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  1. They dont work anymore for netease. Nobody of netease reads anything of this. How many treads you wabna open of this ****. This game is dead they just look to make money with you and other things they dont care
  2. Its easy just tell them a random name that he is using speedhack and he got banned. They dont check it. We did this in guild with a little twink just to see what happens.
  3. That was just a random ban like netease style
  4. Hey Tinydragon nobody else says it but i hope you will make do a better job as dont remeber there names other ppl or you just another one that ignore us
  5. I hope you will send out missing gems and other stuff what ppl lost also
  6. Gz its not a wednesday what you wanna say us with that post
  7. Same like netease i.... support people they dont read or answer of anything. Just say fu.. c .... you, maybe you will get 500k compensation.Or you tell them what you lost and get a mail after 1month with ooooo we are so sorry . Maybe you can make a screenshot of your lost items yeah sure support you lost your brain. I know where .
  8. Thats right its your mistake and other players still wait for there compensation. Support ignores players since 2,3,4 weeks no answere from them thats a nice support maybe i should do that at work and ignore emails phone calls my boss would be happy. Maybe that why old player stop playing or sell there accounts pissed of of you and your random compensation and waiting for weeks for a simple answer of a question
  9. Now i got compensation on my alt HE LOST NOTHING and get 60k gold and 100 crystals. Nice job
  10. I lost about 140k gold. Yesterday you sent me back 10k gold and 100 crystals, its like your gem f... just send random things to your players. Thx Netease thats why you loose more and more players
  11. Nice job netease because of no support and lost accounts you made it the a lot of people stoped playing so the server are almost dead great job