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  1. Was this always the case? I thought sky gave us ghast or soulbreaker or malumn sets after boss kills.
  2. Yea NM3 doable on surgewind wilds aus server but only by a handful of pros ordeal I don't think anyone can do as I think the aoe spells even on wind will pretty much 1 shot anyone under 15khp ive completed NM2 and attempting 3 but not yet
  3. @RedPanda I shall time it next time but I can say off the top of my head 1st boss it's well under a minute, even with a group of randoms (but we know each other and how strong we are so not really random) if 2nd boss is done correctly can be roughly same time as long as no one stands in traps to give boss the shield
  4. @CFunky yes it seems a lot of scouts are constantly angry on here, I'm lil sad we got a nerf but in the grand scheme of things I'm still up to 13k dps (1 legendary) and have no trouble with my scout. To get back on track I like that the starblade is getting attention and look forward to future changes
  5. Hey Red, 9/10 I wait for both recharges to be available as I don't want to interrupt my usual rotation pve pvp I spam everything haha
  6. Oh so this has happened for a couple of weeks now? I think most of us believe the gear drops should resemble the raid difficulty. the auction is fine with the mixed gear but the personal loot I feel should reward sky gear, or maybe mix the gear drops(so people don't gear too quickly) Thanx all for responses
  7. Yeah I'm only asking on forums as m whole group were saying that it was a mistake and shouldn't be getting those drops
  8. Good luck to all! Remember who gave you strategies and help on bosses on wilds server when you win! I expect a nice bar tab hehe
  9. Like the ideas of adding bonus damag or arm pen buff after use of starblade. I do use my starblade after 20% but it only gets two casts as the boss is dead before cd reset. A quick fix would be to have 1 cast for starblade and make it do double its damage. No need to throw too weak ones just thrown a big one for nice damage.
  10. Wine connoisseur offers wine and exp bonuses to all. Increase chance to have a drink with boss for instant loots
  11. mystics beat ranger ranger beats warrior warrior beats mystic. It's a simple rock paper scissor setup. 1 class is better at beating one class but has trouble with the other class. Just play the game for enjoyment, if you feel you aren't enjoying then maybe try the other class or stop playing or a bit. I have experienced the pain and humiliation of facing some mystics time and time again but that doesn't stop me. It only encourages me to become better! I just completed a new setup/gear for my scout which after a few duel trials has increased my win rate by a tiny amount but an increase nonetheless. All I can say is gem up, rune upgrade and get some sky gear for op damage. Rocking ghast and plague set if they both proc together it's a very high chance for me to win.
  12. It's a quest you turn in on the left side of your screen. Where your other quests are listed.
  13. It would be a very nice addition If possible would we be able to have a server shutdown notification in game? Say a timer 10min prior shutdown. Just in case we were thinking of taking on that lord and we time challenged ourselves even more!
  14. Oh @ExS41nt. Thanks for coming back into pulrik last night your damage is insane!
  15. Rotation and blood thirst are rangers (scout path) optimal d0 sets to obtain. Rotation increases Razorwind damage by 30% (love this) requires two pieces of set gear. Bloodbthirst increase CRT by 2% at 2 piece. Bloodthirst increasing CRT damage by 10% at 3 piece (love this also) i have a C grade bloodthirst vambraces equipped because the set bonus is awesome. To be honest I'm very comfortable and happy with the way game is developing I don't mind not having all SS gear I only have one legendary (my bow) grade S the rest is A or lower and my dps is still very substantial because there are other parts of the game you can optimize your dps.
  16. Hero Fort group *goes on follow* dps close to 9k. thanx for loots ^.^ The auto mode is a function that suits the grind of this game. I think it's good where it's at and honestly mmo games are designed to bring friends along or invite strangers and get to know each other so you can make a good core group of people to go raiding. THIS IS NO EASY TASK. Once you get a good group going though you won't even remember the times You got frustrated trying to clear goblint run like I experienced back in April/may with auto followers. Its all I can say to help you get a better gaming experience, find the right people you enjoy playing with. I've continued to play this game because of some of the cool and awesome people I've met on COL. Hope you can find them too
  17. Overall the idea for starblade being a kill shot move I really like the idea. Great work! agree with OP an inc. to crit chance would be lovely.
  18. Yes it's a very nice MP restore even at 5% I've used it many a time to help out our tank if low in MP and can't cast chains and such. It's a small dps loss and very short CD so always look to help your team mates out, or yourself if u need
  19. @RedPanda @Ocho Would it be possible please to have a feature where the player can swap between his/her gear equipped with pre selected gear that is suited for the situation the user needs. Like switching from ST damage gear to more AOE damage gear if your pushing for that fast boss kill, or even a pvp set with more defensive stats if you see a horde of enemies bearing down on you. what you guys think? And thank you for reading
  20. Well that is a bit of a problem if a user is quick enough to change all that in combat.
  21. Esrun, this idea is not for switching gear in combat Because we all know you cannot do that in most mmo games. It's a way to easily switch your setup outside of combat.
  22. Glad you all agree 👍
  23. Have you tried to beat NM1 elemental leader without a warrior? Trust me exe glads and fang are needed in many parts of this game. After trying heroic team raid test runs we are going to need more than 1-2 warriors and tank. Just focus on leveling the correct runes maximizing your dps stats from gear/gems as best you can and find a good solid group of players who have fun but want to progress as well. Still early days in the game and I know a. Lot of warriors in this game who are monsters! I think all the classes have pros and cons as they should do. If you don't like the cons over the pros it might not be the best class for you.
  24. Can I suggest you dissmantle your extra mounts. Each of your galeplume are worth 3mil silver. Forge gems with the silver.
  25. Nice idea. *closes eyes during iron fist matching*