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  1. yep.. guilds can still compete in speed by beating the boss alone, I think we already have so many dailies to finish and cutting down the time for mystika is very much welcome
  2. aw guess, its a NO . ..
  3. Mystika.. a realm where renowned monsters of great powers are gathered.. yep turn Mystika into a BOSS FIGHT only dungeons and remove the boring kill mobs part. it may be better since fighting bosses mystika is fun and challenging, but killing the mobs take too much time and is boring.. tnx tnx hope to see it next update
  4. oops I just remebered theres this so.. it may not be netease but just the CoL team thats lacking..
  5. iirc.. I also suggested similar idea ages ago but kt just went poof. the way I see it Netease doesnt value customization that much, like what above said, -Character avatars, no customization -Guild Emblems, generic -Transmog, poorly implemented and still lacking -Guildhouse, generic and identical -Character Creator, none existent -Armors, too few and too many sets share the same look. This may be passable if CoL is a new game.. but its not, we had so many patches already and the only customization related update we had is the transmog which would have been grea if it was more accessible, so yeah in conclusion netease either doesnt priotize customization features ir just just have no idea how to do it right. im looking forward to bdo mobile though, from what I see in the korea. version it has great customization features.. dunno bout the game in general though.
  6. tnx for the info, since you gave us the complete info we need, your gems will be back in 6 months, we appreciate your patience regarding this matter.
  7. I dont see this as something to complain to the devs about.. ..but thats just me though
  8. haha.. i'm not sick and in need of recovery though.. but tnx for your concern pre.. sa tingin ko pinoy ka.
  9. im a filipino.. and I cry a lot, it feels good ya guys should try it
  10. I think the issue mostly is becoz there are do sets that arr way useful than some d1s.. and its really sux not being able to swap them when u dont have full lehendary sets yet... but yeah, its not a major issue that you cant cope with.. just get your legendaries and reroll..pray.. reroll.. pray more..
  11. tnx for the clarification panda..
  12. we just received ingame mails.. that states the exact opposite of what they said on the stream.. thats why op is asking for clarification.. hope that clarifies anything and it doesnt hurt to read the post before replying for any clarification..
  13. I think its easier to see class unblances if we have the class swap feature.. the class population will speak for itself then.. to achieve class balance gets harder the more classes are added to the game, in some cases it is impossible .. so if we wait til netease balance all classes.. by that time I think I may have moved on to other more interesting games.. theres a lot coming out this year afterall
  14. ok ok.. I think I may have received undue compensation.. I dont remember losing gold or any item, but I received GOLD.. a whooping 1,600g .. gratz to me, lil there goes my dignity, yes I read that part fusion