MH rank the players gets points instead of items. Currently first gets Mythic Gem and Ore therefore the new first place should receive enough points for both items. Second should get a lower % of points and so on and so far. Even if I am rank 50 in MH I will get points which will eventually allow the player to purchase an item. This will make the rank in MH worth while. Bloody Battle The only players that will get rewarded diamonds is if you are high level player doing Bloody Battle every day. See suggestions #1 & 2. Numerous players have perfect scores by the end of the week and the tie breaker is how fast you finish the final Bloody Battle. This tie breaker system is flawed since everyone focuses on Friday to do it as quick as possible. Suggestion #3 should help this. Suggestions: Two fold system based on point ranking and percentage of possible points via Tier scoring. From a reward perspective please tweak as necessary. Top 50 rank players based on points would receive a static bonus on top of the reward restructure below. For example: 1st - 500 diamonds 2nd - 300 diamonds 3rd - 200 diamonds Top 4 to 10 - 150 11 to 20 - 100 diamonds 21 to 30 - 75 31 to 50 - 50 Additional rewards are based on the possible points by percentage and level. This would complete the two factor system. The top 50 rank players will get the static bonus plus the bonus percentage reward system below. For example if I'm level 50 and my max possible points is 1000 and I earned 800 points that would be 800/1000 = 80%. Based on that % tier I would receive X amount of diamonds. Level 50 to 70 range would have a max of 200 diamonds 100% - 200 diamonds 90% - 175 diamonds, etc. 80% - 125 diamonds Level 71 to 80 range would have a max of 250 diamonds. 100% - 300 diamonds 90% - 275 diamonds, etc. Level 81 to 90 range would have a max of 300 diamonds. 100% - 300 diamonds 90% - 275 diamonds, etc. Update Bloody Battle to fight against actual player teams that is randomized and preselected before the season starts. Each level range will have their own predefined opponents. No one will have a perfect score if they have to face a real players team. For example the system would generate the opponents for the week. All level 50 to 70 will face the same opponents. All level 71 to 80 will face the same opponents, etc. Guilds Suggestion Increase the guild level higher than 15 even if it does not do anything. Why? It will allow new players to know which guilds are active. It will put active guilds higher eventually. Add a filter to see the most points earned this week by guild so players can see the most active guilds. Guild War As a guild leader or officer you are allowed to attack for other team members. There are no player names associated to the team. Suggestion Please add the players name to the respective team. Guild Boss Suggestion Increase guild boss level which equates to more loot and increased HP. Most guilds hand out points based on boss attacks players do enough damage where only 10 players need to attack to kill the highest boss. We have to limit each player to one attack to allow opportunity for all players.
  3. @RedPanda @Ocho How about EA sponsor some diamonds and mythic gems for the winner as well?
  4. I meant October 7th 2017 not 2018.
  5. @RedPanda Maybe you can post it facebook?
  6. @RedPanda How about some sponsorship such as diamonds for first, second and third? First gets 500 diamonds Second is 250 diamonds Third is 100 diamonds
  7. It is getting quite absurd that level 1 heroes with high level gear have more resistance than a max level 90 hero and are getting more difficult to defeat. The point of the game is to level heroes and higher level heroes should be stronger. I have a few suggestions that could easily resolve this. 1) The equipment stats is equal to the hero level. If the hero level is 1 and the equipment level is 80 then the hero only receives stats as if the equipment was level 1. If the same gear is equipped on a level 78 hero then the gear level would be 78. If the hero was level 90 then the hero would receive the max stats of the level 80 gear. 2) Tier and cap the resistance by levels. My level 88 Rhag with 24,044 armor and spell resistance has a 71.73% resistance respectively. I would expect any lower level Rhag with the same equipment to not have a higher resistance %. Example: Level 80 and below the max resistance percentage 70% Level 70 and below the max resistance percentage 65% Level 65 and below the max resistance percentage 60%
  8. I had another thread regarding this with more details but it was deleted it seems. Additional suggestion in that thread was. 3) Do not allow a hero to equip gear that is 10 levels higher than the hero. For example if my hero is level 1 he can only equip up to level 11. In order to equip level 90 gear the hero would need to be level 80.
  9. PVP has slowly been dwindling thus it has been difficult to find games. This thread is to review these scenarios and provide feedback to help enhance or resolve these issues. Sorry for the formatting the forum does not like the original formatting I used. The main four issues are: 1. Low volume of players 2. Imbalanced heroes, this is a deterrent for rank game play 3. PVP game duration 4. Limitation of Hero selection Low Volume of Players Players are across the global yet we are restricted to play against only our own region. The lack of players does in each region does not help. In NA region normal PVP is nonexistent after reset (24:00 PST). Good luck finding any players after that time to match with. Suggestion on how to help solve this? PVP needs to be expanded across regions. · If a NA player is searching for a game at 12:01 AM they can be matched up with EU player that is playing at 9:01 AM. · This also helps rank game play. o Rank can have multiple rank windows. § For example NA would have 11:00 to 14:00, 19:00 to 23:00 as the standard windows plus the other EU windows. · Additional time windows would be 17:00 to 20:00 and 2:00 to 6:00. § EU would benefit from additional NA Rank time windows as well. Imbalanced Heroes For RANK what are the two most imbalanced heroes? The first is Oma and the second Rurik. Why are they imbalanced? 1. Oma A. Skill: It honestly takes no skill to play Oma in rank. You basically use shield and fear. This is why you will find high rank players teaming with low rank Oma players to get easy points. You no longer have to rely on a good third player. B. The fear is overpowered even if the host is stunned Oma still has his full capabilities. C. His range projectile makes it nearly impossible to escape when combined with the frost rune. D. After the host is killed he still has full health and is difficult to kill and simply hops into another host. E. Suggested Options: i. Remove Oma from rank he adds no value to the overall experience. ii. Oma tweaks: 1. Oma should take damage if the host is damage, it’s a symbiotic relationship. If the host is killed you should have 50% or less HP as well. 2. If the host is stunned Oma should be stunned he should not be able to fear and continue to do damage. 2. Rurik A. Skill: This is the only hero where after you die he still impacts the outcome of the game. i. Ghost should NOT be invincible. ii. Ghost should NOT last the entire duration until the hero is revived. B. Suggested Options: i. Make ghost targetable so he can be killed and lower the amount of time. Let the players decide who is imbalanced! A. Suggested Options: a. Allow each team leader to choose a hero the other team cannot select. This will help prevent over powered heroes and force players to try other heroes in PVP. There are other heroes that are decent / good however no one will try them in rank because these two are over powered. PVP Game Duration Games in Twilight Forest could take upward to 20 minutes. What happened to Stony Gorge? It is has been missing for what 9 months? It’s been so long I’ve lost count. Does it really take that long to reintroduce a map? Suggested Option: · Bring it back even if it is unbalanced let the players decide. Limitation of Hero selection There are free weekly trial heroes that incentivizes players to play PVP. There is no real option to truly enjoy PVP without grinding and trying to collect all the heroes. This may deter players that are only interested in PVP. Suggested Option: · For X amount of diamonds perhaps 50 to 150 a day you can unlock all the heroes and be able to PVP.
  10. When is Rough (Mythic) Ore coming to events?! It's been 7 months (December, I believe) since Jewel crafting was added and no events have had any. When can we expect to see it? Ideas: 1) Level 135+ boss should drop mythic ore. 2) In the honor supply there should be a Jewel Supply option that has mythic ore and other polishing required items as part of the package. 3) Mythic ore in PVP shop to promote PVP 4) In guild shop ability to exchange epic gems for mythic ore or even mythic gems. 5) Duel shop the ability to buy Mythic Ore?
  11. @RedPanda @OchoUpdate?
  12. 1. Low Volume of Players Server merge does not resolve the problem that PVP is dead during late night times. The merge allowed players to team up easier and communicate. Please read my suggestion again on why PVP across all regions will help the game. 2. Imbalanced heroes, this is a deterrent for rank game play Is there a time line for this? 3. PVP game duration Why is it so difficult to simply put back the old map? Why does it take discussion to put it back in? We don't see what it inhibits. 4. Limitation of Hero selection The idea behind it was to target a specific player type. Some players may want to only PVP which should be fine. They should have the option to unlock all heroes for X diamonds and play PVP. Some players aren't interested in the grind of collecting all the heroes and waiting for hero like Rurik to be in the trial team may take forever. If you allow the unlock at least everyone in Rank PVP can pick the over powered Rurik.
  13. Bane is roughly 10.4k diamonds if you simply log in and do the daily free hero and blacksmith draw. They have announced Bane for months in advance. If you haven't saved the diamonds and can't finish the event this time around they will do the event again in the future and you can get Bane that way without spending. Get some facts straight before you rant.
  14. There is no bonus with increasing rank what are you talking about? A private and a marshal do the same amount of damage.
  15. I understand what you are suggesting now however based on their implementation mechanism I'm fairly sure there is not a separate algorithm for PVP versus other modes. Manipulating it that way would only balance PVP and would make him even stronger in the other modes due to gear.
  16. Omaeus Omaeus + host is not that easy to kill. If it was that easy to beat you would not see players crying when Omaeus is used for normal PVP. In rank play it is currently a must if you want to get to Marshall. Try going up against a good player with Omaeus. Not only will they destroy you going 2 vs 2 they will beat you 3 vs 2. For example I am able to play 3 accounts simultaneously (Viscern + Oma with Hark) versus 3 real players and win matches. Omaeus with a host will control a lane easily. You need a good and well coordinated three players to compete without Omaeus and even then one mistake and the match is virtually over. Omaeus teams typically find a way to win in the end. When I cannot find a team will simply queue up with my alt account as Oma and play with a random as a third. The average match would be 15 kills for me with 1 or 2 deaths. The random player would have to be pretty bad in order for me to lose. Regarding his HP if you reduce his HP then his value to the host is reduced as well. Only 20% of his HP is boosted to the host. It may make more sense to reduce his resistance since he normally does not require it since he is typically in the host. PvP Game Duration I don't have any gripes over the twilight map duration typically the game will be under 10 minutes. If you have a good team the other team will typically surrender after 5 minutes. The only long matches are between two good teams and in that case its fun to play it out. Having that possibility of a long match may deter some players. We have been missing the stoney gorge map for quite some time which is a quicker map. When stoney gorge was available there would be barely any games in twilight map. I would re-introduce that back first before making any changes.
  17. @RedPanda @Ocho Feedback? What is going on in PVP? AFK in PVP Another issue is AFK in PVP. It is quite annoying and we need a deterrent for it. You can load the game and do not move and still get rewarded points. Suggested Option: There should be an option where your teammates can mark you as AFK and if you do not respond within 30 seconds you will get no rewards.
  18. Global Invocation In the activity tab for invocation you can only see your servers invocation while in actually you can invite friends from different servers to invoke with you. Why not update the activity tab across all servers to make it a "global" activity tab? The functionality is already there you would need to modify it slightly. Global Chat Why not have a global chat where all players across all servers can chat? The world chat should remain for server specific functionality such as guild recruiting. Typically chat in this game is quite dead this would create an increased community.
  19. This is not the normal 3* hero this is a 4* hero event typically means you will need diamonds saved to summon her. F2P should be saving their diamonds to use during events if they wish to get 4* hero for free. They have posted that this 4* hero is coming for several months and in the past roughly 20k diamonds will get you the hero. Anyone playing this game and spending all their diamonds daily haven't patterned this game out. Even if you did not get her she's still in the tavern for people to get lucky. Also they said they will have have the hero event again. If you are F2P you should always have a minimum of 20k diamonds saved which takes 1.5 to 3 months depending on how active you are. I have 4 F2P accounts and I've been able to get all the 4* heroes Kage, Rurik and Oya without spending a dime. Maybe you didn't notice but all the event items are obtainable by doing 10x hero draws before in previous events you would have had to spend money. Hopefully in the future events this will still occur there are quite a bit of mythic gems and items. Give credit to where credit is due they allowed F2P players to get the hero and all the items but you would have had to save in advance or wait till the next Oya event. If you didn't save then you would need to drop some cash which seems more than fair.
  20. I analyzed your calculations and posted it in the google document below: Options to obtain her: Option 1: Free to play it will take 7+ events for a free to play player to get her if they do not draw her out of the tavern. Option 2: It will require 5100 diamonds purchased on two events roughly $160 bucks + all tasks. Option 3: It will require 5100 diamonds purchased + all tasks and 93.6k diamonds to summon her this event. Who in their right mind would spend $1,337 to guarantee to get her in one event? Option 4: Doing no tasks and diamonds only 1800x8x13.5 = 437k+ diamonds for her which is $6,300+ .... seriously? Summary: Why not increase the number of soul stones in the event and make it only 3 events for a free player to get her? We currently have one hero event every month with the current design it will take at least 7 events. Thats 7 months which seems absurd. Perhaps increase the duration of the event instead of a week do two weeks? Why not make her free for 7000 diamonds for $99? Why require two events? I don't even see why there would be an option #3 or #4.
  21. Are you logged into the same facebook or google or iOS login?