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  1. Visit the link below for more:
  2. Beriothien,you have done nice job explaining your opinions about the game. Here i would like to share some of mine: About Auto feature -All i wanna say is, remove auto path but keep the auto attack and follow feature in the game. It makes the game lot better than it is atm. About Looks -Add character customization such as hairstyle, face, body,etc (like in OaC) -Add transmog. About Gameplay -So many invisible walls which blocks us even though we can go in the otherside by another way and also some invisible walls which makes us look like we are floating above the objects. -Add mount hunting rather then buying them using gems as in OaC. -Optimize game cause it lags in good devices in High or Ultra settings. -Remove auto flying to any location at any instance when we are in combat. About Animation & Cinematic -Animation is poorly implemented as Beriothien said. -In Cinematic, voice over of the main characters of the story is missing. Hope NetEase will consider this as a good source of advice to improve the game further.
  3. Actually, you can do multitasking faster on pc than phone while on auto mode in the game. And also if your phone's battery is low, then you can continue it on your PC while charging your phone. Making game available in PC rather than only on your phone helps a lot.
  4. Just to share how we can play the game in pc for now. ^^
  5. Thank You ^^ I will be posting more gameplay in the future.
  6. U forgot to mention about the feature to be able to do Dungeons in Solo.