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  1. I don’t even think anyone works On forums anymore.
  2. @TinyDragon Thank you very much! Hopefully this gets resolved!
  3. At least a response would be nice.
  4. @Ocho @TinyDragon So I’m not sure what to do at this point. I’ve put in a ticket through email, through elf, and have posted on the forums. No response from elf or acknowledgment from you guys on the forums but here is the email I received which I’m pretty sure is in response to a different gem bug earlier in the week. On March 8th around 13:59 server time I was swapping gems out of my ring in my bag to test to see if pvp gems worked in rings or pendents. When I removed my lvl 30 Mountains of Light out of my ring instead of going into my bag they just disappeared. I would at least like some acknowledgement that this bug exists and is being worked on. Also would like to know the if the team is working on getting my gems back. I feel there should be a post by you guys letting people know that this bug is out there and to be careful while swapping gems from rings and pendents. If it were normal gems I probably wouldn’t even say anything but, two lvl 30 Mountains of Light is extremely exspensive and I don’t think I need to tell you guys that. I just want my gems back that I worked hard getting as well as used real money. Thanks, Vexic Thundercall Forest SN: 359833
  5. Well then there is a new bug that needs to be looked at and this is not a joke or a scam. Check out my char around 13:59 server on March 8th. I REMOVED 2 Level 30 MOUNTAINS OF LIGHT FROM MY LEVEL 40 ring and they just vanished. Instead of going into my bag like they should have they just disappeared. Vexic Thundercall Forest SN 359833
  6. @Ocho I finally got a response from an email (Elf Still hasn’t responded yet). They told me the issue has been fixed and all gems have been refunded. This is not the case the case.... 1. There is a new bug where if you remove gems from ring or pendent while they are not equipped the gems will disappear (NOT FIXED). 2. If a gem refund has been sent out where are my 2 missing lvl 30 Mountains of Light? 3. If this is how your customer service is going to be get ready for your playerbase plummet. @Ocho Please look into this issue for me as I’m telling the truth and this needs to be fixed before it affects others as well. Thanks, Vexic Thundercall Forest SN: 359833
  7. @Ocho @RedPandaTwo days ago I was swapping gear and tried to remove gems from my ring, instead of going into my bag like they should poof my lvl 30 mountains disappeared. Doesn’t happen with all gear I think it’s just rings and pendants. I’ve got no response about this from the Elf. I’m bringing this up because I read a post that the issue was resolved. Well it’s not.... Meanwhile this has happend to a couple people in my guild and is a major setback back while trying to progression raid. Please fix the issue ASAP! Thanks, Vexic Thundercall Forest
  8. Ive got the star to 6-0 and it’s says max level reached this is disappointing considering I’ve dumped a ton of mats into it tying to unlock the tier 7 skill. Is this a bug, is there a way to continue leveling it, or is there an invisible wall put in for some reason?
  9. You guys are quick to judge. I grind as hard as anyone. Just saying I had all 2.5 lvl 40 crit gems and while replacing them into lvl 30 mountains I lose .9 crit per gem. Just thought it would be nice to maintain the same amount of crit when upgrading to a mountain. Also there is no accuracy on the mountains. If you can’t go to 2.5 crit on them then why no give a lower amount of crit/accuracy to each gem. Either way I thought is was a pretty good idea. No need to hate just a suggestion.
  10. They should at least be able to have 2.5 crit.
  11. I think that Mountains of Light damage gems should be carvable or at least add 1.6 accuracy along with the 1.6 crit they have. They are very hard to get and should be more worth the price tag.