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  1. Paladins...the bubble hearth class eh should be interesting to see 👍
  2. Hello crusaders, I require help on a problem I have with my phone being stuck on the loading phase of game where it only says starting... this only happens with my phones data (I have plenty of gigabytes) and not with a wifi connection which Works as it should any help would be greatly appreciated 👍
  3. @Gonzin well written and documented so no need to apologize for long post. I experience the exact same but only in he last 2-3weeks. Before I could start on my mobile data i am able to play on mobile only if I start game connected to wifi then wak out of range (minor dc) then my data kicks in and it works as intended. It's almost like we need a wifi connection to kick start the game. Anyways I'm pretty patient so thanks for taking time to read all and @RedPanda
  4. Divine gear was implemented to off set the imbalance and rng of legendaries. It's purpose is to let the masses gain gear progression so yes it's always going to be a bit weaker but still viable and now we can swap the set bonus (yay for my scout) it's 3rd best behind legendary and the leaf gear as post above states don't go ham on upgrading it a lot
  5. Your welcome and if you happen to try it out and find better setups and what not let me know as I main scout but pay 5k gold each time to pvp in forest haha
  6. Forest is the pvp spec of ranger it's use in raids is poor in comparison to scout and tamer so I highly recommend only using it for pvp the setup I ran in pvp for forest was to focus the right side of talent tree and maxing around lvl 40 for left side. I found forest is all about the stun chain so using wolves tempest shot blessed arrow (for tempest reset chance) and relentless. That's really it it's just about getting the moonlight procs to stun the opponent and the wolf for extra stuns.
  7. Try switching the accounts go into accounts on home page wait for it to load and log in there's two to choose from so try the other. Hope you get your account back
  8. also drinking lots of milk before forging will instill you with legendairy luck!!!
  9. Game is 6months old (2 of those were soft launch) and it's one of the best open world games I've seen for mobile devices. Sure it has flaws here and there but ultimately it's the best game out there on the market. as with all mmo everything is about patience and grind so try to stick with it and hopefully you will see it improve for you.
  10. Big update sep 21 with more focus on pvp so it will be worth saving the points
  11. Yep I currently have over 50 frost hearts as diety gear is not for scouts so just stick piling them
  12. Vanilla wow to tbc...just my experience with current gear vs new content
  13. Weekend party event is a mad house disappearing gift boxes and zero crabs to kill for chef quest and all the constant spam of loots plus the arena events that follow...I would like to see a cool down time between the two events to lessen the intensity and possibly a bit more time to complete some of the weekend quests. on a side note my karanvale pack(2hrs online) gave me a holy gold longbow 😜
  14. Really fitting set piece name as I am in two minds whether to go for it or not haha
  15. Today my guild (surgewind wilds soft launch server au) lost a pretty strong core group of players all of them high ranking but apart from that good people I have come to know and really like to chat with. I see a huge hole that is never going to be filled as the server is very established with great guilds and everyone has found there place. My concern is the same @Essantra I can't see us recruiting strong enough players to repair the loss and maybe never will with current server population, my only hope rests in a server merge and hope there are some cool people there that I have the chance to meet. 30/08/17. A dark day for me in this game that nearly made me quit. It was a domino effect 1 went then by the end 4 had called it a day (I hope they come back)
  16. So yes you can over cap your character xp until you hit demon oppression but by then you will want to level up the path to keep getting stronger
  17. Basically the max xp you can earn before demon oppression is your characters level 45 (705k) + the cost of your next path upgrade. It scales as my next path upgrade is like 2 million talent xp so I will gain demon oppression after accumulating a total of 2,705,000 xp (path lvl 61 currently)
  18. Rotation 30% increased razor wind damage blood thirst 2% crit (2 piece) 10% crit damage (3 piece) fated foe last normal auto attack (the third arrow) 10% increase they are best D0 sets. Fated foe haven't tried as don't have pieces and not sure 10% is that good really
  19. Ideas for starblade 1. Remove 2 charges, 1 charge with 1.5x or 2x current damage. (1 shot better execution chances) 2. As we are described as the most cunning path in a forest above animals to have some escape tools/utility. I.e. Change starblade to a trap that snares target for x seconds depending on level
  20. @XpForever i believe we use accuracy as a penetration. Not 100% sure but seems to work that way
  21. @CFunky my rotation: follow leader thanks for loots
  22. Be careful with using this as it has caused a few players to leave as they were very unhappy with the rng involved. The chances of getting the gear higher then A or even SS is very small. I know some have got it on 4th try others are still 30+ tries in. Just think how many S or SS gear you have forged, that's the chances of re rolling it maybe even lower. Just gotta be patient with the system
  23. Very interesting maybe I'll try it out to inngame see what I can distinguish if any diff. Who knows maybe you get two plague procs ... op haha
  24. Can't be 100% sure but I know I can proc ghast and plague whilst wearing both so I would assume it is the same across all sets. best to try it out in the wood dummies and see how it goes for you.