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  1. Yes very early on I suggested a tweak to starblade volley either up its damage or make it instant cast for both so when ubget the 2 charges you fire both simultaneously. Hope they do either soon as it's sad to look at the talent xp I wasted on it thus far
  2. I'll be staying on server for sure, I like to think about the other maps in the world we have not even begun exploring. Hopefully with more map areas unlocking the server will become more populated. Only concern is with more areas open it will feel less populated as we will all spread out further.
  3. Is it true some people have received their registration rewards?
  4. Hopefully there is a way to transfer talents without crystal, but I'd spend crystals to change name or vanity items.
  5. Yep I totally nailed it haha, was a close guess though, thanks for clearing it up cfunky
  6. Hey varsi hang in there buddy! I gave up a bit at the start as you know but forced myself to keep trying finally paid off and you deserve a bloody godly tier bow for all your hard work in the guild and game! I have a lvl 30 ranger weapon bp and it's yours when I next log in! (Just don't know how to trade an item if you can help me on that I'll give to you super cheapz!)
  7. @Ocho @RedPanda Taggin this will notify the forum gods so hopefully you will get a response quickly. Good luck buddy milnura needs our heroes!!
  8. I believe that death blow is heroic kill on conflagrus. Lightning may be quickest group to kill heroic conflagrus or it is realm first tied.
  9. Haha we all wanted to know but secretly pains us to hear lvl 30 bp
  10. Currently I'm GS 23k and have wiped a good 20 times on 1st with guild. We are relatively new and communicate well we just couldn't complete it, but I enjoy end game challenges like this. So I'm thankful to hear a nerf is in place to make it easier for guilds like mine to progress further now hopefully and catch up to you big dawgs
  11. Thought of some more pointers. with Gold try saving it for heroic raids/normal team raids as you will be bidding against other players for epic recipes so more gold you save the more higher you can outbid players, your silver spend them on the lvl 40 gems I mentioned earlier, each lvl 40 gem is 1.6mil silver, dismantle all other gems you don't use for silver. Make sure to save enough silver to lvl up talent paths when you have enough (you can substitute character xp when you don't have enough talent xp) and lastly map events. Not sure on spawn time but there are three which yield nice talent xp. Battle for relics forgot other two haha I'll edit when I remember the map events you focus on are 5 player team make sure no one afks you need them to do stuff at end of event to complete.
  12. Gems are very important try to obtain as many lvl 40 life gems first then get your appropriate damage gems then the defensive ones, more health you have less likely to get 1 shot by a boss skill. With reputation quests I work from the bottom up, so for me it's do naga daily first and work up (you only get rep for the first two reputation dailies so don't waste it on council of light as you get rep quite easily with trials) with raids if I have time I'll do 6 goblints, that way I maximize my wind talker rep. and receive the highest possible chance of better gear (mostly I just dismantle but it gives better essence at higher gear level) thats all I can think of for now good luck with end game
  13. My concern with gear is the RnG of secondary stats. I forged a lvl 40 ranger weapon BP and received +7 to intellect and + o.8% M.CRT. Not stats my ranger will use, I hope that in the future gear will resemble appropriate stats for your class. I mean vanilla wow had spirit on 2H swords but they fixed this issue in later expansions. That one forge I worked for nearly two weeks ultimately gave me a bad experience with a part of your game where I now completely avoid forging.
  14. Great info on the boss guys never knew this. Sorry to all past healers during this fight and thanks for carrying me
  15. Great idea for a voodoo set