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  1. been trying out fishing, sometimes I cast but no fishy bites, but it still cost me stamina.. thats normal??
  2. I think I read something in this forum bout similar thing happening to another netease game, cept its worse for them coz even their forum is silent
  3. tsk.. when ignorant people thinks they know everything unless this is a sarcasm post..
  4. nerfed.. just like what they said inthe notes. makes me wonder if they really intend gylfi to be impossible at first but players still killed him lol
  5. they pretty much said it ol.. In the end legendary is superior, divine gears are loke nerfed versions of legendary, lets just lets why legendary is better. Legendary Pros: -Cheaper to upgrade, some pieces can be easily upgraded to grade 320 while divine soft cap is 240 -Legend stat (pink stat) can be rerolled for specific stats u need, divines pink stat is fixed -reforging legendaries has a chance to get skill + stats, divine doesng have this the only advantage of divine gear is that its way easier to obtain. while legends are endgame gear which what is everyone should be working on. my advice if yar broke, divine is better than other gears so use it while aiming for legends.. just dont upgrade past 240, its not practical, plus when you are swapping out your divine with legends you can dismantle it for a divine essence which you can use to get a legend essence, so its not a total waste.
  6. I dont mean being killed literally, lol I mean the class as a whole.. I think most new players looking for a melee tank class will roll paladins..
  7. I think this will hurt mystics less than the palas did to warriors.. assuming , this wizards has no heal path., i have always viewed mystic as priest type class anyway.. so we need a true wizard. ..also i paladins may not have killed us off yet.. but they're almost there
  8. OMG its GYLFI my nightmare coming to haunt me again
  9. im playing a fang, gear is average.. dps is around 14k, switched to exe briefly, and was able to hit around 17-18k..just note that I dont have my runes adjusted for exe skills then.. so it could have been higher if I did. I did return to playing as a fang then.. I find dps as fang more stable and consistent.. plus you deal permant debuff to enemies armor, and a crit boost to allies
  10. plus.. we can reset pretty much all skill related things in the game anyway.. so why not add one for star circle.. its way more expensive.. an yeah a reset will help
  11. .. they can, actually they're waiting for it .. just a different kind of grinding
  12. transmog is a luxury feature.. us free players just have to be happy we are goven the option to grind it sux I know.. but I doubt theyll change the transmog requirements
  13. its legit.. bluepanda can confirm it
  14. Lunarian Assasin Those who dwell in the Shadows, unseen and deadly. Barbaric Shaman Able to harness the powers of the elements and proficient in concocting potent potions. BOTH CLASSES WILL BE RELEASED ON APRIL 1, 2018 .. along with class change feature.
  15. i just opened 37 prosperous chests o one account and 24 on another.. got zero pan fried on the first accnt, and got 11 on the other.. im not sure if this means the odds are lowered. or just plain rng