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  1. Title says it all, after tram was moved to surgewind wilds pvp map, opposing faction can do no damage to the tram =(
  2. More tanks and no healers to heal them 🤔
  3. Posted SS on discord of a speed hacker shooting me from underground whilst I was on raptor couldn't out run him, just arrows appearing from the floor till I died. great speed hacking behaviour Detection there technical team.
  4. Also happened to me just after servers were down for 6 hour patch, I get Banned for speed hacking(another 6 hours). Confused where they think I was speed hacking. Was it my patch DL speed? I'm thinking it was maybe my relentless speed buff or the one from roll..or maybe in assassination map where I can sprint. Whatever the case, innocent and now waiting 12 hours to play 💤
  5. Once gifted the item will be permanent on that character and not gift able to you alt. Best way around this is to sell Lvl 40bps at highest price to trade gold to your alt to buy xtals then purchase the lvl up potion on alt with those xtals...expensive!
  6. I would like to see a healer class, I thought the paladin would have a tree path for healing as most lore goes they do offer heal/support. And as previous comment mentioned we have enough dps spots and healers are always needed
  7. Yep same story with me and a few from guild...Spose I just got to wait another 12hrs for core refresh
  8. Forfeit an item in boss auction. Most players are past the stage of bidding for item sets on heroic sky and lower. the wait time is a minor hindrance but can be improved if all players hit forfeit the item will not wait the 20sec. This way all players must forfeit to ensure that all players get a chance to bid of they want or not to bid and move on
  9. I like the idea of a better dps/hps recount to better understand how your new stats/set effects work out...and to find those who do not actually contribute to a fight.
  10. I feel your pain warrior players and can only hope that they get some attention soon. As with all col balances they can take some time and hopefully after the palla hype dies down they will address these clear disadvantages for your warriors! I want my meat shields to be op again! 💪 A certain exe warrior on surgewind au was doin over 20k on aoe when we were all around 12 it was insanse
  11. Sadly I have not played this game for 2 months now but from experience playing video games anytime a company release a new character to play, that character will be buffed as the company wants people to invest into it. add in the disadvantage of 6+months behind in progression as well the new class will cop a nerf bat soon but it's just business at the end of the day.
  12. Paladins...the bubble hearth class eh should be interesting to see 👍
  13. @Gonzin well written and documented so no need to apologize for long post. I experience the exact same but only in he last 2-3weeks. Before I could start on my mobile data i am able to play on mobile only if I start game connected to wifi then wak out of range (minor dc) then my data kicks in and it works as intended. It's almost like we need a wifi connection to kick start the game. Anyways I'm pretty patient so thanks for taking time to read all and @RedPanda