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  1. @RedPanda any word on when the Sadar Exclusive Package (50% OFF) will show up in the Item Mall? And when it is available in game, where it can be found. Thank Bud!
  2. @RedPanda i agree with this post, would like to know if this quest is bugged. Enemy just 1 shots and practically take no damge. Ive heard 5 msn grps have done it by wiping 100s of times and keep 1 person out of range so it doesn’t reset, but that could just be rumors. Been playing since launch and have characters over 45k CR and still cant even come close. Seems like maybe this quest was tested by dev’s using godmode dps. Can you confirm @RedPanda will this quest be patched so we can continue questing in the new zone? Or is it working as intended? Thanks Johhny, we all appreciate your help with the forums. Cheers, Skemata