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  1. Yea the faction medal clone is roughly 40mil silver a day
  2. Bugs glitches hacks are all against TOS. Some use some dont. Its bread and butter and no point justifying one over another.
  3. Saw a clone about 2 months ago in faction map
  4. Made a post about 5 days ago. No response. I think col is being abandoned globaly cept the CN version
  5. I mained ranger from pre global, took a break for 5 months and noticed the ranger will be outdated as new classes are introduced. So i made a magel and never looked back, in my experience the class balancing is never going to be a priority and its sad but you have to just swallow it and make a new class and if you dont you may as well quit.
  6. Seem that way crashingplayer. Some established players on the discord community suggested to make them mods which i think would work. Free labour and tidy forums win win
  7. Where have the forum mods dissapeared to? So much spam in here that usually got erased within 1-2days yet some of the posts have been up for more than a week.
  8. 2 x daily forges
  9. Spend stamina =)
  10. Title says it all, after tram was moved to surgewind wilds pvp map, opposing faction can do no damage to the tram =(
  11. More tanks and no healers to heal them 🤔
  12. Posted SS on discord of a speed hacker shooting me from underground whilst I was on raptor couldn't out run him, just arrows appearing from the floor till I died. great speed hacking behaviour Detection there technical team.
  13. Also happened to me just after servers were down for 6 hour patch, I get Banned for speed hacking(another 6 hours). Confused where they think I was speed hacking. Was it my patch DL speed? I'm thinking it was maybe my relentless speed buff or the one from roll..or maybe in assassination map where I can sprint. Whatever the case, innocent and now waiting 12 hours to play 💤
  14. Once gifted the item will be permanent on that character and not gift able to you alt. Best way around this is to sell Lvl 40bps at highest price to trade gold to your alt to buy xtals then purchase the lvl up potion on alt with those xtals...expensive!
  15. I would like to see a healer class, I thought the paladin would have a tree path for healing as most lore goes they do offer heal/support. And as previous comment mentioned we have enough dps spots and healers are always needed