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  1. Why not global release both on the 20th then? It keeps everyone on the same start date. Just mho
  2. I have guild forged a epic level 30. I have yet to see guild forged legendary.
  3. I saw what you did there...
  4. I was thinking of getting the V20 at the time I got the S8+. I had a G2 for years until just last month it started crapping out on me. I couldn't pass up the the S8 due to the cpu and I have never had a Samsung.
  5. Being unable to move my toon from one server to another is the reason that I refuse to spend money on a toon that I will probably not use anymore after NA server is up and I start all over. I think a lot of people are thinking the same thing and I would hope NetEase would take that into consideration...maybe a 1 time transfer for free at official game launch. IMO
  6. I joined a guild through Race Chat. I think it narrowed it down instead of going through World Chat. IMO
  7. I will see what I can do.
  8. So I should stop speccing all 3 and concentrate on my healing? I am level 28 Mystic and I am a healer
  9. I play on a Samsung S8+ So far, no problems on highest settings
  10. So...why can't I find this in the app store??? HaHa... ...ok, I will go sit in the corner now
  11. Khronkee is a Mystic noob lvl 26. Came from OaC AF server. I am on CoL AU server.