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  1. Wait until new class arrive. Element Mystic!! pam! pam! paaaaaaaammm! (drum rolling)
  2. Someone need to wake up the sleeping panda
  3. Maybe you can just transfer your character exp into talent exp(path) if you don't want to level up your character.
  4. They had to. If not, this game will close soon because no one buying their crystal.
  5. maybe graphic card problem? mine no problem so far on fb gameroom
  6. You just need a good tanker and at least 2 healer. Watch speedfeak video on youtube.
  7. Ok I think this problem is solved. There is no problem with the gameroom it self, the problem is you need a good high speed internet connection to download it if not it will reset to 0mb because it couldn't get trough the busy line. hope this help. Topic closed.
  8. nah..all is needed is a GUNNER CLASS to make it more enjoyable. dot
  9. Wow this dude said his father just suicided himself yet this dude still playing games and killing low lvl like he would'nt care at all. Are you even a human? Huhu you should rest from playing games if you really sad about your dad.
  10. This problem not solved yet. Wait till next year, the developer team already on Christmas and New Year holiday.
  11. Wew I though I'm the only one having this issue, you see I'm having this problem even before the update. So I really have high hope when the update came but it's still the same. Well at least now I can download it until 300mb because before it's 150mb only hahaha. Feels like they ignoring us. @RedPanda Hope you guys can do something about this issue. Thanks.
  12. 20kb/s is too slow man. You need better internet connection.
  13. Add more section in Forum: 1. Each Class Guide Section: Instead going trough all pages in this forum, it's better if each class have their own discussion page. 2. Guild Section: Easy to promote guild or guild discussion 3. Suggestion Section: Easy way for developer to receive any in game feedback or suggestion to improve the game from ppl