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  1. @RedPanda @Ocho Bring back the momentum and new content! Its almost been 8 months since this post.
  2. PVP balancing? @RedPanda @Ocho
  3. @Ocho @RedPanda No progress
  4. Thanks for fix; the new version fixes the iOS 11 reloading issue as well however the artifact menu button causes the game to freeze now. @RedPanda @Ocho
  5. Well this update introduced the same bug that we have seen before where there is only the "Review_US" server. Please DO NOT update to this version until they fix it. You WILL NOT be able to play. NetEase if you can't push out a fix why not provide the old version back in the App Store? I've contacted support and no response.... @RedPanda @Ocho
  6. @RedPanda @Ocho What are the new updates? There was great momentum and now it seems to have gone back to the original pace.
  7. Not completely accurate the Maha weapons and accessories were available in the gear up event a few months back.
  8. Why isn't Ingvar in the Tavern yet? It has almost been a year..... @RedPanda@Ocho Eternal Arena November 24, 2016 · Introducing our newest hero, Ingvar - Might of Hurricane! Available in game today, Ingvar’s collection of battle blades is more than impressive. Between his hurricane axes, giant “Cleaver,” and battle axe named “Squall,” we’re sure you’ll find a piece of steel to your liking. So after you carve up your Thanksgiving turkey, summon this formidable foe and watch him do the same to your enemies! We hope he becomes a welcome new addition to one of your teams!
  9. Oya has been released for several months and she is almost unusable. I've been patiently awaiting a patch but this time length is getting absurd. In duel and guild war there is a glitch that prevents the battle from finishing correctly. Against Kage with Oma if you kill Kage he still remains on the screen and is unkillable and Oma slow kills your other heroes. This is the newest hero and she does not work correctly. When is this going to be addressed? I've opened multiple tickets and it is always a work in progress. I would like to be compensated my 6k diamonds for talents + 8,100 essence back for a hero that is useable in the game. I can put it towards another hero. @Ocho @RedPanda
  10. @RedPanda@Ocho Updates? This post is almost 4 months as well.
  11. @RedPanda@Ocho This is approaching 5 months since this post has been created. There has been no action or updates.
  12. @RedPanda @Ocho How about EA sponsor some diamonds and mythic gems for the winner as well?
  13. I meant October 7th 2017 not 2018.
  14. @RedPanda Maybe you can post it facebook?
  15. @RedPanda How about some sponsorship such as diamonds for first, second and third? First gets 500 diamonds Second is 250 diamonds Third is 100 diamonds