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  1. On CN patch 1.1, Netease refunded back 23iron a15scale back for each legend equipment anyone identified before the patch. On top of that, they returned 10% of the 480k gold as an apology. On global version we already paying 8 times as much as CN players for crystal yet we get no refund of our material. This is the treatment of 2nd class citizen.
  2. Before today's update is 28iron and 20scale. now is 5iron and 5scale. so 380k gold cheaper....
  3. So you guys just reduced identify cost of legend dramatically...are u going to refund people the 400k gold from previous identifications? @RedPanda
  4. i think 2 piece twsited should have dps increase, same with 3 piece manaflame. If the boss stand still in the twisting wind
  5. you can get the refund off google play even outside 48 hours. Just give their support a call
  6. I think as long as you send them the screenshot with GPA number, they should be able to trace the purchases. That's what happened with my first failed batch. The only shame is that they can't add the points to your top up reward...I hope they can give some compensation for that
  7. Yeah. got another successful but failed purchase last night. I think it's a merchant bug. I bought the light of dawn package yesterday morning and it popped up again within 12 hours before reset, I don't think it's suppose to do that. But still went ahead to buy it and I was right. Probably need to fix the merchant refresh
  8. Thanks yotam, thanks for the tips and correction
  9. im planning to stay as well since our live in Aus. I hope they can turn this server into SEA server. Even if it means to move the event time 2 hours later to accompany sea players time schedule
  10. Opend 5 light of dawn today and got a mystic legend sash, then crafted few bp got a ranger legend legging, but my legging already SS set gear, probably have to dismantle it to use as mats
  11. 1. The gear drop announcement is in system channel. problem people don't talk too much is because world chat costs stamina. But I do hope people can chat more in race chat. 2. Legend gear has their own unique looks,epically the leaf exchanged ones have complete different design from normal gear. Crafted legend weapon has effect also, e.g. lightening effect for Rangers bow. 3. I do hope there will be costumes introduced soon. But let's hope it's not another p2w part of the game.
  12. Hope newcomers can find the video useful. There will be more contents to come.
  13. Doesn't matter what the conversion rate is, they should make it at least consistent
  14. @RedPanda I know most mobile games set a certain rate during certain period of time instead going for the exchange rate. But say today usd to aud is 1 to 1.33 Your $10usd pack charges me $15 aud thats cool (1 to 1.5) but your $50usd pack charges me $80aud (1 to 1.6) thats not cool. it's not that the extra $5 is a big cost, but you have to standardise your own conversion rate across the boars. Either make it all 1 to 1.5 or all 1 to 1.6 its just weird to pay more per $ for larger deals as they suppose to be better so people are attracted to buy them