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  1. We Sheperds are healers. That's what we do, whether we heal ourselves or someone else. Yeah, ask a healer not to heal
  2. Netease doesn't tell anyone about anything concerning updates until after the fact. You knew the lucky draw was giving too much and being exploited, you knew, deep in your heart, it was gonna get nerfed
  3. I agree. I always pm the person before I invite
  4. RedPanda is just trying to help you. Condescending will not help your cause
  5. Gems? The ones you embed in equipment? Or crystals? The ones you can use in Trading House?
  6. Maybe go outside and play? 😂😂😂
  7. That's what a healer does...heals. Heals himself, mages, warriors and rangers. Be careful of what you wish for. Mana consumption is fine where it is. Use you stuns and time them.
  8. You are incorrect. Once you get to a certain reputation, you do not get more exp by running the quests. But you can get more rep by farming mobs
  9. Correct on smooth instead of ultra...I stand corrected
  10. S8+ runs smooth. 40 man raids can lag just a bit if resolution not turned down. Overall I recommend it. PS. Anyone accidentally hit the home screen when trying to hit that 5th skill?
  11. Fantastic suggestions. Heroic is flagged too
  12. I too got the top secret achievement. But, sadly, I never get legendary crystal
  13. I received my pre registration email and gift code. The Ram mount is cool.
  14. @RedPanda Just watched the facebook video of you introducing the $400,000 challenge. Good job and nice to put a name with a face
  15. It's called and demand.