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  1. I knew that. I was looking at dismantle for shards
  2. Sorry, I wasn't specific enough. Dragoneye gems, can a shepherd polish? Reason I ask is that when I try to polish Dragoneye, it does error or anything
  3. May be a dumb question but, Can a shepherd polish attack gems?
  4. I have finished it 3 times, once at level 45 and twice at level 46. It is a tough fight, you will die a lot but it is doable
  5. Bring them together and attack them. They do aoe damage to each other along with your attacks
  6. I cleared it as a level 45 with 2 level 46, a war and a mystic dps. We just respawned until Gylphy died. With that said...has anyone else tried it with a lower level?
  7. Full heals MAY be able to complete the new quests, but it is a long tedious stressful process.
  8. Try to abandon quest and do it again
  9. We Sheperds are healers. That's what we do, whether we heal ourselves or someone else. Yeah, ask a healer not to heal
  10. Netease doesn't tell anyone about anything concerning updates until after the fact. You knew the lucky draw was giving too much and being exploited, you knew, deep in your heart, it was gonna get nerfed
  11. I agree. I always pm the person before I invite
  12. RedPanda is just trying to help you. Condescending will not help your cause
  13. Gems? The ones you embed in equipment? Or crystals? The ones you can use in Trading House?
  14. Maybe go outside and play? 😂😂😂
  15. That's what a healer does...heals. Heals himself, mages, warriors and rangers. Be careful of what you wish for. Mana consumption is fine where it is. Use you stuns and time them.