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  1. The point of the topic was that he was released once and hasn't been in the tavern since. People do use him in PVP and his synergies are useful.
  2. @Ocho If you could kindly fix this on iOS devices.
  3. What is your specific question? Hard to provide advice otherwise. The game is a good game but once you reach the end game there has not been much new content for a while.
  4. @Ocho @RedPanda Certainly its time to add him to the Tavern. It's been over a year.
  5. These two games are not their only bread and butter. They develop numerous games the problem becomes maintenance, support and enhancements it is unfortunate.
  6. iOS Artifact enhancement and upgrades freezes the game (version 1.57783.54431). After you do an enhancement or upgrade an artifact on an iOS device it freezes the game. You have to close the app and log back in. The original bug was fixed where the artifact page would freeze the game entirely but now the functionality within the page has the same problem. I've reported in game via the support but there has been no update. It is quite painful to do 30 enhancements by restarting the application each time. @RedPanda @Ocho
  7. For Duel somewhat but for guild war he is still useable to a certain extent.
  8. @Alex @RedPanda @Ocho Where is the love? Or an event please....
  9. @RedPanda @Ocho Bring back the momentum and new content! Its almost been 8 months since this post.
  10. PVP balancing? @RedPanda @Ocho
  11. @Ocho @RedPanda No progress
  12. Thanks for fix; the new version fixes the iOS 11 reloading issue as well however the artifact menu button causes the game to freeze now. @RedPanda @Ocho
  13. Well this update introduced the same bug that we have seen before where there is only the "Review_US" server. Please DO NOT update to this version until they fix it. You WILL NOT be able to play. NetEase if you can't push out a fix why not provide the old version back in the App Store? I've contacted support and no response.... @RedPanda @Ocho
  14. @RedPanda @Ocho What are the new updates? There was great momentum and now it seems to have gone back to the original pace.
  15. Not completely accurate the Maha weapons and accessories were available in the gear up event a few months back.